Fierce Girl Superhero Names

Published May 4, 2020
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Strong and powerful girl superhero names make any female feel fierce in real life or virtual reality. From creating female comic book characters to naming your female video game character, strong female names inspired by superheroes sound cool as soon as you say them.

Cute and Fierce Made-Up Girl Superhero Name Ideas

If you're the cute and courageous type, try combining a cute one-syllable girl name with a fierce last name to get the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. You can also pair spunky tomboy names that have a hard edge with softer elements to create a stand-alone name.

  • Blakemist
  • Dani Flare
  • Dot Tigris
  • Elektronika
  • Hurricane Eve
  • Harpearth
  • Hart Stalker
  • Kit Cyclone
  • Galaxy Kat
  • Liv Lightyear
  • Meg Phenom
  • Michelenator (add "enator" to your actual first name)
  • Olivapor
  • Pip Divine
  • Raemyth
  • Vigilannie

Cool Made-Up Girl Superhero Name Ideas

Superhero names for girls often use feminine pronouns like "woman," "girl," or feminine words like "witch." Make up your own superhero name by combining something fierce with something feminine.

  • Barbaria - a feminine form of the word for a savage person
  • Dame Deadly - a regal name for a fierce assassin
  • Dame Diamond - a regal and tough name
  • Doctor Diamond - named after a renowned profession and one of the strongest materials
  • Dyneema - one of the strongest fibers in the world
  • Eaglette - a feminine form of one of the fiercest birds of prey
  • Graphene - the strongest known material
  • Halo Huntress - an angel who hunts down evil
  • Jaguara - a feminine form of one of the world's largest and stealthiest felines
  • Lioness - the name of the fierce female lions who do all the hunting
  • Mamba Maiden - named for the deadly black mamba snake
  • Millenium Maiden - a name that feels like it covers an eternity
  • Screaming Angel - a name that feels fierce and sweet
  • She-Scorpion - named for one of the scariest insects
  • Tigergirl - named for one of the fiercest animals
  • Weta Woman - named for the weta, an insect that can survive being frozen in ice for months
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Strong Female Names to Use As Superhero Names

Some feminine names sound powerful, while others have meanings like "warrior," "power," or "fight." These names can be used as standalone one-word or one-syllable names or combined with creative last names to make modern superhero names.

  • Bast - "fire" in Egyptian
  • Bellatrix - "female warrior" in Latin
  • Bellona - "to fight" in Latin
  • Brigh - "power" in Irish
  • Destiny
  • Ember
  • Genesis
  • Hera - "hero, warrior" in Greek
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Journee
  • Keahi - "the fire" in Hawaiian
  • Nova
  • Remington
  • Shreya - "superior" in Sanskrit
  • Sloane
  • Valeria
  • Velda - "power" in Germanic
  • Ximena
  • Zuri

Powerful Real Names of Famous Female Superheroes

Many fictional superheroes were once regular people, or at least didn't know they had powers. However, most people don't know their real names. Using the human names of superheroes is a simple way to give a unique nod to your favorite heroine.

  • Danielle Moonstar - A Native American superhero who has the ability to create images of people's greatest fears.
  • Emma Frost - The White Queen
  • Kamala Khan - Ms. Marvel
  • Kitty Pryde - Shadowcat
  • Misty Knight - A police officer with a bionic arm who became a superhero.
  • Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow
  • Raven Darkholme - Mystique
  • Ororo Monroe - Storm
  • Shuri - As the Princess of Wakanda and brother to Black Panther, she's a brilliant scientist who even stepped in as Black Panther once.
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Top Female Marvel Superhero Names

The Marvel Universe is one brand of comics, games, TV shows, and movies that feature tons of awesome female superhero characters. You can use these names as-is, or put your own spin on them by changing out a couple letters or one word.

  • Black Widow - Although she's a skilled spy and assassin, she ultimately chose to fight on the side of good.
  • Captain Marvel - With super strength and the power of flight, she's led the Avengers in some storylines.
  • Crystal - She can manipulate all four elements and even make the earth move.
  • Gamora - Even though her evil adopted dad Thanos trained her to be the deadliest woman in the galaxy, she joined the good side with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Jewel - Jessica Jones gained a few superpowers in an accident and used this name to fight with the Avengers, but she ultimately decided it wasn't for her and opened her own private detective agency.
  • Invisible Woman - As one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, her abilities to shape-shift and create invisible force fields make her one of the most powerful superheroes.
  • Ironheart - This 15-year-old tech whiz created her own Iron Man armor.
  • Ms. Marvel - This Muslim teen has the power to shape-shift.
  • Mystique - Although she's been on the side of good and the side of bad, what makes her fierce is her mysterious nature and desire to be good.
  • Phoenix - She was a member of the X-Men with strong telepathic abilities that she often had to struggle against.
  • Scarlet Witch - With the powers to manipulate chaos magic and alter reality, she once served on the side of Magneto, but chose to switch sides and become an Avenger.
  • She-Hulk - Thanks to a blood transfusion from the Hulk, she used her super strength to fight with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.
  • Silver Sable - As leader of the Wild Pack, she takes down Nazi war criminals with her martial arts and sword skills.
  • Spectrum - This powerful character can fly at the speed of light, shoot lasers, and even turn into a laser.
  • Spider-Woman - Although she was made by the evil HYDRA, she eventually made her own choice to fight on the side of good.
  • Storm - Her ability to manipulate weather and desire to mentor young mutants make this member of the X-Men seriously fierce.
  • The Wasp - As one of the founding members of the Avengers, she named the famed group and uses her powers of growing, shrinking, and flying for ultimate good.
  • The White Queen - Her telekinetic powers make it easy for her to create hallucinations in her enemy's mind.
  • X-23 - Created from the stolen DNA of Wolverine, she refused to let others decide her fate and eventually went to the Avengers Academy.
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Popular Female DC Superhero Names

The counterpart to Marvel is DC. While many of the superhero names overlap between these two brands, DC has a few of its own fierce females fighting evil.

  • Hawkgirl- Her super-healing powers come in handy during epic battles.
  • Mera - She's married to Aquaman, but she's every bit as powerful as he is.
  • Raven - This member of the Teen Titans can teleport and even send out her soul-self to fight for her.
  • Starfire - A member of the Teen Titans, she's an alien princess who escaped enslavement and is a free spirit.
  • Supergirl - She's the cousin of Superman and has all of his powers at almost the same strength.
  • Wonder Woman - Part warrior princess, part superhero, her greatest strengths are sheer will and determination.
  • Zatanna Zatara - This powerful sorceress was a member of the Justice League.

Your Own Supergirl

When you're looking for a fierce superhero name for a girl, look for names that sound strong in different ways. Think about the personality characteristics that are conjured in your mind as you read each name to find out which superhero you are.

Fierce Girl Superhero Names