45+ Traditional Dutch Girl Names With Meanings

Updated March 1, 2022
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If you're looking for a lovely name for your daughter with international flair, consider selecting a beautiful Dutch girl name. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, the Flanders region of Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, and Dutch Antilles. Whether you're looking for a name to honor your ancestry, or you simply have an affinity for one or more of these locales, you'll have your pick of the litter with these options, which are some of the best Dutch girl names available to parents.

Dutch Female Names With Religious Roots

These Dutch girl names and meanings are related to religion and God. They are excellent options for faithful parents of Dutch descent. They are also prime picks for other parents simply searching for a beautiful dutch girl name for their little angel.

  • Angelien - (aa-L-AHT) Means "grace" (Dutch form of angel)
  • Anneke - (AH-nah-kah) Means "little angel/little Anna" (diminutive of Anna)
  • Anouk - (aa-NUH-K) Means "angel" (Dutch form of Anna)
  • Bente - (ben-tah) Means "blessed"
  • Elizabeth - (eh-LEE-sa-beht) Means "consecrated/pledged to God"
  • Ilse - (IL-seh) Means "consecrated to God"
  • Johanna - (Yo-HAHN-ah) Means "God is gracious"
  • Jozefien - (yo-zə-FEEN) Means "Jehovah shall grow"
  • Lieke - (LEE-kə) Means "angelic" (Dutch diminutive of Angelique)
  • Danique - (Da-NEEke) Means "my judge is God" (feminine diminutive of Daniel)

Classic Dutch Names for Girls

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There are several wonderful classic and traditional female Dutch names for parents to ponder. Stunning selections to consider include:

  • Aleid - (aa-L-AHT) Means "of the noble kind" (Dutch form of Adelaide)
  • Anika - (ANN-e-kuh) Means "grace" (Dutch form of Anne)
  • Anke - (ae-NKEH) Means "gracious"
  • Anki - (AENGKiy) Means "grace" (Dutch form of Anne)
  • Brechtje - (BR-ect) Means "bright"
  • Daffodil - (DAF-ə-dil) Means "new beginning"
  • Esmee - (EHZ-may) Means "beloved"
  • Evy - (eh-VEE) Means "life"
  • Famke - (FAHMKiy) Means "little girl"
  • Fenna - (FEHN-AH) Means "peace"
  • Fleur - (FLUUR) Means "flower"
  • Frederika - (fred-ə-REE-kə) Means "peacekeeper or peaceful ruler"
  • Isa - (EE-sa) Means "strong-willed"
  • Juul - (yule) Unisex name that means "youthful"
  • Katrijn - (kaht-RAYN) Means "pure"
  • Klaartje - (KLAAAARTJHey) Means "bright, clear"
  • Lotte - (LAW-tə or LAO-Tah) Means "free" (diminutive of Lieselotte)
  • Maaike - (MIE-keh) Means "as Mary" Is an old-fashioned Dutch girl name
  • Maud - (MAOD) Means "powerful warrior, mighty in battle"
  • Noa - (NOH-ə) Means "motion"
  • Philou - (FEE-loh) Means "love"
  • Puck - (PUK) Means "mischievous fairy"
  • Saar - (sahr) Means "noblewoman, princess, lady"
  • Sanne - (SAH-nə) Means "lily"
  • Schuyler - (SKY-ler) Means "scholar"
  • Suus - (SUYS) Means "lily"
  • Veerle - (vihrl-uh) Means "traveling warrior"
  • Willemina - (vil-hehl-MEE-na) Means "willing to protect"
  • Zoe - (ZO-ee) Means "life" In 2021, Zoe was one the top ten monikers given to female babies in the Netherlands. It is a popular Dutch girl name for parents to consider.

Popular Dutch Girl Names

Many Dutch names tend to be fairly short, including several newly popular, contemporary choices. If you're looking for a modernized version of a classic Dutch name, or a trendy moniker, consider these options.

  • Doutzen - (doubt-son) Means "dove," popularized by Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes
  • Evi - (AY-vee) Means "to live, to breathe"
  • Fiene - (Feen) Dutch abbreviation of Jozefien (see full name above for meaning) often used as a given name
  • Holland - (hälənd) Refers to a region in the Netherlands (former province)
  • Haven - (Hah-VahN) Means "port"
  • Noor - (NOOR) Means "compassion," Dutch abbreviation for Eleanor; has become a popular and common Dutch girl name
  • Skyla - (SKIY-lə) Means "scholar, sheltering"
  • Skyler - (SKY-ler) Means "scholar," a modernized version of the classic Schuyler

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Daughter

Whether one of these names is just what you're looking for, or you want to keep exploring other baby name options, enjoy the journey as you consider what first and middle name to give your daughter. The process of choosing an amazing name for your baby girl will involve many options, including everything from unique and creative names to tried-and-true classic choices. Do Dutch, or do differently, but whatever you do, have fun with the naming adventure!

45+ Traditional Dutch Girl Names With Meanings