Best Babies’ Entertainment Videos That Boost Learning

Updated February 2, 2021
mom and baby with video

There are tons of ways to keep babies entertained and learning, and one of those ways is through video. The market is saturated with baby entertainment videos, and it's challenging to know which ones are worth their salt. These ten entertainment videos hit the mark and are worth a watch.

Baby Entertainment Videos Aren't a Replacement

Like much in life, moderation is key. Can your baby watch a video to learn and remain entertained while you start dinner? Yes. Should your baby Netflix and binge because you have to catch up on work? No. With babies and screentime, a little goes a long way. In no way is a video a substitution for human interaction or exploratory play and stimulating toys.

Hey Bear Sensory

Hey Bear Sensory checks off lots of boxes in the world of baby entertainment and development and is considered to be one of the best videos for babies. It includes plenty of bright and vibrant colors and high levels of contrast, as well as upbeat, catchy tunes. There is no shortage of videos in the collection, so mom's brain won't turn to mashed potatoes after hearing the same songs over and over.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum is a British YouTube video that brings classic nursery rhymes and songs to life. Parents all over the globe rely on it to entertain their little ones for short periods of time. With billions of views, the YouTube compilation ranks among one of the most viewed videos on the internet.

BabyFirst Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes

BabyFirst focuses on bringing basic elements like colors, letters, songs, and numbers to your little darling's developing mind. Exciting music paired with high contrast visuals and developmentally appropriate content makes this video a hit among young minds and parents alike.


Cocomelon is currently the most subscribed to channels in all of YouTube, with over 130 million subscribers. That is a lot of parental support! These videos started off as nothing more than a hobby by a couple who sought to entertain their own child. That was over fifteen years ago, and since then Cocomelon has grown to become one of the best, most-watched children's video channels on the planet.

The show aims to educate young minds by exposing them to colors, sounds, letters, numbers, and popular songs and rhymes.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a classic kids' program and has been around for decades. Even though it has been overshadowed in recent years with the rise of YouTube and internet videos, the program is still useful and relevant in regards to educating and entertaining young minds. While the show is older, the material continues to update as the world changes. Love, friendship, and life lessons are covered as well as basic letter and number learning. Babies might not grasp the weighty messages in the program, but exposing little ones to good values and kindness is never going to hurt.

Dave & Ava

The hit program, Dave & Ava, is all about the wonder of nursery rhymes. The nursery rhymes on Dave & Ava claim to create cultural connection boost memory and aid children with confidence and inventiveness.


Treeschoolhits heavy in the educational department and is a great video for baby to learn a new language. Lessons are taught by Rachel, who engages kids with sign language. Even little ones can begin absorbing the basics of communication before they are actually able to create words. Baby sign language is a popular means of communicating with young children, and this series of videos incorporates elements of sign language with usable lessons for youngsters.

The Notekins

The Notekins follows seven characters, all based on the different music notes, through the basics of music. Will your young baby benefit from learning an E note? No. Might they develop a love of song and dance over the years while honing in on future language skills? Maybe. Studies have shown that exposing young children to music may improve their ability to process both music and speech patterns.

Should Babies Watch Videos?

According to Mayo Clinic in an article feature on, a baby is more likely to remember information from a live presentation more so than from a video. This does not mean your child cannot watch videos. If you enjoy videos as entertainment, show them a few on occasion. Like with much in life, the key is moderation.

Best Babies’ Entertainment Videos That Boost Learning