Celestial Names for Boys Inspired by Outer Space

Updated March 1, 2022
Baby on the floor with cushions that look like planets

Celestial baby boy names inspired by planets, stars, and famed astronomers make excellent, unique options for your little astronaut. These male galaxy names are packed with scientific meaning and will help ensure that your kid stands out in the universe. When it comes to star names for boys, the sky is the limit!

Stellar Boy Names Inspired by the Galaxy

When looking for space names for boys that are out of this world, look to the skies for inspiration. Search the galaxy far and wide for stunning constellation names for your baby boy, or turn to notable names in the field for unique boy naming ideas.

  • Baade - Last name of German astronomer, Wilhelm Heinrich Walter Baade
  • Burbidge - Last name of British-American observational astronomer and astrophysicist Eleanor Margaret Burbidge
  • Centaurus - Name of a bright constellation in the southern sky, one of the 88 modern, recognized constellations
  • Coddington - Last name of the American astronomer and discoverer, Edwin Foster Coddington. He is responsible for co-discovering the comet C/1898 L1, three asteroids, and the galaxy IC 2574.
  • Copeland - Last name of Ralph Copeland, an English astronomer and the third Astronomer Royal for Scotland
  • Cygnus - A northern constellation on the plane of the Milky Way, the constellation represents a swan, making this a graceful far-out name
  • Draco - One of the largest constellations in the Northern celestial hemisphere, the name "Draco" means dragon in Latin
  • Fath - Last name of astronomer Edward Arthur Fath
  • Fornax - A constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere, its Latin name means "furnace"
  • Helix - Reference to the Helix Nebula, the largest-known planetary nebulae
  • Hercules - One of the 48 constellations listed by the famous astronomer Ptolemy
  • Holmberg - Last name of Swedish astronomer and cosmologist, Erik Holberg
  • Keenan - Last name of American astronomer Philip Childs Keenan
  • Kowal - Inspired by American astronomer Charles Thomas Kowal
  • Leo - One of the 48 constellations discovered by astronomer Ptolemy
  • Maffei -Inspired by Paolo Maffei, an Italian astrophysicist and science writer
  • Mayall - Last name of American observational astronomer Nicholas Ulrich Mayall
  • Pegasus - Constellation named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology
  • Perseus - Constellation named after Greek mythological hero Perseus
  • Phoenix - Inspired by a minor constellation in the southern sky
  • Reinmuth - Inspired by the German astronomer Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth, who discovered 365 minor planets
  • Serpens - One of Ptolemy's 48 constellations, the name means "serpent"
  • Shapley - Last name of American scientist and head of the Harvard College Observatory, Harlow Shapley
  • Virgo - A constellation of the zodiac; in Latin, the name means "maiden"
  • Zwicky - Last name of Swiss astronomer, Fritz Zwicky

Planet, Moon, and Space Names for Boys

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The names of planets and their satellites, including moons, are great options for parents who love Greek baby names, Roman baby names, and Norse baby names. All the known planet and moon names are pulled from these cultures.

  • Aegir - Moon of Saturn; the name of Norse ocean giant who stills the seas
  • Atlas - Moon of Saturn; the name of a Greek titan who held the heavens on his shoulders
  • Deimos - One of Mars' moons named after a horse who pulled Roman god Mars' chariot
  • Eros - Asteroid named after the Greek god of love
  • Hyperion - Moon of Saturn; named for a Greek titan
  • Jovian - The name of the system that includes Jupiter, its rings, and its moons
  • Jupiter - The largest planet, named after chief Roman god
  • Mars - A planet name representing the Roman god of war because the planet is red
  • Mercurius - Roman name for Mercury
  • Mercury - Planet named for its fast movement
  • Mond - German word for "moon"
  • Neptune - Planet named for the Roman god of the sea
  • Oberon - Moon of Uranus; named after the king of the fairies in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Phobos - One of Mars' moons named after a horse who pulled Roman god Mars' chariot
  • Pluto - Dwarf planet named after the Roman god of the underworld
  • Saturn - Planet name that was given by the Romans
  • Tarvos - Moon of Saturn; named for a Gallic mythology giant
  • Titan - Moon of Saturn; name from Greek mythology for immortal giants
  • Triton - Satellite of Neptune; the name of the son of god Poseidon
  • Ymir - Moon of Saturn; the name of the main Norse mythology giant

Star and Constellation Names for Boys

Sleeping baby with hand on a star

Names that mean "star" or the actual names of stars and constellations are out-of-the-box options for cool space names for boys. A star name is a perfect pick for parents who revere their son as the brightest part of their lives.

