100+ Girl Names That Start With G Guaranteed to Inspire

Published November 25, 2020
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Girl names that start with G can inspire and mesmerize with their often profound meanings. You have many choices for inspiration when browsing girl names that start with G.

Unique Girl Names That Start With G

You may prefer girl names that are unique. Choosing one of these names means your baby girl won't run into many kids in school with her name.

  1. Gala: Merrymaking, festive party (French)
  2. Galice: Fountain, spring (Hebrew)
  3. Georgia: Farmer, tiller of soil (English)
  4. Georgianna: Merciful, farmer (English)
  5. Georgie: Earth worker, farmer (Greek)
  6. Georgina, Georgiana: Farmer, worker of the soil (Greek)
  7. Germany: Country (German)
  8. Gia: God is gracious (Italian)
  9. Giana, Gianna: God is gracious (Giana)
  10. Gigi: Maid, virgin (French)
  11. Gillian: Youthful (English)
  12. Ginnette: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  13. Ginny: Virgin, pure (English)
  14. Gionna: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  15. Giovanii: YHWH is gracious (Hebrew to Italian)
  16. Giovanna: The Lord is gracious (Italian)
  17. Gittel: Good (Hebrew)
  18. Gitty: Kindness, good, welfare (Hebrew)
  19. Giulia: Youthful (Italian)
  20. Giuliana, Giulianna: Youthful (Italian)
  21. Giulietta: Youthful, Jove's Child (Italian)
  22. Gizelle: Pledge hostage (German)
  23. Glory: Glory to God, happiness (English)
  24. Ginger: Chaste, pure, virgin (English)
  25. Goddess: Bright (Greek)
  26. Goldie, Goldy: Made of gold (Yiddish)
Girl Names That Start With G Guaranteed to Inspire

What Are Some Strong Female Names That Start With G?

Strong girl names that start with G might be what you want for your baby girl's name. You may want to say the names out loud to see how they sound and then read what they mean before making a decision on a strong female name for your little girl.

  1. Gaia: Land, Earth (Greek)
  2. Gail, Gale: Joyful (English)
  3. Gavina: White hawk (Scottish)
  4. Geela, Gila: Eternal joy (Hebrew)
  5. Gem: Jewel (Latin)
  6. Gema, Gemma: Gemstone, gem (Latin)
  7. Genesis, Genessis: Beginning, birth (Greek)
  8. Genesse: Beautiful shining valley (Native American)
  9. Geneva: Juniper tree (German)
  10. Genevie: Tribe or woman (French)
  11. Genevieve, Genieve: Woman of the race (French)
  12. Gentry: Of noble birth (English)
  13. Gerda: Protected (German)
  14. Gerde: Protected (German)
  15. Giada: Jade (Italian)
  16. Giancinte: Hyacinth (Greek)
  17. Gianella: God is gracious (Italian)
  18. Gianna: Lord is gracious (Italian)
  19. Gianni: God is gracious (Italian)
  20. Giavana, Giavanna: God is gracious (Italian)
  21. Giavonna: God is gracious (Italian)
  22. Gicelberta: Pledge (Spanish)
  23. Gisela: Pledge (German)
  24. Gisele, Giselle: Bright pledge (French)
  25. Gisella: Pledge (German)
  26. Gissele, Gisselle: Pledge (French)
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Indian Girl Names That Start With G

You may want to consider a few Indian girl names that start with G. You might discover the name for a flower or a singer is the best match for your little angel.

  1. Ganika: Flower
  2. Ganjan: Exceeding
  3. Gauri: Hindu goddess, yellow
  4. Gavy: Valuable
  5. Gayatri: Singer
  6. Gazala: Goddess Saraswati
  7. Gorma: Goddess Parvati
  8. Grishma: Warmth
  9. Gulab: Rose
  10. Gurnoor: Light of God

Baby Girl Names That Start With Gr

Browsing baby girl names that start with Gr is a great way to narrow your choices. When deciding on the perfect name for your little girl, you might want to take your time and read through the names more than one time.

  1. Grace, Grayce, Gracey, Gracy, Gracie: Gracious (Latin)
  2. Gracee: Blessing, favor (Latin)
  3. Gracelyn, Gracelynn: Gracious, graceful (Latin)
  4. Gracen: God's Blessing (Latin)
  5. Graceyn, Graceanne: Helping others (English)
  6. Graciela, Graciella: Grace (Spanish)
  7. Gracyn: Kind, eager to help other (English)
  8. Gray, Grey: Welcome, pleasing (Scottish)
  9. Graycen, Graysen, Grayson, Greyson: Grace of God (English)
  10. Grecia: Gracious, graceful (Greek)
  11. Greenlee: Woodland, clearing (English)
  12. Greer: Alert, ever watchful (Scottish)
  13. Greta, Gretta: Pearl (Greek)
  14. Gretchen: Pearl (German)
  15. Gretel, Grettel: Pearl (German)
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Fun and Exciting Girl Names That Start With G

If you need a little inspiration, you can read through the lists of girl names that start with G. You will find some unusual and cool names that guarantee your daughter won't have to share her name with a classmate.

  1. Gabby, Gabi: Woman of God (Hebrew)
  2. Gabriel, Gabrielle: God is my strength (Hebrew)
  3. Gabriela, Gabriella: God is my strength (Italian)
  4. Gaerwen: White fort (Welsh)
  5. Gaetana: From Gaete (Italian)
  6. Galina: Woman of serenity (Greek)
  7. Galilea, Galileah: Variant of Galilee, northern Israel region (Hebrew)
  8. Gayna: The Lord's garden (Hebrew)
  9. Garcelle: Tomboy (French)
  10. Geonna: God is gracious, variant of Jane (Italian)
  11. Geraldine: Spear ruler (German)
  12. Gerhardina, Gerhardine: Mighty with spear (German)
  13. Gerite: Strong spear (German)
  14. Germaine: Brotherly, to sprout or bud (French)
  15. Gertraud: Warrior (German Teuton tribe)
  16. Gertrude: Spear, strength (German)
  17. Gerwalta: Mighty with spear (German)
  18. Gina: Well-born, Queen, virgin (Italian)
  19. Gladys, Gladis: Small sword (Welsh)
  20. Glenda: Pure, clean (English)
  21. Gloria: Immortal glory (Latin)
  22. Gloriana: Glorious grace (English)
  23. Glorianne: Glory (Latin)
  24. Golda: Gold (Hebrew)
  25. Golden: Of gold (English)
  26. Guadalupe: Valley of the wolves (Spanish)
  27. Guinevere, Gwenivere: White fairy (Welsh)
  28. Gwen: White, holy (Welsh)
  29. Gwendolyn, Gwendolynn: Fair bow, white, blessed (Welsh)
  30. Gwenevere: Fair one, white and smooth (Welsh)
  31. Gwenyth, Gwyneth: Blessed ring, happiness (Welsh)

Girl Names That Start With G to Inspire Expecting Moms

If you feel you're running out of time to pick a name for your baby girl, lists of possible names can help you to decide. You want to take your time reading through the girl names that start with G to make sure you've considered every name you like.

100+ Girl Names That Start With G Guaranteed to Inspire