Baptism Invitation Wording

Updated March 5, 2019
Baby being baptized

Baptisms are joyous occasions that you want to celebrate with your family members and closest friends. Make sure the wording you select for your invitations clearly expresses the sentiments of the occasion and gives your guests all the information they'll need to join you on your child's special day.

Precious Gift Baptism Invitation

Our precious gift from heaven will be welcomed into God's family.
Please celebrate our son (name)'s baptism
on (date) and (time) at (location).
A luncheon will follow at (location).

Parents - (names)
Grandparents - (names)
Godparents - (names)

Christening Invitation

Please join us at the christening of our daughter (name).
We will celebrate at (location), on (date), at (time).
We invite you to stay for a luncheon after the ceremony.

Parents - (names)
Grandparents - (names)
Godparents - (names)

On This Day Baptism Invitation Wording

On this day we place our child in Christ's care forever.
Please join us for the Christening of our son/daughter (name)
on (date) at (time)
at (location)

Parent's names
RSVP number

Our Baby Is a Blessing

Our baby is a blessing who is as beautiful as can be,
Please help us welcome her into Christ's family!
Come worship and celebrate with us as our daughter is baptized.

(date) and (time)

Parents - (names)
Grandparents - (names)
Godparents - (names)

Every Perfect Gift Baptism Invitation

"…every perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

Kevin and Deidre Sims
Invite you to share their joy and witness
as their daughter (name)
receives the Sacrament of Holy Baptism
on (date) and (time)
at (location)

Luncheon to follow.
RSVP number

Roman Catholic Baptism Invitation

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti

Your presence is requested
by Mr. and Mrs. (father's full name)
and Godparents (full names)
at the Sacrament of Baptism
for the blessed child, (name)

The ceremony will follow 10 a.m. mass at (location)
on (date)
Community luncheon provided afterward

Funny Baptism Invitation

I hate baths, so my parents, (parents names), asked a priest to do it!

They say it takes a village,
so please join my family in cleansing me, (child's name)
on (date) at (time) in (location)

Since I don't have the best table manners either,
the village is invited to help me eat after the ceremony!

Other Baptism Invitation Wording Ideas

Consider using a short baptism poem or special baptism verse as the wording for your invitation to the ceremony and/or christening party. Alternately, consider opting for one of the following phrases:

  • Jan and David joyfully invite you to share with them the Christening of their son Blake. Please share in our blessing.
  • Join us as we celebrate the baptism of Emily. "I have held thee in the palm of mine hand." Isaiah 51:16
  • Please join us as our daughter Sara is baptized
  • You are invited to attend the christening of Luke. A Child is God's Most Precious Gift.
  • Jeff and Suzanne invite you to witness the Christening of Lauren. Our baby is a blessing who is as beautiful as can be . . . come help us welcome her into God's family!
  • A child is a precious gift from God, and baptism is God's gift wrapping. On this day we place our child in God's care forevermore. Please join us for the Christening of our daughter/son.
  • Please join in the Baptism of Cody.
  • Come and rejoice with the Thompson family on the occasion of Bobby's baptism.
  • Steve and Carol invite you to share in the joy of the christening of their daughter Elizabeth.
  • We're joyfully bringing our daughter/son into the love of God's family. We invite you to celebrate with us the baptism of...
  • Our darling little angel was sent from heaven above. Please celebrate her baptism and surround her with your love.

Free Printable Invitations With Wording

If you want to print free invitations, select the one with wording that appeals to you. Use Adobe to print the invitations off and send them out with your details included.

Custom Ordering

You can custom order baptism invitations online. The following options give you invitations you can print at home yourself or custom order for your christening:

  • Tiny Prints - In addition to offering fully customized invitations, you can also save your favorite selections in a tray and compare them to decide which one is your ultimate favorite.
  • Minted - You'll find over four dozen baptismal and christening invitations to choose from. This shop also claims to offer discounts of 25 percent off list prices.
  • Invitation Consultants - This shop offers a very nice selection of invitations in both traditional religious designs and modern styles. You'll find approximately 40 designs to choose from.

Today's Invitation Is Tomorrow's Keepsake

A baptismal invitation still has value long after the ceremony has taken place. Set aside one invitation to add to your child's baby scrapbook. Every time you read that carefully selected wording again, you'll remember the details of that day and relive that special moment in your family's life.

Baptism Invitation Wording