75 Unique Winter-Inspired Names for Girls & Boys

Published July 20, 2020
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Winter names for girls and boys that are inspired by the winter season are unique. The meaning and origins of winter-inspired names add dimension to help you decide on the best one for your baby.

Names That Mean Snow

You can choose a name for your little girl or boy that reflects the snowy season when your little snow bunny was born. Explore the various meanings and country of origin for greater inspiration.

Girl Names That Mean Snow or Snowy

Some of the girl name choices mean either snow or snowy. You can decide on the emphasis you wish to place when choosing your daughter's name.

  • Berfin (snow) - Kurdistan
  • Chan (snow) - China
  • Eira (snow), pronounced AY-rah - Ireland and Wales
  • Eirlys (snow) - England
  • Istas (snow) - Native American
  • Kukiko (snow) - Japan
  • Lumi (snow) - Finland
  • Neiva (snow) - Spain
  • Neva (snow, snowy) - Spain
  • Neve (snowy) - Italian
  • Nieve (snow, snowy) - Spain
  • Sneaux (snow) - France
  • Snowy (of snow) - America
  • Tuyet (snow) - Vietnam
  • Yepa (snow) - Native American

Boy Names That Mean Snow or Snowy

There are a few great choices for a boy's name that means snow. You may wish to select one based on the country of origin.

  • Eryi (from Snowdon) - England and Wales
  • Edur (snow) - Spain
  • Tuhin (snow) - Indian
  • Tushar (snow) - India
  • Yas (snow) - Native American/Navajo
Winter inspired names for girls and boys

Names of Descriptive Snow and Winter Terms

You may discover the perfect name to give your child that represents the winter season is different from your heritage. You have a wealth of unique choices from around the world.

Wintry Descriptive Girls Names

A winter girl's name doesn't necessary need to be snow related. It can easily embody the winter season and the different celebrations, such as the winter solstice and Christmas.

  • Bianca (white) - Italian
  • Blanc, Blanche (white) - French
  • Eirwen (blessed snow, white snow) - Welsh
  • Flykra (snowflake) - Denmark and North Germany
  • Miyuki (deep snow, beautiful snow) - Japan
  • Nevada (snow covered) - Spain, in reference to American Sierra Nevada mountain range
  • Xue or Xuĕ (snow, snowfall, appearance of snow) - China
  • Chilalea (snowbird) - Native American
  • Chilaless (snowbird) - Native American
  • Chilalei, Chilali (snowbird) - Native American
  • Chilaly (snowbird) - Native American
  • Ivy (fidelity) - Old English
  • Snæbjörn (snow bear) - Iceland
  • Snöblomma (snow flower) - Greenland
  • Haimanti (born in the Hemanta season (Late November & December) - India
  • Talvi (winter) - Finland
  • Olwen or Olwyn (white footprint) - Welsh
  • Bianca (white) - Italian
  • Blanc, Blanche (white) - French
  • Noelle (Christmas) - French
  • Holly or Holley (dwelling by clearing in hollow) - Old English

Wintry Descriptive Boys Names

From Old Norse to the story of Santa Claus, you have several great choices of boys' names. You may even decide a reindeer name is the best unique baby name for your little gent.

  • Andri (snowshoe) - Old Norse
  • Bylur (snowstorm) - Iceland
  • Himaghna (sun who melts snow) - India
  • Snowden (snowy hill) - England
  • Vetr (winter) - Old Norse
  • Noel (Christmas) - French
  • Aubin (white, bright) - French
  • Rudolf (red nosed reindeer)
  • Douglas (Christmas tree)
  • Nicholas, Nick (St Nick, Santa Claus)
  • Whittaker (of the white field)
  • Yukio (snow) - Japanese

Wintry Descriptive Unisex Names

You may be attracted to a unisex name for your baby. This list of names are very descriptive of the time of year they represent.

  • Alba (white) Latin
  • Frost (born during cold) England
  • Jay (winter bird)
  • Robin (winter bird)
  • Wren (winter bird)
  • Yule (winter solstice) Old Norse from Yuletide

Girls and Boys Names That Mean Ice

Getting down to the cold hard facts, you may decide that another word for ice makes a great name for your baby. You can find some very descriptive names for frozen water.

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Girl Names That Mean Ice

Who thought a girl's name that means ice could be romantic? You can choose from some very unique names for your ice princess.

  • Kagssoĸ (blue piece of ice, floating ice, transparent ice on sea) - Greenland
  • Tuarana (hunter on sea ice) - Greenland
  • Icelynn, Icelyn, Iclyn (ice lake) - Welsh (lyn)
  • Krystallos (ice) - Greek
  • Crystal (ice) - English derivative of Krystallos

Boy Names That Mean Ice

A chip of the old block wasn't referring to an ice block. However, there are a few great names for boys with meanings that bring unique images to mind.

  • Pukak (crystalline snow) - Greenland
  • Jǫkull (ice, icicle, glacier) - Norway (Old Norse)
  • Sikivat (new ice, thin ice) - Greenland
  • Sikúnguaĸ (sweet little sea ice, sea ice) - Greenland

Unisex Names for Snow or Ice

You can't go wrong when you choose a unisex name for your baby. Whether you go with ice or snow, you can rest assured few kids will have the same name as your girl or boy.

  • Aput (snow) - Greenland
  • Aputsiannguaq (dear little snow crystal) - Greenland
  • Drífa (fall of snow, snowdrift) - Old Norse
  • Edurne (snow)- Basque
  • Neus (snow) - Catalonia
  • Yuki (snow) - Japan
  • Himesh (snow, ice) - India

Unique Winter-Inspired Names You'll Love!

The 75 winter names inspired by the different winter elements are unique. You are ensured to find a name your little boy or girl will like even when they are an adult.

75 Unique Winter-Inspired Names for Girls & Boys