77 Strong German Boy Names and Their Meanings

Updated March 1, 2022
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German boy names are popular naming choices for parents of all cultures. Whether you're looking for a name that matches your family heritage or you like the meaning attached to a particular name, one of these German male names might be perfect for your newborn son.

German Baby Boy Names From the Bible

Names with biblical references are sought after by many faithful parents. These strong German boy names combine biblical connotations with cultural meaning to create perfect name options for those expecting a son.


This is a German variant of Christopher and means "He who holds Christ in his heart." This name can be used as both a first name and a surname.


This German boy's name means "God is gracious." It also has Danish and Hebrew roots.


Hiob is the German form of Job and means "persecuted or hated." This may not be the preferred name for a child when parents think of the biblical story of Job.


This is the German equivalent of "James" and means "may God protect."


This name means "God is exalted." It's also a derivative of the name Jeremiah.


The German origin of this name means "God will increase." The only disadvantage is having this child think they are the favorite child, like Jacob's son in the bible.


This name is the German variation of "Matthew" and means "gift of God." It's a very common name used by German parents, and it has biblical connections.


This is the German version of "Michael." It's another popular name used in many languages and it means "who is like God. " Naming a child for a famous archangel has its perks.


This is the German equivalent of "Peter." It's a popular German name with biblical roots, meaning "rock" or "stone." It's considered an honor to be named after a disciple of Jesus.


This is the German translation of Solomon and means "peaceful one." It's a very strong biblical name that has connotations of wisdom.


This name means "God's power." The name is associated with famous philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).

Cool German Names That Relate to Bravery

German baby boy names tend to have strong consonants. This often evokes a feeling of bravery and can be reminiscent of wars fought. These German naming options have meanings that play on power, strength, and bravery. They are perfect choices for your sturdy, strapping lad.

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This is a lovely traditional German name for boys that means "brave."


This is an Old High German name meaning "ready for battle." This name was commonly used in the 7th century.


This name means "manly and brave." It is basically a jazzed-up version of Andrew and is commonly used across Europe.


This Old German equivalent to Baldavin means "brave, bold friend." This was the personal name of the crusader, who in 1100 became the first Christian king of Jerusalem.


This medieval personal name means "hardy, brave, and strong." It's derived from the Germanic name Burkard. Saint Burkhard was a bishop who founded several monasteries in Germany in the 8th century.


This German name means "army" or "warrior." This is also the name of a semi-legendary 5th-century Burgundian king who appears in the Germanic saga during the Nibelungenlied.


This is a derivative of the Old Germanic form of Miles and means "soldier." The name has additional glam, as it is the given name of the actor Milo Ventimiglia, the star of the TV show This Is Us.


This German boy name means "army or warrior." It isn't widely used and would be considered a rare and unusual pick.


This name is derived from the Old High German name "Sigmund." It means "protection through victory."

German Boy Names That Are Generational

Many German boys' names are Old High Germanic derivatives and are commonly used and have strong family connections. Look through your family's lineage and see if any of these names show up in earlier generations. Because of their links to familial lines, these make excellent German middle names for boys.

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This German name means "noble wolf."


The German moniker translates to "man of Sebastia" or "venerable." It can be used as a shortened version of Sebastian.


This name means "bright raven." The raven was the bird of Odin, king of the gods, according to Germanic mythology.


A German name that translates to "covering." When used as a surname, it's the occupational name for a roofer, carpenter, or related tradesman.


A German male name that means "powerful" or "the people's ruler."


A German name for men that translates to "heritage of the people."


A German name meaning "swordsman" or "brave edge" or "point." It is the name of a character in the 1989 American superhero film Batman.


A German male name meaning "sword's hard edge."


This name translates to "wild boar," or "someone strong as a bear."


A popular German boy name shortened from Gerhard and Gerardus that means "garden."


A common German name for boys that can also be spelled: Hacket, Hackit, and Hackitt. Means "rooster" or "estate ruler."


The meaning of this name is "kind, brave and bold." It can also be translated to mean "kind-hearted individual."


Derived from the Germanic elements hrod meaning "fame" and beraht meaning "bright."


This name translates to "bright heart" or "bright mind."


