Beautiful Pagan Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated October 30, 2018
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Parents who want their children to be unique often turn to pagan names. Those who aren't familiar with the term "pagan" sometimes associate this word with devil worship. This is not true, however. Pagan references are typically used in conjunction with Wicca and witchcraft beliefs.

Choosing Pagan Baby Names

Just as with any other name, pagan baby names are linked to a particular culture or belief. Names are generally chosen from other more well-known cultural groups, such as Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Greek, Norse, and even Egyptian. Those who want to give their child a distinctly unique name, however, often take a more Native American route and choose a name that actually describes the child, such as Moonlight, Wind Whisperer, and Rain. In addition, those who want to give their baby a Wiccan or pagan name often take their ideas from nature, animals, elements, jewels, and even the gods. Find the pagan baby name and its meaning that best fits the life you want for your little one.

Pagan God and Goddess Names

Evil pagan names and lovely natural names are often inspired by the pagan gods and goddesses thought to rule the universe.

Name: Gender: Meaning:
Aradia Female Tuscan Moon Goddess
Cernunnos Male Celtic God of Life
Devanna Female Russian Goddess of the Hunt
Ezrulie Female Voodoo Goddess
Janus Male Roman God of Beginnings
Kali Female Hindu Goddess of Time
Khepri Male Egyptian God of Creation
Lucifer Male Latin God of the Dawn Star
Ostara Female Germanic Goddess of Spring
Rhiannon Female Celtic Moon Goddess
Ukko Male Finnish Sky God

Native American Baby Names

Names from different Native American tribes are most often drawn from nature or describe some aspect of the baby's looks and personality.

Name: Gender: Meaning:
Achak Male Spirit
Alawa Female Pea
Anaba Female Returns from war
Chatan Male Hawk
Galilahi Female Mother
Huritt Male Handsome
Nikan Male My friend
Sahale Male Falcon
Tablita Female Crown
Takoda Male Friend to all
Winona Female First daughter

Gaelic Baby Names

Many modern names including unisex pagan names are drawn from traditional Gaelic names.

Name: Gender: Meaning:
Aidden Unisex Little fire
Ailill (AL yil) Male Elf
Bearach (BAR akh) Unisex Sharp
Brion (BREE un) Male Noble
Cormac Male Son of charioteer
Fial (FEE ul) Male Honorable
Fianate (FEE uh nit) Female Wild creature
Grian (GREE un) Female Sun goddess
Ionait (EE nit) Female Pure
Liadan Female Grey lady
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Welsh Baby Names

Welsh pagan names have a distinct sound that is often associated with paganism. These names of Welsh origins fit common pagan ideals making them perfect for newborns.

Name: Gender: Meaning:
Alun Male Harmony
Aures Female Gold
Branwen Female Beautiful
Brenin Male King
Caron Unisex Loving
Crisiant Female Like a crystal
Emrick Male Immortal
Gwydion Male Born of trees
Rhan Female Fate
Terrwyn Male Brave

Famous Witch Names

If you like dark witchy names or female magical names for your little girl, look at books, movies, and video games for inspiration.

Name: Source:
Alwina Belgian comic Suske en Wiske
Bavmorda Willow movie
Castaspella "She-Ra" TV show
Circe DC Comics
Enchantra Sabrina the Teenage Witch franchise
Griselda The Worst Witch book
Glinda The Wonderful Wizard of Oz franchise
Hexuba "Power Rangers" TV show
Lythande Thieves World book
Minerva Harry Potter franchise
Morgana Several movies and TV shows
Ursula The Little Mermaid movie

Famous Warlock and Wizard Names

Male witch names like those of warlocks and wizards from different media sources often sound strong and powerful.

Name: Source:
Abramelin Ancient author
Alatar Lord of the Rings franchise
Albus Harry Potter franchise
Elminster Dungeons and Dragons franchise
Guldan World of Warcraft franchise
Jafar Aladdin movie
Merlin King Arthur legends
Ommin Star Wars franchise
Prospero Tempest book
Raistlin Dragonlace book series
Rand The Wheel of Time book series
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Finding a Name

If a pagan name is on the agenda for your baby, there are numerous places to find extensive baby name lists, and many of these include the meanings of the names as well. Before you settle on a pagan name, however, consider the impact the name will have on your child. You can choose from many beautiful pagan names that are just as unique as your child, but there are also some names that may make life a bit difficult for your son or daughter as he or she grows up.

Pagan baby names continue to be popular name choices for many new parents. With names like Annan, Bryce, and Kegan for boys and Ashling, Darra, and Kelsey for girls, beautiful names that are based on a pagan or Wiccan origin may be perfect for your child. If choosing a pagan name is the route you want to go, spend some time researching the origins, spellings, and pronunciations of each name that interests you. Then, choose a name that will be the best fit for your child.

Pagan Name Generator

If you know you want a pagan-inspired name for your baby, but aren't sure what origins you're after try a pagan name generator. Free Witchcraft Spells features a simple name generator that allows you to choose your preferred element first. Then you'll be given a random first, middle, and last name that falls into that elemental category. You can generate names as many times as you'd like to get lots of ideas.

Pagan Baby Name Inspiration

Finding magickal names and meanings for your baby's identity with pagan inspiration can be overwhelming when there's so much inspiration. Consider your own family roots or your belief system then look at names originating from those places.

Understanding Paganism

Depending upon whom you talk to, the terms Wicca and witchcraft are often used interchangeably. Wiccans sometimes combine the beliefs of the Celtic, Norse, and Shamanism customs and rituals, and witches often turn their attention to the practice of magic and the spiritual forces of nature. Most practicing witches and Wiccans seek to achieve both balance and harmony between themselves and nature. In doing so, they often look for names for themselves and their children that epitomize this belief.

History of "Pagan"

The word "pagan" is derived from the Latin word "Pagani," which means "someone who lives in the country," and "paganus," which means "peasant." Both of these terms were typically used to refer to those who existed more closely in nature, no matter their religious affiliations. Today, those who hold an interest in paganism come from all walks of life, including ecologists, naturalists, Native Americans, and anyone else who focuses on and feels in tune with nature.

A Natural Naming

Pagan baby names and their origins are not as taboo today as they once were. If you love all things natural, look for a name that suits your baby and your lifestyle.

Beautiful Pagan Baby Names for Boys and Girls