87 Cute Baby Announcement Captions to Share the News

Published May 4, 2022
parents with newborn baby at hospital

The baby that you've been impatiently waiting for has finally arrived. Share your joy with the world with baby announcement captions. These are great for adding to a picture of your newborn or a cute family photo.

Baby Announcement Captions for Instagram

close up of newborn baby feet

Telling the world your little one is here is an exciting time. Make your announcement in style on Instagram with a few cute captions announcing your baby. These are perfect for a baby close-up or for a snapshot of you holding your precious little bundle.

  • Happiness found us. Baby is here.
  • Our family grew by ten little toes.
  • Everything in our life got a lot sweeter.
  • Take a seat. We have a baby for you to meet.
  • A new addition joined us.
  • We leveled-up from couple to parents.
  • Get ready! We have the cutest baby for you to meet.
  • We are so happy to announce we are the proud parents of an adorable little girl/boy.
  • We've officially become a family. Meet baby [name].
  • Stop what you are doing; I have something to say. We had a baby today.

Social Media Baby Daughter Announcement Wording

You are ecstatic to announce the birth of your beautiful, precious baby girl. Share her pics on social media with a poignant caption. These captions will round out the image of your new little girl perfectly.

  • She's here! She's here today. Everyone is more than okay.
  • A beauty was born into this world. She's the sweetest little girl.
  • A new adventure has arrived with the birth of our little girl.
  • Hip hip, hooray. Our little girl was born today.
  • We dreamed of a daughter, that is true. Today, our dream became a reality.
  • The sweetest little girl came into our world. She's changing everything for the better.
  • I have something sweet cradled in my arms. My little girl happily made our family complete.
  • Today, we went from two to three. Meet our daughter, [name].
  • Beautiful and sweet. Our little girl soon you will meet.
  • The cutest little girl stole my heart today.

Creative Captions for Your First Baby Announcement

young couple holding newborn child

Your first baby was born. Could you be more thrilled? Make sure the excitement flows in your social media posts with a great quote. These also work excellent for adding to a scrapbook.

  • Our new adventure into parenthood started today.
  • No more baby on the way. They officially joined our family today.
  • It's official! Our firstborn has joined our family.
  • The stork has dropped the cutest baby into our family.
  • Sleep is now a thing of the past. Welcome, [baby name]!
  • Our hearts grew by one.
  • This little mini-me is ready to party.
  • The family tree gained another branch.
  • A bright new light burst into the world, taking our hearts with one sweet cue.
  • Two new feet are making sweet footprints on our hearts.

Cute and Clever Captions for Baby Boy Announcement

The sweetest baby boy is cradled lovingly in your arms. Share his arrival with the world on your social media accounts.

  • Daddy finally got a sidekick.
  • The wingman in the waiting joined our family.
  • A new reign begins today.
  • Welcome the little king of our hearts.
  • A sweet and precious boy stole our hearts and filled us with joy.
  • Can you believe he's finally here?
  • Our dream was born today.
  • Filling our hearts with smiles and giggles.
  • We started a grand new adventure being boy parents.
  • Can you believe the time has come? Welcome, our sweet little son.

Adorable Welcoming New Baby Announcement Captions

two women as a couple celebrating their pregnancy

Welcoming a new baby is one of the sweetest and brightest moments in your life. Share your pregnancy announcement with a caption that's as adorable as your ultrasound picture.

  • What can we say? We found out we were having a baby today.
  • We are excited to announce a new little addition is joining our family.
  • It's hard to keep quiet knowing that our little family is growing.
  • In one beat of a heart, our family grew by one.
  • Our dream to become parents is finally coming true.
  • We were granted the sweetest gift when we found out our family is blossoming.
  • A precious and lovely gift to behold, a new baby is coming to our family, we are told.
  • A wonderful gift was granted to us. Our family has a new plus.
  • The sweetest news has made it to our ear. In about six months, a new baby will be here.
  • Our smile says it all. We are waiting for a new baby from the stork to fall.

Fun Captions to Announce Your Baby

father mother and brother smiling at newborn addition to the family

Life with kids is fun. From new adventures to the cutest smiles, your whole world is about to change. Make sure the fun takes center stage in your post with a few funny sayings about baby's debut.

  • The baby we've been waiting and praying for has joined us. Welcome, [baby].
  • Did you hear? It's true. We added a new little one to our crew.
  • The wild times have just begun. Here is our new little bun.
  • They handed a new little bundle of joy to me. Now, we have a family of three.
  • Our hearts grew with love and joy. We welcomed a new sweet little boy.
  • We no longer have to wait. They are here; it's time to celebrate!
  • The joy in our hearts is hard to contain. We added another little to our family again.
  • Happiness doesn't even begin to describe the joy of holding our new baby.
  • We are all shining with glee. Welcome our new little baby bee.
  • Smiles, cries, and diapers galore. Parenthood we are about to explore.

Sweet Baby Announcements for Facebook

In your excitement about being a new parent, you take to Facebook. It's the quickest way to share your joy with the world. Use a few of these baby announcement captions to make your post a scroll-stopper.

  • Our baby is finally here. And what a sweet little dear!
  • Help us welcome our new sweet addition. Baby [name] has arrived.
  • The time has finally come. Baby [name] is here to reign.
  • It's time to give you a Facebook welcome. Our sweet bundle of love has made his/her entrance.
  • The sweetest little bundle of love finally made it into our loving arms.
  • The wait is over. Let the fun begin.
  • We've finally entered parenthood! [baby name] came into the world today.
  • I can't help it. I'm so excited and have to say: We welcomed the newest [Last name] today.
  • The sun and the moon got nothing on this little shining star.
  • This glowing, precious little bundle of cuteness just made us a family.

Funny Baby Announcement Captions

Looking for a clever way to announce baby number three? Do you want to make your post hilarious? Try out a few of these funny captions to get a chuckle or two.

  • This is going to be a hard post to beat. Our house grew by two more feet.
  • While it's a little late I know. Baby [name] finally decided to show.
  • There is finally a new little ruler in town.
  • The baby has left the belly!
  • A new sibling rivalry has just arrived.
  • The eviction notice worked. Baby [name] finally came.
  • We went from knocked up to knocked out. Welcome, [baby].
  • She finally popped! [Baby name] was born.
  • The sequel has finally arrived.
  • Parenthood initiated! [Baby name] is here and ready to rumble.

Multiple Baby Announcement Posts to Share

Having one baby is exciting! Learning that you are having more than one child brings multiple joys. Tell the world you are having twins or more. Check out these quotes about twins for even more inspiration.

  • We aren't quite sure what to do. We were blessed with two!
  • We were a little shocked too. One became two.
  • Oh, baby? More like, oh babies!
  • More to love is always better. Welcome [babies names].
  • Our little ones are finally here to stay. We are happier than we can say.
  • One's a bit of sugar. The other is a bit of spice. Together they are everything nice.
  • The love in our hearts was too much for just one baby. Welcome [babies names].

Announce Your Baby in Style With Clever Posts

Whether you find out you are pregnant or you have a brand new baby pic to share, you want the perfect caption to go along with your photo. Try out a few of these captions to make your post get all the hearts and likes. You can also add these to little gifts, announcements, or even scrapbooks.

87 Cute Baby Announcement Captions to Share the News