80+ Boy Names That Start With O to Obsess Over

Published December 4, 2020
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Boy names that start with O provide a wide range of choices for your baby boy. You may have a preference for boy names referencing God, of Indian origin, nature-oriented, or from various cultures.

Amazing Boy Names That Start With O

Choosing a boy's name that starts with O can be fun. There are many exciting options for selecting the perfect name for your little man. A list of these names along with their meanings and origin can help you to decide if it is a good fit for your baby boy.

  1. Oberon: Sorcerer rule (German)
  2. Ocean: Sea (Greek)
  3. Octavian, Octavius: Eighth (Latin)
  4. Oday: The searcher (Gaelic)
  5. Odin, Oden: God of war and death, poetry and culture (Norse), (Swedish)
  6. Odis: Wealth (German)
  7. Olaf: Ancestor's descendant (Norse)
  8. Ole: Ancestor's descendant (Danish)
  9. Olin: Ancestor's heir (Swedish)
  10. Oliver, Olliver, Olyver: Olive tree planter (Latin)
  11. Oliverio: Olive (Latin)
  12. Ollie, Olly: Elf army (English)
  13. Omid: Hope (Persian)
  14. Onyx: Black gemstone (English)
  15. Oran: Green (Irish)
  16. Orel: Eagle (Russian)
  17. Oreta: Virtue (Greek)
  18. Ori: My light (Hebrew)
  19. Orian: Privileged birth (English)
  20. Oriel: Eagle (Russian)
  21. Orion: Son of fire, dawning (Greek)
  22. Orpheus: A great musician and poet of Greek myth (Greek)
  23. Orville: Gold town (French)
  24. Otis: Wealthy; derivation of Otto (German)
  25. Otoniel: Wealth, powerful lord (Italian), (Spanish)
  26. Otto: Wealthy (German, Swedish)
  27. Oz: Powerful, courageous (Hebrew)
Boy Names That Start With O to Obsess Over

Famous Boy Names About God Beginning With O

If you wish to name your little guy in honor of God, you may find a list of names helpful. These names describe a relationship to God that may be exactly what you had in mind for your little boy's name.

  1. Obadiah: Servant of God (Hebrew)
  2. Obed: Servant of God (Hebrew)
  3. Oluwadarasimi: God is good tome (Nigerian)
  4. Oluwademilade: God crowned me (Yoruba)
  5. Omari: God the highest, high born (Swahili), (Egyptian)
  6. Opie, Oppy: God bear, son of Asbjorn (Viking)
  7. Osaze: Loved by God (Egyptian)
  8. Oscar, Oskar: God's spear, friend of deer (English), (German)
  9. Oshea: A savior, deliverer (Irish)
  10. Osias: Salvation (Hebrew)
  11. Osiel: My power is God (Greek)
  12. Osiris: God of the dead and the underworld (Egyptian)
  13. Osmar: Divinely glorious (English)
  14. Osmond: Divine protector (English)
  15. Osvaldo: God rules (Spanish)
  16. Oswald, Oswaldo: God rule (Norse), (Spanish)
  17. Oswin: God's friend (English)
  18. Othniel: God is my strength (Hebrew)
  19. Oziel: Having the strength of God (Spanish)
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Cool Nature Names for a Boy That Start With O

You may prefer a cool name that refers to nature as the best name for your baby boy. Many of the boy names that start with O reference the oak tree, land, or animal.

  1. Oak: Tree (English)
  2. Oakes: Oak wood (English)
  3. Oakland: Oak land (English)
  4. Oaklee, Oakley: Meadow of oak trees (English)
  5. Oaklen, Oaklyn: Oak Glen (English)
  6. Odell: Of the valley (English)
  7. Odhran: Little pale green one (Irish)
  8. Ogden: Oak valley (English)
  9. Olivier: Olive tree (Latin)
  10. Onslow: From the zealous one's hill (English)
  11. Oren, Orin, Orrin: Pale-skinned, pine tree (Gaelic), (Hebrew)
  12. Orik: From the ancient oak tree (English)
  13. Orlando: Glorious land (Italian)
  14. Orrick: From the ancient oak tree (English)
  15. Orson: Bear cub (Latin)
  16. Orton: From the shore settlement or town (English)
  17. Osborn: Divine bear (English)
  18. Owen, Owyn: Youth, born of a yew tree (Welsh), (Celtic)
  19. Oxley: From the ox enclosure (English)
  20. Ozzie, Ozzy: Bear god, God's power (Norse), (German)

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With O

You may want an Indian name that starts with O for your baby boy. There are many great Indian names for you to consider.

  1. Obalesh: Lord Shiva
  2. Odan: Cloud
  3. Oha: Meditation, true knowledge
  4. Ohit: Brilliant
  5. Oisin: Divine
  6. Ojal: Splendid
  7. Ojas: Light
  8. Ojayit: Courageous
  9. Oman: Giver of life
  10. Omeed: Hope
  11. Omor: Awesomeness
  12. Onain: Vision
  13. Oni: Shelter
  14. Onir: Shining
  15. Ori: Charitable king
  16. Orion: Son of fire
  17. Osaf: A good dancer
  18. Oula: First
  19. Ovin: Handsome
  20. Owaisi: Brave gifted talented
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Boy Names That Start With O

You have many choices for boy names that start with O to consider for your little guy. Each boy's name has the meaning and origin to help you decide which one is ideal for your baby boy.

80+ Boy Names That Start With O to Obsess Over