Black Names for Girls From Pretty to Powerful

Updated March 23, 2022
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Whether you're looking for something pretty or powerful, black baby girl names cover every meaning to fit your little girl's personality. Give your baby girl a meaningful African baby name, a Muslim baby name, or invent your own name to show off her African heritage.

Popular Girl Names in Africa

Common African names for girls include popular names in Algeria, popular girl names in Kenya, typical Sudanese names, and other names used often in different parts of Africa.

Name Meaning
Amena Safe
Fatima To abstain
Halima Patient
Imene Faith
Muna Wishes
Nyaring Running
Rania To gaze
Shannel Pipe
Shantelle Stony
Tamara Date palm
Yasmine Jasmine
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Popular African Girl Names in the U.S.

You can find options that are more mixed baby girl names of black and white cultures by looking at a list of popular African names in the U.S.

Name Meaning
Ayah Verse
Ayana/Ayanna Flower
Dalia Hanging branch
Layla Night
Nala Stem
Nia/Nyah Purpose
Zahra Bright
Za'Niyah Unknown
Zendaya Be thankful

Beautiful Names for Black Girls

Some of the prettiest black girl names are names with African roots that mean "beautiful" or have a beautiful meaning. If you love black baby girl names that start with "A," you're in luck because many "A" names have beautiful meanings.

Name Meaning
Abeba Flower; Amharic
Alheri Grace; Hausa
Amahle The beautiful ones; Zulu
Añuli Joy; Igbo
Buhle Beautiful; Ndebele
Chiamazk God is beautiful; Igbo
Chikondi Love; Chewa
Konjit Beautiful; Amharic
Mbalenhle Beautiful flower; Zulu
Minenhle Beautiful day; Zulu
Monifa I am lucky; Yoruba
Thando To love; Zulu
Thema Queen; Akan
Yewubdar Beyond beauty limits; Amharic
Zuri Beautiful; Swahili
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Powerful Names of Iconic Black Women

Strong names for black baby girls often come from the names of the baddest black women in the world. From activists to actresses, there's no shortage of iconic black women to inspire your little girl's name.

Name Meaning Fame
Araminta Unknown Harriet Tubman's real name
Beyoncé Beyond Musician Knowles-Carter
Jada He knows Actress Pinkett Smith
Kamala Lotus Politician Harris
Rihanna Basil Singer
Rosa Fame Activist Parks
Serena Tranquil Tennis Player Williams
Simone He has heard Gymnast Biles
Sojourner Spends the day Activist Truth
Taraji Hope Actress Henson
Tarana Music Burke of #MeToo
Venus Love Tennis player Williams
Viola Violet Actress Davis
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Cute Names of Black Female Characters

From books to movies, fictional black female characters names also provide great inspiration for your baby girl's moniker.

Name Meaning Source
Cellie Unknown The Color Purple book
Iridessa Resembles rainbow Disney fairy
Janie God is gracious Their Eyes Were Watching God book
Okoye Day of the week Black Panther movie
Rue Friend The Hunger Games books
Shuri Valiant Black Panther movie
Sula Good-natured Sula book
Tiana Unknown The Princess and the Frog movie
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Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Embracing your heritage, looks, or a group you identify with can help you find name inspiration for your little girl. Check out unique baby names and even black baby names for boys to find more black girl middle names and first names for your little princess.

Black Names for Girls From Pretty to Powerful