  • Adhil - A star in the northern constellation of Andromeda, in Arabic, Adhil means "the train"
  • Algedi - The third brightest star in the constellation Capricornus, also known as an alpha star
  • Alnair - One of the brightest stars in the southern constellation of Grus
  • Aquila - A constellation on the celestial equator, in Latin the name means "eagle"
  • Avior - One of the brightest stars in the night sky, part of the southern constellation of Carina
  • Azmidi - Is a multiple star system
  • Celaeno - A star in the constellation of Taurus, in Greek mythology, Celaeno means "the dark one"
  • Chertan - A star in the constellation Leo, also known as Theta Leonis
  • Dorado - One of the 88 modern constellations, the name of the star means "dolphinfish" in Spanish
  • Elgafar -A star in the zodiac constellation of Virgo
  • Felis - Constellation created by French astronomer Jérôme Lalande, the name means "cat" in Latin
  • Gudja - Reddish star in the constellation Serpens
  • Hydrus - The male water snake; constellation
  • Keid - A triple star system
  • Kraz - Yellowish star located in the constellation Corvus
  • Marsic - A giant star that can be seen by the naked eye
  • Mizar - A star in the constellation, The Big Dipper, when paired with the name "Alcor," makes fun and creative names for twin boys
  • Sabik - One of two stars in the constellation Ophiuchus
  • Toliman - Name of an orange star in the constellation Centaurus
  • Wurren - A main star in the constellation Phoenix

Unique Names of Famous Astronomers for Boys

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When searching for boy names that have to do with space, peek at the unique first names of some famous astronomers. Start a new trend by turning astronomers' last names into first names for your son.

  • Asaph (Hall) - Discovered the moons of Mars
  • Azophi (Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi) - Persian astronomer who was the first known to observe the Andromeda galaxy
  • Cassini (Giovanni) - Italian astronomer who discovered four of Saturn's moons
  • Christiaan (Huygens) - Made the first observations of Saturn's rings
  • Copernicus (Nicolaus) - Polish astronomer who proposed that the Earth revolved around the sun
  • Edwin (Hubble) - American astronomer who created a galaxy classification system
  • Galileo (Galilei) - Italian astronomer who improved the optical telescope
  • Herschel (William) - German-born British astronomer and composer who discovered Uranus
  • Kepler (Johannes) -Made the discovery that planets traveled around the sun in ellipses
  • Newton (Sir Isaac) - Famous for his work on gravity
  • Ptolemy (Claudius) - Grecian astronomer who made a model of the solar system with earth at the center
  • Sagan (Carl) - American astronomer who helped popularize astronomy
  • Tycho (Brahe) - Danish astronomer who measured and fixed the positions of stars

Astronomical Baby Boy Names

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Move away from actual male galaxy names and look to a few common astronomy terms that double as cool uncommon boy names.

  • Albedo - Refers to the ratio of reflected light
  • Aphelion - The point where a celestial body is furthest from the sun while orbiting
  • Barlow - A type of lens for a telescope
  • Blazar - A type of active galaxy, makes a fun and funky astronomy-based baby boy name
  • Comet - A ball of ice and debris orbiting the sun
  • Dob - Short for Dobsonian; a type of reflector for a telescope
  • Equinox - The term used to describe when day and night are of equal length in time.
  • Gibbous - When the moon appears more than half illuminated
  • Meridian - Imaginary north-south line
  • Mak - Nickname for the Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
  • Zodiac - Set of constellations

Far Out Boy Names

For parents who want a special name for their little star, space is the perfect place to look. Whether you choose a male constellation name, a name based on the planets, or another uber-cool universe boy name, your choice is bound to be interesting and rare. These super-space names are imaginative, creative, memorable, and truly out of this world!

Celestial Names for Boys Inspired by Outer Space