Graceful Tree Names for Girls

Published July 22, 2020
baby girl kissing tree trunk

Elegant and pretty tree names for girls anchor your baby girl to the natural world and express beauty. If you love earthy names and plant names, explore the world of tree names to find a strong name for your little girl.

Beautiful Girl Names Inspired by Common Tree Names

Like flower names for girls, these common tree names make beautiful baby girl names. Common tree names are words created to describe specific trees, so they don't typically have other meanings.

  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Aspen
  • Catalpa
  • Cherry
  • Hazel
  • Holly
  • Juniper
  • Laurel
  • Madrone
  • Magnolia
  • Myrtle
  • Poplar
  • Willow
  • Yew
Graceful tree names for girls

Lovely Girl Names Inspired by Tree Scientific Names

Nature names are not only restricted to the common names of plants. The scientific names for trees are often derived from Latin words. These Latin names have a beautiful, feminine sound and roots in the trees.

  • Balsamea - Abies balsamea, or balsam fir
  • Betula - Betula lenta, or black birch
  • Carya - Carya ovata, or shagbark hickory
  • Castanea - Castanea dentata, or American chestnut
  • Celtis - Celtis occidentalis, or common hackberry
  • Cercis - Cercis canadensis, or redbud
  • Gleditsia - Gleditsia triacanthos, or honey locust
  • Ostrya - Ostrya virginiana, or American hophornbean
  • Swietenia - Swietenia mahogoni, or mahogany
  • Taeda - Pinus taeda, or loblolly pine
  • Tilia - Tilia Americana, or American Basswood

Unique and Cool Tree Names for Girls

If you want a truly unique name for your little girl, you'll need to get creative with your inspiration.

Inspiring Invented Tree Names for Girls

When you pair tree names or terms with common girl names, you can create cool new feminine tree names. See if you can combine your favorite type of tree with your favorite girl name.

  • Ashery - ash + Avery
  • Elmily - elm + Emily
  • Jennifir - Jennifer + fir
  • Madaspen - Madison + aspen
  • Mazel - maple + Hazel
  • Oaklivia - oak + Olivia
  • Pinelope - pine + Penelope

Pretty Names of the Rarest Trees in the World

Some of the rarest trees in the world are down to as little as one or two trees left alive. Give your rare beauty a rare name to match.

  • Baylisiana - there is only one Pennantia baylisiana, or Three Kings Kaikomako, left in New Zealand
  • Dentelle - there are only two Bois dentelle, or Lace Wood trees, left in Mauritius
  • Erythrina - coral tree, or Erythrina schliebenii, found in Tanzania
  • Kaikomako - also inspired by the Pennantia baylisiana (Three Kings Kaikomako) in New Zealand
  • Mpingo - African blackwood tree with a purplish hue
  • Pennantia - also inspired by New Zealand's Pennantia baylisiana (Three Kings Kaikomako)
  • Socotra - Socotra dragon tree, also known as Dragon Blood tree, found in Yemen

Rare Tree Part Girl Names

If you're tied to choosing a tree name, think outside-the-box and look into tree parts that work as girl names.

  • Auxin - hormones in trees that stimulate cell growth
  • Cambium - the growing part of the tree trunk
  • Chi (Vietnamese) - branch
  • Clematis (English) - twig
  • Crown - the upper part of the tree with the branches
  • Dalia (Hebrew) - hanging branch
  • Lignin - a strong, natural chemical glue that holds the central heartwood of a tree together
  • Ritva (Finnish) - birch branch
  • Verbena - leaves, twigs
Baby girl standing in forest

Names for Girls That Mean Tree or Forest

While many tree names mean the type of tree they describe, there are also plenty of actual girl names that mean specific types of trees in different languages.

  • Alani (Hawaiian) - orange tree
  • Anargul (Kazakh) - blooming pomegranate tree
  • Ashley (English) - ash tree clearing
  • Björk (Icelandic) - birch tree
  • Eglė (Lithuanian) - spruce tree
  • Elowen (Cornish) - elm tree
  • Fidan (Turkish) - sapling
  • Hadas (Hebrew) - myrtle tree
  • Hadassah (Biblical) - myrtle tree
  • Hollis (English) - holly trees
  • Iva (Slavic) - willow tree
  • Jela (Serbian) - fir tree
  • Kalina (Polish) - viburnum tree
  • Kiri (Maori) - skin of a tree
  • Liepa (Lithuanian) - linden tree
  • Lina (Arabic) - palm tree
  • Lovorka (Croatian) - laurel tree
  • Melia (Greek) - ash tree
  • Moriko (Japanese) - forest child
  • Oihana (Basque) - forest
  • Ornella (Italian) - flowering ash tree
  • Pomona (Roman) - fruit tree
  • Randa (Arabic) - scented tree
  • Taimi (Finnish) - young tree

Amazing Arboreal Names

Trees hold great meaning in many cultures and can symbolize family or life. If you love tree names, but can't find the perfect moniker for your daughter, check out hippie baby name ideas for more natural inspiration.

Graceful Tree Names for Girls