80+ Girl Names That Start with H: Popular & Hidden Gems

Published November 30, 2020
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You may be surprised to learn that girl names that start with H are less common than some other letters. However, there are still a variety of beautiful H names to consider. Many of these names have special means that may make them the perfect choice for your little girl.

Four Most Popular Girl Names That Start With H

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are four H names for girls that are in the top 100 baby names for 2019:

  • Harper - This pretty H name is the ninth most popular.
  • Hannah - Coming in at number 32, Hannah is a perennial classic.
  • Hazel - Hazel is number 33 and has a charming, old-fashioned sound.
  • Haily - At number 75, Haily is a favorite.
Girl names that start with H

Unique H Names for Girls

If you're looking for an uncommon name that starts with H, these are some good options:

  • Hadleigh - The 994th most popular name in 2019, Hadleigh is a choice you won't hear often.
  • Hadrianna - This Latin name means woman from Hadria.
  • Haisley - As the 756th most popular name in 2019, this is a unique choice.
  • Halen - This is a great choice if you want a name with a traditional sound but that is unique at the same time.
  • Halina - This is an uncommon variation of the more common Helena.
  • Hannaleigh - This is a pretty combination of two names that you won't see other places.
  • Hazeline - This variation on Hazel has a gorgeous, feminine feel.
  • Helenora - A combination of Helen and Nora, this is a unique and beautiful name.
  • Hildreth - This unusual German name means counselor of battle.
  • Hollison - A combination of Holly and Allison, this is a really pretty option.
  • Hollister - This has a modern gender-neutral sound and could still have the nickname of Holly.
  • Honorine - This is a beautiful option you won't see everywhere.
  • Horatia - This is a feminine version of the Shakespearan name Horatio.
  • Hyacinth - This is a flower name you don't see very often.

Meaningful Girl Names That Start With H

Many H names for girls have deeper meaning. Choose one of these if you want a name that's symbolic:

  • Halcyon - This means a period in the past that was ideal and beautiful.
  • Halo - This uncommon name means the ring of light illuminating an angel.
  • Harmony - This refers to agreement.
  • Haven - This is a safe place.
  • Heaven - This name means paradise.
  • Hera - This is the name of the Greek goddess of the hearth.
  • Hero - A Shakespearan character, hero means one who is brave and good.
  • Holiday - Name your baby girl after a day of celebration.
  • Honesty - This means integrity.
  • Honey - This is a sweet nectar.
  • Honor - This means one who acts with integrity.
  • Hope - This is optimism about the future.
  • Hypatia - Hypatia was a famous female philosopher in Ancient Rome.
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Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With H

H names can sound distinctly modern, including these examples:

  • Harleen - This is a modern variant of the popular name Harley.
  • Harlowe - This has a distinctly modern feel.
  • Hart - This name means one who is brave.
  • Hayden - This popular name feels on trend.
  • Henley - This is a pretty and contemporary choice.
  • Holland - This is a modern choice, especially if your ancestors lived in Holland.
  • Hollis - This English name means one who dwells by holly trees.
  • Houston - Place names always have a modern feel.
  • Hudson - There's nothing more modern than using a last name as a first name, especially when it's a gender neutral choice.
  • Huntlie - This name sounds like a feminine version of Hunter.

Old-Fashioned H Names for Girls

If you love old-fashioned baby names, there are lots of H names to choose from:

  • Hallie - This name has been popular for decades.
  • Harriet - This is the perfect name for honoring historical figures like Harriet Tubman.
  • Hattie - This adorable name was popular a century ago.
  • Heather - This floral name is a classic choice.
  • Helen - This name means sunlight, and it never goes out of style.
  • Heloise - This old-fashioned name means famous warrior.
  • Heidi - A beautiful classic name, this means one who is noble.
  • Hilda - This badass H name for girls means warrior.
  • Hillary - This old-fashioned name means happy and cheerful.
  • Holly - This plant is associated with Christmas cheer.
  • Honoria - This ultra-feminine version of honor means one who acts with integrity.
  • Helsa - A Danish name, this is a variation on the popular name Elsa.
  • Hermine - This Spanish name means complete and universal.

English Baby Girl Names Starting With H

There are a number of classic English baby names that start with H. Consider one of the following:

  • Haylen - This uncommon English name means a hall of light.
  • Helena - This variant on Helen has a distinctly British feel.
  • Henrietta - This beautiful English name could be perfect for your little girl.
  • Hermione - This British baby name is popular because of a character in the Harry Potter series.
  • Hettie - This English name is charmingly old-fashioned.
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Girl Names Starting With H From Around the World

All around the world, parents choose H names for their babies. If you like Arabic baby names, Japanese names, or any other culture, you may love one of these:

  • Habibah - This Arabic name for girls means loved one.
  • Hadara - A Hebrew name, this means splendor.
  • Halia - This Polynesian name is a remembrance of a lost loved one.
  • Halona - This Native American name means fortunate.
  • Hanae - This Japanese name means blossom.
  • Hanako - A Japanese name, this means child of flowers.
  • Hanita - This Sanskrit baby name means grace of the gods.
  • Haroldene - A Scandanavian name, this means commander.
  • Harrella - Also a Hebrew name, this means ruler of the home.
  • Hasina - This African baby name means one who is good and beautiful.
  • Haydee - A Greek name, this means one who is well-behaved.
  • Hayfa - This Arabic baby name means slender one.
  • Hedy - This beautiful German name means my echo.
  • Helga - This Scandanavian baby name means sacred and successful.
  • Helmina - A German name, this means protection.
  • Hermosa - This Spanish name means beautiful.
  • Hespera - A Greek name, this means the evening star.
  • Hestia - This Greek name refers to the goddess of the hearth.
  • Hikari - A Japanese name, this means light.
  • Himalda - An Italian baby name, this means world battle.
  • Hortencia - A Latin name, this means of the garden.
  • Hubertina - This German name means woman with a brilliant mind.

You'll Give Her the Perfect H Name

Choosing your baby's name is a big decision, since this is how she'll be known all her life. Review some tips to help you decide on a great name and then trust your instincts. You'll know the perfect H name when you read it.

80+ Girl Names That Start with H: Popular & Hidden Gems