Adorable Baby Clipart to Decorate Your Cards and Beyond

Updated November 3, 2021
gift card with baby clip art

Baby clipart makes it easy to personalize a greeting card, gift, invitation, scrapbook and more projects with a special, unique touch. Find where cute, free baby clipart can be downloaded online, and incorporate the adorable baby clipart below in your next creative endeavor that features all things baby-related.

Places and Spaces to Work in Baby Clipart

New baby clipart can be used in a variety of ways. Add pizzazz to your next baby shower by adding clipart to announcements, invitations, thank you cards, and decorations. You can level up your screen savers, desktop wallpaper, banners, and even T-shirts by using creative clipart designs. Looking at available clipart is a perfect place to start when gathering design ideas for a baby-related event.

Free Baby Clipart for Your Needs

Looking for adorable baby pictures and clipart to add to an invitation or thank you card? Right-click on an image below to save it to your hard drive for easy art access.

baby stroller clipart
stork baby clip art
flowers baby clip art
duck baby clip art
bear baby clip art
balloons baby clip art

Download a Printable

You can also print and clip the baby images using the PDF below. Simply click on the thumbnail to access the images needed. Check out some helpful tips for downloading these printable images.

printable new baby clip art

Baby Art Resources

There are several resources for baby art that you can use for your next creative, infant-related project.

  • Use baby shower clipart for all aspects of a baby shower. Add these images to invitations, thank you cards, and seating arrangement cards. Use them in placemat designs or on banners. A little clipart can certainly make a major impact when it comes to design.
  • Using printable baby shower invitations makes inviting others to join in your celebration a piece of cake. Choose the invite that goes best with your baby shower theme and print out the invites.
  • This free clipart featuring moms-to-be works excellently for shower invitations or baby announcements.
  • This compilation of baby printables features all kinds of printables and images for the first several months of a baby's life. Print yourself a handy necessities list, know the milestones you are aiming for, and have a growth percentile chart at your disposal with the click of a mouse.
  • Don't miss this adorable free scrapbook clipart that you can put in your little one's baby book. Print what you need for your design, and attach it to the page you are working on. Make a book that will house all of those baby memories for you.
  • Look to these scrapbooking printables for printable art, scrapbook page layouts, and more you can use for your baby's scrapbook.

Free Clipart for Every Design Need

The internet is packed with infant-related clipart, and the surplus of designs can be overwhelming. These sites have tons of reliable free baby clipart options to choose from. They are an excellent place to find exactly what you are looking for. has a massive clipart library, and it isn't only baby-related. Whether you are looking for images of twins, tiny toes, strollers, or sweet babies, this site is likely to have something that will fit the bill. Outside of infant-related designs, the site has art for holidays, school, sports, music, food, and more.

This site contains lots of cartoon graphics depicting baby humans, baby animals, and other baby-related images. Here you can find sweet designs to include in a card, or a downloadable background for an invitation or baby announcement.

Pixabay is more than a clipart site. You can also find non-animated images for every design need. When searching the site for infant-related clipart, type what you are looking for into the search bar. If you need an image of a baby girl, type "baby girl" or "infant girl" into the search bar. The site houses several pictures of babies, baby-related paraphernalia as well as infant related borders and backgrounds. includes simple baby-related clipart in so many color options. No matter what color scheme you are looking for, you will be able to find the perfect clipart for your invites, thank you cards, and decor on offers simple, infant-related art like pacifiers, cartoon faces, baby blocks, and baby shower gift tags. The sign contains adorable printable signs to work into a shower or Sip and See party.

Clipart for Your Baby

Clipart is a collection of images, icons, pictures, and graphics available for download from an online library. These images can be inserted into various programs, such as PowerPoint, Publisher, Photo Story, and more. They can also be printed individually to be used for other projects. Many of these digital images are royalty-free. The name clipart evolved from the process of cutting out pictures from art books, magazines, etc., and pasting the images onto a layout. If you are looking for a quick and easy pop of personality or art to include in your designs, consider clipart as a low-cost option.

Adorable Baby Clipart to Decorate Your Cards and Beyond