6 New Mom Care Package Ideas She'll Really Appreciate

Help your favorite gal pal feel loved and pampered with these thoughtful new mom care packages!

Published April 10, 2023
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Once the new baby arrives, new moms can sometimes seem to become a second thought. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, and yet challenging times in a woman's life. Show her how incredible she is - and what an amazing feat she's just accomplished - by supporting her with a new mom care package. These ideas will help you DIY a gift she'll truly appreciate.

New Mom Care Packages That Show Her Some Love

Priorities shift when you become a new mom - and suddenly self-care seems much less important. Help your favorite gal feel loved, cared for, and comfortable during this time of change! We love these thoughtful new mom care package ideas that are easy for you to put together and send for a DIY gift.

Food for Thought

Meal trains are a must for a new mom, but how can you contribute if you live far away? A consumable care package can be a great option that will keep her energized and feeling good, no matter what time of day or night. Potential items can include:

Healthy snack box
  • Gift cards to her favorite restaurant or coffee spot
  • Protein-packed snacks
  • Freeze-dried fruits - Sweet, vitamin-rich snacks to keep her going
  • Any other treats you know she enjoys

You can also never go wrong with Smartwater to help her stay hydrated too. If she's environmentally conscious, then consider a reusable water bottle that's dishwasher safe. This limits her chores and honors her values!

Finally, new moms also need food for thought. Up to 20 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression. In these moments, knowing that she is an amazing, beautiful, powerful, and capable person can make all the difference in the world.

New mom affirmation cards can be a meaningful and impactful gift for a woman who is struggling through this period of change. These can help her to remind herself that she is a spectacular mom, even in those difficult and frustrating moments. Add these to her new mom gift basket to feed her body and soul.

Comfy Clothing Essentials for New Moms

Unsurprisingly, everything hurts after giving birth. Make sure your favorite new mom is as comfortable as possible by sending a care package that pampers her! For this care package, think:

Cozy socks
  • Comfy sweaters
  • Cozy slippers
  • Tunic style tops or dresses (we love Nesting Olive's loose and pretty styles) that she can wear all day and night
  • Fuzzy socks

Since she will probably spend most of her time at home in the coming weeks and will want to stay comfortable, you can also help her get excited about getting dressed by buying her and baby some coordinating ensembles. Little Sleepies makes Mommy & Me outfits, and they even have options for dear old dad! You can also coordinate slippers and sleep masks to continue this comfy theme.

Extras to round out this care package might be some herbal tea and an affirming coffee mug. You can add in a cozy or fuzzy throw blanket for those light-night feeds and a personal card to remind her to be kind to herself.

Quick Tip

Choose clothing made with hypoallergenic materials like cotton or bamboo. This makes certain that her skin, as well as the baby's, stays supple and soft.

Nipple Care Package

For the breastfeeding moms, a nipple care kit can be a thoughtful gift that she likely doesn't have the time to buy for herself. What does this entail?

A new mom git basket with these items can ensure that she's as comfortable as possible before, during, and after feedings. Additionally, talk to her about her breastfeeding experience. Is she struggling in any way? Consider items that will help.

Other potential items to add are lactation snacks, a Haakaa for when she is on the go and away from her pump, nipple formers, and a breastfeeding pillow. Show interest and ask questions to find the gifts best suited for her needs. A cute nursing cover or dishwasher-safe water bottle to help her stay hydrated are good extras to complete this breast-feeding themed care package.

Enjoyable Entertainment for All Those Feedings

Something that most people don't realize is that feeding a new baby is exceptionally time consuming. If she's breastfeeding, not only will her baby eat every two to three hours (which equates to eight to twelve times a day), but she'll also likely have to pump after each feeding session to build up her milk supply in the first few weeks after giving birth.

Since new babies need to feed more frequently that when they're older, babies that are exclusively formula-fed will also require lots of time! Help a new mom you know her pass the time during feedings with some entertaining gift options. These can include:

Woman feeding baby and watching phone
  • Streaming Subscription (Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, HBO, Disney+, Peacock, or Apple TV+)
  • VUDU Gift Card for streaming movie rentals
  • Audible Subscription (Books and audio books)
  • Headspace Subscription (Meditation App)
  • Jackbox Party Pack (make sure she has a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation!)
  • Spotify Music Membership
  • Wireless headphones (she won't want to deal with more cords - and quiet is always best for the baby)

These can be great options to keep her awake and entertained throughout late night feeding sessions! Remember to ask about streaming services and apps that she already has to avoid buying something she doesn't need. Some fun additions to this new mom gift package can be a few healthy snacks or treats or a nursing foot stool.

New Mom Relaxation Bundle

Elevate your favorite new mom's recovery period by gifting her with items that will help her relax. For this pampering care package ideas, think:

Candle gift box
  • Super-comfy pillow (Luxe Pillows gel-fiber pillow is a great option)
  • A chair or back massager (we love HoMedics Shiatsu Massager)
  • Delicious-smelling relaxation candles
  • A journal and nice pen to help her channel her thoughts and be able to relax

Don't forget to include luxurious lotions to keep her moisturized and hydrating soaps to help her overcome any dryness she incurred while using the hospital's antibacterial options.

Need to Know

Gifts like heated and weighted blankets are thoughtful gifts, but you always need to keep her baby in mind. She'll probably have her little one with her the majority of the time, so these aren't ideal options. This also goes for certain foods and drinks. Always research if what you're considering is something that will enter her breastmilk. If it is, it's likely the item won't get used.

Bathroom Basics Care Package for New Moms

While a new mom likely already has ice packs and a peri bottle, there are other bathroom essentials that she may be missing. You can give her a new mom care package for after the birth that cares for postpartum needs with these ideas.

Spa basket
  • For moms who had a natural delivery, Epsom salts and sitz baths can bring a world of relief.
  • For moms who had a c-section, protect her incision site with a recovery band! Frida Mom also has an array of products that new moms will find especially helpful, including disposable underwear that's much more comfortable and breathable than what the hospital provided.
  • Finally, let's be honest, babies are on their own timetable. After her significant other goes back to work, she may find herself in a towel with a very needy little baby. A simple terry cloth towel with velcro and a microfiber head towel wrap can be an invaluable asset to have in these moments.
  • Up the ante by also gifting her with a towel warmer to make this inconvenient outfit a bit more comfortable!

Other small essentials like dry shampoo, baby-safe hand sanitizer, or soothing eye masks or gels might be helpful. Put of these items into a cute box or basket for a DIY care package any new mom will appreciate.

New Mom Care Packages Should Cater to Her Specific Needs

While Bump Boxes and other maternity subscription packages can be a fantastic option for some moms, it's important to remember that every person is different. If you want to craft a mom care package for after birth that will truly make an impact, think about what this specific mom really wants and needs, as well as how you can make her day-to-day activities a little easier.

6 New Mom Care Package Ideas She'll Really Appreciate