80+ Boy Names That Start With C (Classy to Courageous)

Published November 17, 2020
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Boy names that start with C offer you many choices that have classy and courageous meanings. You can browse boy names that start with C to get a well-rounded idea of possible names for your baby boy.

What Are Good Boy Names That Start With C?

Some of the first boy names that start with C to explore are those that begin with Ca. You can pay close attention to the meanings of each word to see it convey the message you want.

  1. Cabbot, Cabot: Strolling player (French)
  2. Cable: Rope maker (French)
  3. Cacey, Cace Casey: Watchful, alert (Irish)
  4. Cad: Battle (Welsh)
  5. Caden: Warrior (English)
  6. Caesar: Thick hair, emperor or ruler (Spanish), (Latin)
  7. Caleb: Faith, bold, brave (Hebrew)
  8. Camden: Valley of camps (English)
  9. Cameron: Crooked river (Scottish)
  10. Campbell: Wry or crooked mouth (Gaelic)
  11. Cantrell: Bell maker, bell ringer (French)
  12. Carl: Freeman, diminutive of Charles (German)
  13. Carleigh: Free man, diminutive of Charles (German)
  14. Carleton, Carlton: Common man, peasant (Norse)
  15. Carlin: Little champion (Irish)
  16. Carlisle: From The City of Luguvalium (Scottish)
  17. Carlo, Carlos: Free man, warrior (German)
  18. Carlon: Free man, strong (English)
  19. Carlsson, Carlson, Carlsen: Son of Carl (Scandinavian)
  20. Carmichael: Flower or friend of St Michael (Gaelic)
  21. Carmine: Garden, song (Hebrew), (Latin)
  22. Carnelle, Carnell: Cross bowman (English)
  23. Carrington: Town of the marsh (English)
  24. Cartier: Driver of cart (French)
  25. Cory: God's peace, in a hollow (German) (Greek)
  26. Charles, Charlie: Royal name, king (English)
  27. Chas: Free man (English)
  28. Chase: Hunter or huntsman (French)
Boy Names That Start With C

What Are the Coolest Names for a Boy That Start With C?

Of course, you want to select really cool boy names that start with C to consider. Some of the coolest sounding names for a boy have equally cool meanings.

  1. Canyon: Footpath (Spanish)
  2. Carrick: Rock (Gaelic)
  3. Carswell: Wellspring or stream (Scottish)
  4. Carver: To cut or carve wood (English)
  5. Carwyn: Fair love (Welsh)
  6. Cary: Pure (English)
  7. Cash: Maker of chests (English)
  8. Cassidy: Curly haired, clever (Irish)
  9. Cayto: All knowing (Latin)
  10. Cecil: Blind to one's own beauty (English)
  11. Cedrick: War leader, gift of slender (Welsh) (English)
  12. Chad: Defender, protector (Anglo-Saxon)
  13. Chadwick: Town of Chad (English)
  14. Chalmer: Rules of home (Scottish)
  15. Chamberlain, Chamberllan: Chamber room, official in charge (English)
  16. Chance: Good fortune (English)
  17. Chandler: Maker and seller of candles (English)
  18. Chauncy: Luck, good fortune (French)
  19. Chayton: Falcon (Native American)
  20. Chester: Fortress, camp (English)
  21. Cheyne: Oak tree (Scottish)
  22. Chico: Small boy (Spanish)
  23. Chisos: Enchantment, spirit, ghost (Native American)
  24. Cisco: Free man (Portuguese)
  25. Clark: Clerk (Latin)
  26. Clayborne: From brook near the clay (English)
  27. Crane: Tall, thin man (Irish)
  28. Curt: Courteous (French)
  29. Cy, Cyril: Master or lord (Greek)
  30. Cyrus: Sun, bestows care, heir to throne (Persian)
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Unique Boy Names That Start With C

You may prefer boy names that start with C that aren't common everyday names. These unique boy names might offer you the special name you want for your special little man.

  1. Chidi: God exists (Igbo)
  2. Chris: Follower of Christ, anointed (Greek)
  3. Christian: Follower of Christ (English)
  4. Christopher: Anointed, Christ bearer (Greek)
  5. Christopher: Patron saint of travellers, explorer (Greek)
  6. Churchill: Lives near church by hill (English)
  7. Clement, Clemens: Merciful, gentle (Latin)
  8. Clifford: Ford by a cliff (English)
  9. Cliffton: From farm near cliff (English)
  10. Clive: Cliff dweller (English)
  11. Clyde: River Clyde (Scottish)
  12. Cody, Codi: Helpful (Irish)
  13. Cohen: Priest (Hebrew)
  14. Cole: Coal-black swarthy (English)
  15. Colin, Cullen: Whelp, cub (Gaelic)
  16. Collin: Victory of the people (Greek)
  17. Colt: Young horse (English)
  18. Colton: Cole's town (English)
  19. Conan: Little wolf (Irish)
  20. Connor: Lover of wolves (Irish)
  21. Conrad: Bold, counsel (German)
  22. Cooper: Maker of wooden vessels (English)
  23. Corbin: Raven (English)
  24. Cord: Bold counsel (German)
  25. Crispin: Curly haired (Latin)
  26. Cruz: Cross (Spanish)

Great Boy Names That Start With C for Your Baby

There are many great boy names that start with C to consider for your baby. When you know the meanings of each name, it's easier to eliminate the ones you don't like and then go back through the lists to be sure you didn't miss that really cool name that's perfect for your little guy.

80+ Boy Names That Start With C (Classy to Courageous)