76 Creative Boy Names That Mean Blue

Published May 27, 2020
Toddler boy with pacifier surrounded by blue

Whether you love the color blue or it holds special meaning to you, boy names that mean "blue" make great unique baby names. Names that mean blue for boys could be colorful rainbow baby names or nature baby names. Celebrate boyhood by choosing the blue boy name that best suits your son.

Cool Boy Names That Mean Blue

Choosing boy names meaning "blue" is easy, especially when you look to other languages. Search your favorite country or language for words that mean "blue" to use as names.

  • Aohito - Japanese for "blue person"
  • Aoi - Japanese for "blue"
  • Aoichi - Japanese for "blue blood"
  • Azraq - Arabic for "blue"
  • Azul - Spanish word for "blue"
  • Blainn - Old Norse for "blue"
  • Blatonn - Old Norse for "blue-tooth"
  • Caeso - Latin for "blue-grey"
  • Cyannipus - Greek for "dark blue colored horse"
  • Glaukon - Greek for "bluish-grey"
  • Gorman - Irish for "blue"
  • Kahurangi - Maori for "sky blue"
  • Khazhak - Armenian for "blue-eyed"
  • Livius - Roman for "blue"
  • Nilam - Sanskrit for "dark blue" or "sapphire"
  • Shyamal - Bengali for "blue"
  • Urdin - Basque for "blue"
  • Žydrūnas - Lithuanian for "light blue"
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Different Names for the Color Blue

There are dozens of shades of blue recognized throughout the world. Check out these specific blue hues to find the perfect blue color name for your boy.

  • Azure - bright blue color of the sky
  • Cerulean - shade of sky blue darker than azure
  • Cyan - greenish-blue color
  • Delft - dark shade of blue used in Dutch pottery
  • Denim - indigo color of jeans
  • Indigo - dark purplish-blue color
  • Klein - deep blue hue known as International Klein Blue
  • Navy - very dark shade of blue
  • Penn - one of the official colors of the University of Pennsylvania known as Penn blue
  • Picotee - deep indigo shade named from the picotee flower
  • Royal - bright shade of blue lighter than navy blue
  • Savoy - shade of blue between peacock and periwinkle known as Savoy Blue
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Strong Blue Nature Names for Boys

Believe it or not, blue is actually a pretty rare color in nature. These natural items come in various shades of blue and work great as boy names.

Handsome Blue Gem Names for Boys

Cool blue rocks, minerals and gems have names you can borrow for your little guy. These materials are typically viewed as strong, yet precious, so your son will be too.

  • Beryl - mineral found in aquamarine tones
  • Chalcedony - blue hued translucent stone with gray or lavender undertones
  • Cobalt - metal chemical element that is a silver-white color with a blue tint
  • Jeremejivite - one of the rarest minerals; aquamarine-blue hues
  • Larimar - sky blue mineral found in the Dominican Republic
  • Lazuli - from popular blue stone lapis lazuli
  • Moonstone - Moon or Stone for short; medium blue tones with an unusual sheen
  • Spinel - found in shades of blue naturally, mostly very dark blues
  • Zircon - bright blue; resembles cubic zirconia
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Uncommon Names of Natural Things That Are Blue

If you like hippie baby names, you'll love these names inspired by blue plants and animals found in nature. Exotic names of rare creatures, plants, and places make great inspiration for blue boy names.

  • Aciano - Spanish for "cornflower," a bluish flower
  • Aster - flower that comes in blue and represents love, peace, and healing
  • Atlanticus - from the scientific name of the blue dragon sea slug
  • Conifer - type of tree a blue spruce is
  • Engelmann - type of blue spruce tree
  • Gentian - unique European flower with a true blue color
  • Herodias - from the scientific name of the great blue heron
  • Jay - from the bluejay bird
  • Macaw - type of parrot known for blue coloring
  • Oxford - pair it with the middle name Blue to get the name of a dark blue flower
  • Ulysses - type of butterfly with blue wings

Masculine Names That Mean Sky

The sky is one thing closely associated with being blue. While the name Sky can be used for a boy, these translations of the word "sky" might be what you're looking for.

  • Akash (Sanskrit)
  • An (Sumerian)
  • Ciel (French)
  • Haneul (Korean)
  • Ortzi (Basque)
  • Rangi (Maori)
  • Sora (Japanese)
    Baby boy against blue sky

Masculine Names That Mean Water

Aside from the sky, oceans and other bodies of water are the biggest blue items in nature. These water names are great for baby boys, but you could also get inspired by specific names of bodies of water.

  • Anup - Sanskrit for "water" or "lagoon"
  • Burim - Albanian for "water source"
  • Douglas - Scottish for dark water
  • Goksu - Turkish for "sky water"
  • Mehrab - Persian for "water oath"
  • Nereus - Greek for "water"
  • Niraj- Sanskrit for "water born"
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Boy Names That Start With Blue or Blu

There are a few boy names that start with the letters "blu," but you can easily turn many popular boy names into blue names by adding "blu" or "blue" to the beginning.

  • Bluce
  • Bludhi
  • Bluden
  • Bluefort
  • Blues
  • Blueson
  • Blueton
  • Bluford
  • Blume
  • Blunard
  • Bluram
  • Blutolo

Your Boy Blue

Parents in love with blue names for baby boys have lots of inspiration to choose from. Many of these names double as gender neutral baby names or even baby girl names.

76 Creative Boy Names That Mean Blue