Majestic Tree-Inspired Names for Boys

Published July 21, 2020
baby boy sitting by tree

Nature lovers looking for a name for their new baby boy might want to consider a name related to trees and the forest. There are many common names that actually have an original meaning related to trees, as well as some more uncommon ideas that could make excellent, standout tree names for boys.

Common Tree Names for Boys

These names are all commonly used in different cultures. You may be surprised to learn the tree-based meanings of these names that you have heard many times before. These names cover many nationalities, from old English, Celtic and Latin roots to Native American, Hindu, Japanese and Vietnamese names.

  • Ackley - English origin, "oak meadow"
  • Acer - Latin origin, "maple tree"
  • Adahy (ah-de-high) - Native American Cherokee origin, "lives in the woods"
  • Adair - Irish origin, "oak tree grove"
  • Adoeete (ado-eete) - Native American Kiowa origin, "big tree"
  • Ainsley - Scottish origin, "a clearing of trees"
  • Alahmoot (alah-moot) - Native American Nez Perce origin, "elm branch"
  • Amir - Arabic origin, "treetop" or "king" or "ruler"
  • Aoki (a-o-kyee) - Japanese origin, "blue tree"
  • Arbor - Latin origin, "tree"
  • Arvid - Scandinavian origin, "eagle tree"
  • Ash or Asher - English origin, "one who lives near ash trees"
  • Ashly or Ashely or Ashley - English origin, "living in an ash tree grove"
  • Ashton - English origin, "ash tree town"
  • Atagulkalu (ata-gul-kalu) - Native American Cherokee origin, "pitched trees"
  • Barrow - English origin, "living by a grove of trees"
  • Birk - Scottish origin, "birch tree"
  • Bruce - Scottish origin, "willow woods"
  • Cullen - Irish origin, "holly tree"
  • Dagwood - English origin, "shining forest"
  • Danner - German origin, "lives near fig trees"
  • Dara or Darragh- Irish origin, "oak tree"
  • Daruka - Hindu origin, "tree"
  • Dekel - Hebrew origin, "palm tree"
  • Ellwood - English origin, "from the elder wood"
  • Elon or Ilan - Hebrew origin, "oak tree"
  • Eoghan (oh-in) or Ewan or Owan - Irish origin, "born of the yew tree"
  • Frayne - English origin, "one who lives by an ash tree"
  • Gad - Native American Navajo origin, "juniper tree"
  • Garrick - French origin, "oak tree grove."
  • Guido - Italian origin, "forest guide"
  • Harac - Czech origin, "from the ancient oak tree"
  • Haslet - Celtic origin, "from the hazel tree land"
  • Hideki - Japanese origin, "tree" and also "excellence"
  • Hollis - English origin, "dweller of the holy trees."
  • Itsuki - Japanese origin, "tree"
  • Junipero - Spanish origin, "juniper tree"
  • Kazui (kah-zoo-ee) - Japanese origin, "peaceful tree"
  • Keefer - German origin, "pine tree" and also "barrel maker"
  • Koa - Hawaiian for "warrior" and a type of tree native to the state
  • Lafayette - French origin, "from the land of the beech tree"
  • Lam - Vietnamese origin, "forest"
  • Lapu - Native American origin, "cedar bark"
  • Linden - Polish origin, "sacred tree"
  • Lindley - German origin, "from the linden tree meadow"
  • Mandar - Hindu origin, "coral tree"
  • Perry or Perye - English origin, "from the pear tree"
  • Quill - Gaelic origin, "from the woods"
  • Roscoe - English origin, "from the deer forest"
  • Rowan - Celtic name referring to their mythological tree of life and an actual type of tree
  • Soto - Spanish origin, "forest grove"
  • Taijo (tie-joe) - Japanese origin, "large tree"
  • Tamir or Tomer - Hebrew/Arabic origin, "someone who owns palm trees"
  • Tyrone - Irish origin, "from the land of the yew tree"
  • Wyeth - English origin, "from the land by the willow tree"
  • Yasen - Bulgarian origin, "ash tree"
  • Yavor - Bulgarian origin, "maple tree"
  • Yukia - Japanese origin, "gentle tree"
  • Xylander - Greek origin, "forest man"
Majestic tree-inspired names for boys

Uncommon Tree Names for Boys

These names come from the actual name for different types of trees. They are not usually used to name children. However, they can make beautiful names with a distinctive flair to them and would be popular with parents with a pagan or environmentalist focus.

  • Alder
  • Aspen
  • Banyan
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Branch
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Elm
  • Filbert
  • Forest or Forrest
  • Grove
  • Hawthorn
  • Haywood
  • Hemlock
  • Hickory
  • Juniper
  • Larch
  • Laurel
  • Leaf
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Sequoia
  • Spruce
  • Tanoak
  • Tree
  • Vernon
  • Willow
  • Woody
  • Yew
boy climbs on a tree

Tree Names for Boys Based on Mythology

Another excellent source of possible tree names for boys is ancient mythology. Many cultures have nature gods and deities who are the protector of trees and the forest. These names will definitely be unusual and make your child stand out from the crowd.

  • Ash - Egyptian god of vineyards and oasis
  • Borewit, Borevit or Porewit (bore-vit or pore-wit) - Slavic forest deity and protector
  • Faunus (fah-nuss) - Roman god of the forest and fields
  • Oshosi (aw-shaw-see) - A Yoruba forest spirit
  • Oxylus (aux-ee-luss) - Greek god of the forests and mountains
  • Porvata (pore-vah-tah) - Polish forest god
  • Sucellus (soo-sell-us) - Celtic/Roman god of forests, agriculture and alcohol
  • Sylvanus (sill-van-uss) - Roman forest deity; also can use Sylvan or Selvyn
  • Tāne (tar-nay) - Maori god of forests and birds
  • Tapio (taep-pi-yow)- Finnish god of the forest
  • Veles (vye-less) - Slavic god of forests and also wild animals and commerce

A Majestic Tree Name for Your Baby Boy

There is a lot of inspirational material to choose from if you decide you want to honor nature by naming your child after the trees. You can pick a common name or something more unique that will not only sound exotic but expresses your love for the environment and your new son.

Majestic Tree-Inspired Names for Boys