List of Anime Girl Names From Cute to Strong

Published April 28, 2020
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If you love Japanese manga and anime, you might consider a list of anime girl names when choosing names for your RPG or video game character. Japanese girl anime names can come from popular anime characters or from the Japanese language.

Anime Demon Girl Names

Demon anime girl names can be from demonic female characters or just female villains in general from popular manga.

  • Akeno - from High School DXD, means "bright shining field" in Japanese
  • Akito - from Fruits Basket, means "bright person" in Japanese
  • Albedo - from Overlord, means "witness" in Latin
  • Aletta - from Restaurant to Another World, means "winged one" in Spanish
  • Balalaika - from Black Lagoon, refers to a stringed instrument in Russian
  • Boa - from One Piece
  • Chūnari - A female demon in Japanese folklore
  • Esdeath - from Akame Ga Kill!, means "sadist" in Japanese
  • Fujiko - from Lupin III, means "child of wisteria" in Japanese
  • Galaxia - from Sailor Moon
  • Hannya - A female demon in Japanese folklore full of jealousy
  • Himiko - from My Hero Academia, means "sun princess" in Japanese
  • Honnari - A powerful Japanese mythological demon with a female snakelike body
  • Junko - from Danganronpa, means "obedient" or "pure" in Japanese
  • Kaede - from Elfin Lied, means "maple tree" in Japanese
  • Konan - from Naruto, means "warlike" in old English
  • Kuroha - from Eden of the East, means "expert" in Japanese
  • Kurumi - from Date a Live, means "walnut" in Japanese
  • Mai - from Yu-Gi-Oh!, means "sheet" in Japanese
  • Namanari - A female demon in Japanese mythology who appear as women with horns
  • Nure-onna - A demon in Japanese mythology with the head of a woman and body of a snake
  • Oiwa - A vengeful female ghost in Japanese folklore
  • Ragyō - from Kill La Kill
  • Raynare - from High School DXD
  • Reiko - from Parasyte ~ The Maxim, means "gratitude" in Japanese
  • Rias - from High School DXD
  • Rize - from Tokyo Ghoul, means "lovely world" in Japanese
  • Ruri - from Durarara!!, means "emerald" in Japanese
  • Ryoko - from Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki, means "refreshing child" in Japanese
  • Sazae - A Japanese demon in folklore that took the shape of a beautiful woman in the ocean
  • Shizuka - from Vampire Knight, means "summer" or "quiet" in Japanese
  • Ubagabi - In Japanese myth, a demon that looks like an old woman in a ball of fire
  • Ubume - A female evil ghost in Japanese mythology
  • Yama Uba - A witch in Japanese legend who kills and eats human travelers
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Beautiful Female Anime Names

There are many beautiful female characters in anime. These names reflect these lady protagonists as well as some other Japanese words referencing beauty.

  • Aimi - means "love beautiful" in Japanese
  • Asami - means "morning beauty" in Japanese
  • Chitoge - from Nisekoi, means "thousand thorns" in Japanese
  • Filo - from The Rising of the Shield Hero, means "friend" in Portuguese
  • Fumiko - means "child of abundant beauty" in Japanese
  • Harumi - means "beautiful spring" in Japanese
  • Hinata - from Naruto, means "sunflower" in Japanese
  • Inori - from Guilty Crown, means "prayer" in Japanese
  • Inoue - from Bleach, means "on the well" in Japanese
  • Kaga - from Golden Time, means "mirror" in Japanese
  • Kaname - from Full Metal Panic, means "essential" in Japanese
  • Katsushika - from Miss Hokusai, a type of arrowroot plant in Japan
  • Kumiko - means "beautiful child" in Japanese
  • Kuronuma - from Kimi ni Todoke, means "black swamp" in Japanese
  • Kushina - from Naruto, a fruit tree in Japan
  • Masami - means "become beautiful" in Japanese
  • Mashira - from Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo, means "thanks" in Sanskrit
  • Michiko - means "beautiful wise child" in Japanese
  • Miki - means "beautiful princess" in Japanese
  • Mirajane - from Fairy Tail, means "mild" in Japanese
  • Misa - from Death Note, means "beautiful bloom" in Japanese
  • Motosu - from Ascendence of a Bookworm, means "main nest" in Japanese
  • Satomi - means "beautiful and wise" in Japanese
  • Senjougahara - from Bakemonogatari, means "battlefield" in Japanese
  • Yukari - from ParaKiss, means "beautiful pear tree" in Japanese
  • Yuzuki - from Kimi no Iru Machi, means "save help" in Japanese
  • Yuuki - from Vampire Knight, means "gentle hope" in Japanese
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Cute Anime Girl Names

One thing anime has no shortage of is cute characters. These names come from some especially adorable female anime characters.

