Choosing the Right Middle Name for Your Baby Girl

Updated September 2, 2021
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She is your sugar, your spice, and your everything nice. Your baby girl needs a name that is one of a kind, an ode to how deeply she is cherished. Choosing a middle name is an often overlooked part of the naming process, living in the shadow of the monumental first name selection. But finding the right middle name is crucial nonetheless. Review our tips below to help you pick the perfect middle name for your baby girl.

Decide If You Love Old School or New Age

When it comes to middle names, do you gravitate to older, vintage monikers, or do you prefer newer, more trendy names? When it comes to choosing a middle name for your child, there is no right answer, and as they say, different strokes for different folks! If you discover you are unsure of whether you like middle names from yesteryear or names that flow with current times, try a few on for size. Pair several from each category with your chosen first name and see what you like best. Middle name options with a vintage feel are:

For parents looking for a trendy, more modern middle name, try:

  • Zoe
  • Bailey
  • Harper
  • Avery
  • James
  • Bay
  • Addison
  • Riley
  • Parker
  • Hudson

Do You Feel a Flow?

How does the entire name flow once the middle name is chosen? Just because you love a first name and a middle name doesn't mean that the two will mesh well together. Say the entire thing aloud several times to determine if the middle name you selected works with the first and last name already picked. If you have a longer first name in mind, consider going with a shorter middle name. If the first name is short and sweet, a lengthy middle name might be a better option.

  • Addison Jane
  • Elizabeth Grace
  • Liliana Mae
  • Catherine Lynn
  • Allison Kate

If the first name you are set on contains only one (and sometimes two) syllables, you can look to longer middle names to complement the first name.

  • Lucy Christina
  • Mae Elizabeth
  • Brooke Annabelle
  • Jade Isabella
  • June Josephine

Be Sure to Never Offend

Choosing a name that isn't offensive in nature is a top priority whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl. You might settle on a middle name for your child only to later realize that it is offensive to people of other cultures.

  • The middle name "Siri" is very close to the word "shiri," which refers to a person's backside in Japanese.
  • Randy - Randy can refer to certain "acts" you don't want associated with your baby girl.
  • Fanny - This old-fashioned girl name would be cuter if it didn't remind the world of a person's bum.
  • Cara - In the United States, Cara is a popular name choice. In Arabic-speaking cultures, the name is very close to the word "Khara," which happens to be another word for feces.

A middle name might even offend your child later on in life. This is especially true for middle names that can be twisted into unflattering nicknames or middle names that, when paired with a first and last name, become something more sinister when it falls into the mind of a snarky, rude person.

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Consider Personal Attachments

Sometimes the best middle names are ones people give because of a personal attachment to the name and a place it refers to. Giving your baby girl a middle name full of meaning is like a little secret forever between the two of you. Think of the places you have been that live in your heart, the locale where you met the love of your life, or a place in the world that makes you feel like your best self.

  • River
  • Brooke
  • Meadow
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Aspen
  • Brooklyn
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Imola
  • Dakota

Another way to work personal attachment into a moniker is to pay homage to an important family member. Think about a special friend, parent or grandparent, or relative that has passed away but still lives on in your heart and memory.

Does the Middle Name Give You More Nickname Options?

It is always nice to have choices, and this includes name options for later on in life. Some parents decide on a first or middle name because it essentially comes with variations of the name that kids' can go by. These middle names are two for one deals when it comes to great names, should you or your daughter ever decide to scrap the first name and use one of the middle name options:

Too Many Choices? Make a List

When researching middle names for baby girls, the options seem limitless. Don't be surprised if you end up with a middle name list a mile long. Should this happen, don't fret. Create a list with your first and last name and all of the middle name possibilities. Spend time looking at the names, saying them aloud, and allowing them to resonate. Cross off ones you feel no longer make the cut.

Consider Keeping It a Secret

Shhhhhh. Some secrets are okay to keep! While it might feel like second nature to shout your baby's middle name from the rooftops, people might feel the need to weigh in on your naming decision after you make your major announcement. Not everyone will support your choice of title, and they might want to suggest names that they feel are better suited to your child. It is okay to keep your names a secret until after the baby is born. Even opinionated people are more apt to smile and say nothing about the names you choose following a baby's birth and naming.

Above All, Make Sure It Suits Your Daughter Best

Yes, you want every important person in your life to adore your baby's full name, middle included, as much as you do. Truth be told, there will be people who support your middle name choice, and others who will think they know better. Regardless of the well-intentioned folk in your life who swear they have better middle name options picked, remember that only one person is truly worth pleasing here, and that is your child. Choose a name you love and feel is the perfect complement to the first and last name you have chosen for your beauty, and regret nothing. You are the parent; you really do know best.

Choosing the Right Middle Name for Your Baby Girl