How to Choose a Wonderful Middle Name for Your Baby Boy

Updated August 27, 2021
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Deciding what to call your baby boy is a mountain of a decision. Parents put a great deal of work into choosing the perfect name for the new arrival to their family. Settling on a baby name is one hurdle, but then tackling a middle name for your baby boy can feel like an entirely new challenge. Choosing a middle name for your son doesn't have to be stressful and complicated. Prepare yourself with helpful tips and guidelines to lean on during the process.

Tips for Choosing a Middle Name for a Baby Boy

Choosing a middle name for your child is an entirely personal choice. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the endeavor, these simple and insightful tips can aid you in landing on a priceless name for your prince.

Consider Paying Homage to Your Roots

If you or your partner are particularly connected to your family heritage, then use it! Look to your roots and your family's culture and see if there are any middle names that speak to you. Make a list of names you love, and try them paired with the first name you have picked out. Look to strong Italian names for boys or Filipino names full of meaning if those cultures are a part of who you are. Every culture has unique and stunning names that might end up being the perfect fit.

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Let Your Maiden Name Live On

Does your maiden name lend itself to a middle name? It might! If your maiden name isn't going to make the cut, then what about your mother's maiden name? Some parents like giving their son one parent's last name, and then working their own former last name into the middle of the moniker to represent both sides of the family. It is a beautiful and all-encompassing way to name your child.

Ignore the Opinions of Others

Even the most well-intentioned and supportive friends and family are going to try to weigh in on your baby's name. They will have a million suggestions (none of which you have to entertain) and might even balk at your thoughts on prospective middle names. Keep your eye on the prize: this is your son, and you have earned the right to name him any way you see fit. If family and friends have negative thoughts on your choices, ignore their words and remember that you selected those middle name options for a reason.

Pick Personal Meaning to Inspire Your Name Choice

Life is packed full of special meaning and symbols. If a specific place has deep significance to you, then maybe it deserves the high honor of being your son's middle name. These locales throughout the world make great middle name options for parents who know and love the areas well:

  • Boston
  • Berlin
  • Afton
  • Austin
  • Bronx
  • Cairo
  • Denver
  • Eugene

You don't even have to get super specific about the places you consider. If you love the water, the name River might be an option. If you crave the mountain life, Ridge or Cliff might pique your interest.

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Consider the Initials

So you have the first name, you think you have the middle name, and the last name is as good as done. Now, look at the initials together. Do they spell or signify something that would make your grandmother faint on the spot? If so, you will want to move back to the drawing board and think up a different middle name for your baby boy.

Say It Out Loud

Spend some time playing around with the first and middle names together. Imagine yourself having to say the name a LOT once your baby grows into those mischievous years. Dream about what it will sound like when his name is announced as he walks across the stage to accept his college diploma. Does it sound like music to your ears, or when it is said aloud with the first and last name, does it come out more like a tongue twister?

Nothing Wrong With Two Middle Names

There is nothing wrong with giving your son two middle names. If you love two names and can't choose between them, go with them both. If you want to honor your father and your partner's father, don't despair over who gets the gift of having their name worked into your son's name. When you love one middle name, and your partner loves another, use them both. If you are using two names, you will want to make sure the middle names are not both long. No kid needs 37 letters in their full name. A boy named Alexander Donovan Sebastian Montgomery is going to have a heck of a time passing kindergarten writing.

Pay Attention to Possible Nicknames

Kids can be cruel, and while you don't even want to think about someone calling your child a name ever, you also don't want to give them any ammunition by picking a middle name prone to nasty nicknames. Channel your inner snark and consider the possible nicknames that could stem from the middle name you like. If the nicknames are too easy of a target for future bullies, steer clear of them.

Decide on a Name That Makes Your Heart Sing

Here's the deal, even if you think you will have a football team full of sons, this might be the only one that the universe blesses you with. In deciding on a baby boy's first and middle name, make sure you love it. If it makes you genuinely happy, then it is the one, regardless of other people's thoughts and opinions. In the end, your opinion truly is the only one that matters.

How to Choose a Wonderful Middle Name for Your Baby Boy