20+ Baptism Favor Ideas Guests Will Cherish

Updated February 12, 2021
Christening accessory set of decorated candles and holy bible books

Show appreciation to your party guests by thinking of baptism favor ideas that will really wow them. These people are helping you celebrate your child's special day, so don't let them leave the event empty-handed. Send them home with something unique and tasteful to remember the day with.

Baptism Favor Ideas With Flavor

Gift guests with favors that are delicious and sweet. Edible baptism or christening favors make great gifts.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

Everyone loves a big bar of chocolate, so you won't get any guests wishing they received something else if you gift them this traditional food item. Custom bars can be purchased at varying sites, displaying your party colors, themes, and date.

Professionally Decorated Baptism Cookies

Say thank you with cookies. Cookie design specialists can create sugary selections that are truly a work of art. Consider design elements like angels, crosses, sheep, or babies for baptism.

Christening cookies

Designer Chocolates

A tower of designer chocolates for guests to take home after the party will leave everyone talking. Before ending your party, a beautiful dessert table full of specialized chocolates will pull double duty as a decorative element. When the party wraps up, give your family and friends custom boxes to fill with the take-home treats.

Pretty Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels wrapped in cellophane are a classic party treat. If you are making these yourself, they can be done fairly easily and cheaply. You'll need to purchase pretzel rods, melting chocolate, sprinkles, cellophane, and twist ties or ribbon. Set the completed treats at seats as a centerpiece. Consider attaching guests' names to the treats and have them also function as a place card for seating.

Chocolate covered pretzels

Engraved Coffee Mugs

If you are going to serve coffee at your baptism, personalized coffee mugs might be a great idea for a party favor. Purchase simple mugs and have them engraved with the symbol of a dove or the cross, as well as the date of the baptism. Guests can use them at the party and take them home afterward.

Cutest Cake Pops in the Land

Cake Pops are adorable favors to include in your special day. You can have them made for you or follow an easy tutorial and make them yourself. Consider using white cake batter, white cake pop covering, and white or silver sprinkles, as white is a significant baptism color.

Gifts With Special Symbols

The sacrament of baptism is often related to specific symbols such as white garments, doves, oil, water, light, and the cross. Play on these important symbols with your party favors.

Essential Oil Assortments

Oils play a part in most baptism ceremonies, and you can tie the key element into your party favors. Purchase essential oils in bulk and gift boxes or party favor bags and ties. Place a few oils in each of the bags and pass them out to the party attendees.

Key Chains With Significance

Baptism key chains are popular gifts to present to your friends and family. Choose a key chain that compliments the symbols of baptism. Consider the cross, a dove, or an angel. Silver or pewter tones work well for these gifts, as do white, ivory, and pearl shades.

White Jewelry

White is the color that people often associate with baptisms, and creating or commissioning jewelry in white is a lovely way to say thank you to those who came to celebrate with your family. White charm bracelets can be made at a relatively low cost if you plan a local craft store trip. Purchase beads in silver and white as well as sturdy string. If your budget allows, you can also have simple cross necklaces, earrings, or bracelets made.

Silver pendant angel with diamonds in blue gift box

White Candles

White is symbolic of the baptism ceremony, as is light. Because of this, white candles are common party favors. Choose a candle that complements the style and decor of the event. Think of using white candles with a dove or cross on them. Set candles on name cards and use them in the seating arrangement or include the candles in other areas of decor and then ask guests to take one on their way out.

White Christening Candle

Cross Bookmark

Bookmarks make lovely baptism party favors. Religious participants can use them to mark pages in their own bibles. Any guest can find use in a pretty bookmark to hold the place of their current read.

Momentos With Meaning

Baptism is a special moment in a parent's and child's life. Make sure your favors reflect the event's significance and day with something meaningful.

A Favorite Bible Verse Framed

Because baptisms are religious ceremonies, think about working your favorite bible passage into your party. Print out a few of your favorite readings or quotes and frame them in simple picture frames. Set up a table at your party with the picture frames displayed for guests to help themselves to.

Bible quote in wood frame and yellow flower

Favorite Baptism Poem Framed

Take your favorite baptism poem and frame it for your guests! Similar to the suggestion above, you can print out your favorite baptism poems and surround them in frame. Set the gifts upon a table and allow guests to pick from the poems.

A Picture Frame With the Date Engraved

Picture frames have long been used as favors for baptisms, weddings, and other celebrations because they are beautiful and functional. If you can free up the money in your baptism budget, engraving the picture frames with your party's date adds a special personalized touch.

Engraved Candle Holder

Candles are common party gifts for baptisms, but gifting guests a candle holder adds a bit of a twist on a classic. There are several options when looking at candle holders. Choose one that complements the theme and decor used in your party.

An Ornament

Every year, when your guests put up their Christmas tree, they will see the baptism ornament that you gave them and think fondly upon the beautiful baptism party that you threw to honor your child.

White dove ornament on a christmas tree

Embroidered Handkerchief

White cloth is a special symbol in the baptism process. Your guests will feel included and honored by receiving a simple white handkerchief as a thank you for attending. These can be embroidered with the names and dates. If you are good with a needle and thread, you could take this project on yourself.

Favors That Will Find a Place in the Home

Consider giving guests something decorative or useful for their home.

Planted Succulent With a Sweet Message

Succulents are popular, low-maintenance plants to send home with your party guests. Include a sweet message about "Growing with God" or "Rooting oneself in the church" by writing directly onto the pot with a permanent marker or by attaching printed out sayings.

Scented Soaps

Soaps are another traditional party favor that people have long turned to. The great thing about soap is everyone can use it! No one will go home saying, "Well, what am I going to do with this?"

A Framed Picture of a Waterscape

Water is an important baptism symbol, but how might you work it into a party favor? Handing out water bottles doesn't make for a unique gift, but pretty waterscapes will. Print out scenes with water and frame them. These can be of oceans, lakes, rain, rivers, or streams. Personalize the picture with names, dates, or significant quotes and phrases. Everyone can find a spot in their home for a pretty water picture.

Memorable Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are something that everyone needs in their kitchen. Engrave sets with your baptism date and give your family and friends something pretty, petite, and practical.

Spoon Holder

Spoon holders are beautiful decorative elements in many kitchens, and they are also extremely functional. No one wants to scrape stew remnants off of countertops after a long day of cooking. Giving your baptism party guests a spoon holder with your baptism party's date on it is a perfect way to show your appreciation for their attendance.

Bottle Stopper

Bottle stoppers in the shape of doves or crosses make nice favors for those who like to drink a bit of vino. Again, a bottle stopper is both a beautiful gift and a purposeful one.

Don't Forget the Main Event

Party favors are a beautiful touch to any event, including baptisms, but they are only a detail. Remember to focus on what is truly special about baptism day. Celebrate with those you love and savor the moments because they go by in the blink of an eye.

20+ Baptism Favor Ideas Guests Will Cherish