In Old German, the name means "brave counsel." Otherwise, it translates to "bold advisor."


Stems from the Greek word "Loukas," meaning "man from Lucania." In German, the name translates to "bringer of light."


An old Germanic name derived from Od-brecht. It means "famed for your heritage."


This German male name means "God's spear."


The name is a diminutive of Leopold. The meaning of the name is "patriotic."


This name is of old Germanic origin and can mean "strong judgment" or "brave counsel."


Stems from the Germanic name Hrodulf, and is derived from the elements hrod, meaning "fame" and wulf, meaning "wolf." The name means "glory wolf."


Male German name consisting of the elements sigi meaning "victory" and fridu meaning "peace" to create a name with a meaning of "protection and peace."


This male name often means "first of the people," "king of nations," or "powerful and rich."


This is a German occupational name that means "someone who carries something."


The name translates to either "yew tree" or "archer" since yew wood was commonly used to fashion bows.

German Male Names That Denote Nobility

Ancient Germany had a social structure where the upper-class citizens were considered the nobility of the race. The names of these families have been used throughout the years and still have an impact. You can use these monikers as is, or change/combine them to create traditional German names for boys that are interesting and new, and also ancient and culturally relevant.


This unisex name is the German derivative of Adel and means "noble" or "elite."


This name means "noble and steadfast." Notably, it's the name of the great 12th century Breton scholastic, philosopher, and theologian Pierre Abelard.


This name is derived from Old High German "Adalbrecht" and means "noble and famous."


This name means "noble" or "bright."


This is the German form of "Alvin," and it means "noble friend."


This is an old German name that means "noble at birth." The pet name for this name is "Azzolino."


This name means "noble/bright" and is mainly used in German-speaking countries.

German Boy Names That Mean Ruler

Some parents are looking for boys' names that express leadership. These German male names have meanings that refer to ruling, power, and the ability to lead the masses.

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This is the shortened form of the name "Aldarich" and means "wise ruler."


This original German boy name means "bright ruler."


This name is derived from the old German name "Theodoric" and means "people's ruler."


This name means "ruler" or "power." In the Middle Ages, this was one of the most popular names in Germany.


This name is the diminutive form of "Heinrich" and means "ruler of the home."


This is a very common German surname, originating partly as an occupational name for a servant in the Emperor's household. The name means "emperor."


This is a German derivative of the Greek name "Nikolos" and means "conqueror of the people."


This name is the English derivative of an Old High German personal name and cognate of Rognvaldr. The name means "advice/power."


This means "ruler of the world" and is more popular in the Russian form "Vladimir."

Fun First Names for German Boys

When it comes to German names for baby boys, parents can choose to go the traditional and common route or veer into the rare and unique realm of interesting-sounding names or names with unusual meanings. All the options listed below are excellent choices for babies of German descent.


This is the German form of "Anthony" and means "priceless."


This name has Germanic origins, probably originating as a hypocoristic form of women's name. It means "powerful."


This is a German surname that may refer to Adrienne Frantz (born 1978). It means "free man."


This German version of "Gerald" means "brave spearman."


Karl is the Germanic variant of "Charles" and means "strong, free man."


This is the German version of "Christian." It's a unisex name that means "anointed."


This is originally a diminutive form of "Niklaus" and means "victory of people."


This is the German form of "Larry" and means "victory."


The name Leo is the shortened form of the old German name Leopold, which means "lion."


A shortened form of "Maximilian," this name means "greatest." This name was also borne by a 3rd-century saint in a region of Passau.


This is the German version of "Nick" and means "victory of the people."


This name of Old German origin means "wealth."


Otto can be used as both a first name and surname, and it originates as an Old High German short name meaning "wealth and fortune."


Stein is a surname of different origins derived from German and means "stone/rock."


This is a traditionally popular name in Germany. It is an Old High German name that means "wolf's journey."


This popular German name is a variant of Geomar. It means "famous in battle."

Choosing German Boy Names

Families have always chosen names for their babies for varying reasons, including giving a child a traditional family name, a name that has significance and meaning, or a rare name that stands out from the rest. If one of the names from these lists has captured your imagination, selecting a unique German boy name might be the best choice for your precious son.

77 Strong German Boy Names and Their Meanings