  • Aiko - means "little loved one" in Japanese
  • Ayu - from Kanon, means "beautiful" in Javanese
  • Chihiro - from Spirited Away, means "thousand searches" in Japanese
  • Kamiko - means "little goddess" in Japanese
  • Kanna - from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
  • Kisa - from Fruits Basket
  • Kise - from Smile Pretty Cure!
  • Kotomi - from CLANNAD, means "a beautiful koto, a stringed instrument in Japanese
  • Leafa - from Sword Art Online
  • Miaka - from Fushigi Yugi, means "beautiful crimson" in Japanese
  • Mio - from K-On!, means "cherry blossom" in Spanish
  • Misumi - from Smile Pretty Cure!
  • Miyuki - from Lucky Star, means "beautiful blessing" in Japanese
  • Nadeshiko - from Laid Back Camp, means a "loveable child" or refers to a type of flower in Japanese
  • Nagisa - from CLANNAD, means "a calm beach" in Japanese
  • Naru - from Barakamon
  • Popura - from Working!!
  • Rem - from Re: ZeRO
  • Rikka - from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, means "first day of summer" in Japanese
  • Ritsu - from K-On!
  • Shigure - from Kemono Michi: Rise Up, means a rain shower in the fall or early winter in Japan
  • Taiga - from Toradora, means "big river" in Japanese
  • Tsukasa - from Lucky Star, means an official or manager in Japanese
  • Tsumugi - from K-On!, means "spinning pongee (a cloth)" in Japanese
  • Umaru - from Himoto! Umaru-chan
  • Ushio - from CLANNAD, means "salt water" in Japanese
  • Yui - from Sword Art Online, means "bind clothing" in Japanese
  • Yukishiro - from Smile Pretty Cure!
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Anime Warrior Girl Names

Japanese anime is filled with powerful female characters who use magic, fighting skills or their wits and intelligence to outwit foes. These names come from popular strong female characters.

  • Akatsuki - from Log Horizon, means "dawn" in Japanese
  • Arale - from Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball Super
  • Asuna - from Sword Art Online, means "tomorrow's apple tree" in Japanese
  • Emi - from The Devil is a Part-Timer, means "beautiful blessing" in Japanese
  • Erza - from Fairy Tail
  • Fubuki - from One Punch Man, means "blizzard" in Japanese
  • Historia - from Attack on Titan, means "history" in Spanish
  • Hitomi - from The Vision of Escaflowne, means "pupil of the eye" in Japanese
  • Ino - from Naruto, means "wild boar" in Japanese
  • Izumi - from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, means "fountain" in Japanese
  • Juvia - from Fairy Tail, based on the word "rain" in Spanish
  • Kagome - from Inuyasha, means "caged bird" from a Japanese song
  • Kagura - from Gintama, a form of Shinto dance in Japan
  • Kanade - from Angel Beats, means "making music" in Japanese
  • Katara - from Avatar: The Last Airbender, means "from Qatar" in Arabic
  • Kiyomi - from Attack on Titan, means "pure beauty" in Japanese
  • Kushina - from Naruto, is a type of fruit tree in Japan
  • Madoka - from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, means "circle" in Japanese
  • Maka - from Soul Eater, means "earth" in Sioux
  • Medaka - from Medaka Box, refers to a small fish found in rice fields in Japan
  • Megumin - from KonoSuba, from the Japanese word megumu that means "bless"
  • Mikasa - from Attack on Titan, means "beautiful flower blossom" in Japanese
  • Nami - from One Piece, means "wave" in Japanese
  • Nana - from My Hero Academia, means "seven" in Japanese
  • Raphtalia - from The Rising of the Shield Hero, means "best girl" in Japanese
  • Rin - from Fate/Stay Night, means "dignified" in Japanese
  • Riza - from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, means "shy" in Sanskrit
  • Rukia - from Bleach, means "heaven's flower" in Arabic
  • Ryuko - from Kill La Kill, means "wandering child" in Japanese
  • Saeko - from Highschool of the Dead, means "serene child" in Japanese
  • Saki - from Fruits Basket, means "blossom of hope" in Japanese
  • Sakura - from Naruto, means "cherry blossom" in Japanese
  • Shino - from Sword Art Online, means "stem of bamboo" in Japanese
  • Shizue - from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Sinon - from Sword Art Online
  • Tatsumaki - from One Punch Man, means "tornado" in Japanese
  • Temari - from Naruto, means "hand ball" which refers to a type of folk art in Japan
  • Tenten - from Naruto, means "dots" in Japanese
  • Touka - from Tokyo Ghoul, means "good perfume" in Japanese
  • Tsunade - from Naruto, refers to a Japanese personality that is reserved and becomes warmer gradually
  • Ymir - from Attack on Titan, refers to a giant in Norse mythology
  • Yoko - from The Twelve Kingdoms, means "positive child" in Japanese
  • Yoruichi - from Bleach, means "night one" in Japanese
  • Xenovia - from High School DxD, means "warrior" in Spanish
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Rare Anime Girl Names

Some anime is more obscure than other popular titles so you may not be as familiar with these names.

  • Akari - from Nyan Koi!, means "lights" in Japanese
  • Chizuru - from Nyan Koi!, means "thousand cranes" in Japanese
  • Chizuko - from The Daughter of Twenty Faces, means "thousand cranes" in Japanese
  • Dhianeila - a princess from Heroic Age
  • Erio - from Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
  • Fumika - from Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed
  • Kaede - from Nyan Koi!, means "maple leaf" in Japanese
  • Kanaka - from Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed, means "summer is true" in Japanese, or refers to a native of Hawaii
  • Kanako - from Nyan Koi!, means "child of fragrant Nara" in Japanese
  • Nagi - from Nyan Koi!, means "calm" in Japanese
  • Nao - from Fuujin Monogatari, means "honest" in Japanese

Choosing Anime Girl Names

Anime names can range from the cute to the powerful and come with rich meanings from not only Japanese but other languages and cultures too. If you're searching for the perfect female anime name, look at some popular characters for inspiration or think up some names based on these on your own!

List of Anime Girl Names From Cute to Strong