Pumpkin Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

Published May 7, 2021
Daughter and her mom ready for the Halloween

Fall is the perfect time to let your loved ones know whether you will be expecting a bouncing baby boy or a darling little lady in the months to come. Gender reveals are all the rage, so why not combine your announcement with anything pumpkin for the ultimate pumpkin gender reveal surprise?

Fill Your Pumpkin With Pink or Blue

This one is great for families who already have one kiddo and are about to welcome one more into their family. Write or paint the words "boy or girl" on a pumpkin. Hollow the pumpkin out and fill it with blue or pink confetti. Set your tot aside the pumpkin and encourage them to see what is inside. Capture on film or camera the precious moments where they open the pumpkin and pull out the gender-revealing confetti!

Say It With Smoke Grenades

Gender reveal with smoke grenade

Hollow out a pumpkin and place a pink or blue smoke grenade inside of it. Make sure to do this outside, as the highly pigmented smoke tends to stain all that it comes into contact with. Release the pin and watch pink or blue plumes of smoke come billowing out of the pumpkin, revealing your parenting fate.

Use a Pumpkin and Potion

Combine two popular Halloween themes into one with this idea. Create a colored witch's brew that will bubble and fizz out of a hollowed-out pumpkin. If the brew is pink, you'll know that a girl is coming your way. Blue brew will signify a boy will soon be arriving.

Carve Your Surprise Out

Fall baby gender reveal on a pumpkin

On one side of a pumpkin, write "boy or girl" or create a question mark design. On the back of the pumpkin, carve out the word "boy" or "girl." When it comes time to tell the world what you are having, simply turn the pumpkin around! So simple and sweet.

Pumpkin Peek-a-Boo

Make a display of pumpkins that tell a story about what you are having. Purchase two medium to large pumpkins that signify the parents. If the family has other children in it already, buy smaller pumpkins, one for each kid. For the pumpkin that represents the person carrying the baby, hollow it out completely. Cut a large "window" in the front of the pumpkin. Paint a tiny pumpkin or gourd, either blue or pink, and set it inside this hollowed-out pumpkin. It won't take long for all those in attendance at your reveal party to put the picture together and figure out what you are having.

Pumpkin Piñata

Piñatas are such fun ways to liven up any party, and that includes a gender reveal. All you need to pull this reveal off is a pumpkin-shaped piñata. Have it filled with blue or pink confetti, and when it comes time to see whether a boy or girl is coming your way, break the piñata open and see which color falls from it.

Design a Darling Baby Girl or Boy Pumpkin

Create a box decorated with question marks or pink and blue circles. Inside the box sits the answer to everyone's burning question: is it a boy or a girl?

To craft a baby pumpkin, all you need is a small pumpkin, a black sharpie marker, a blue or pink pacifier, and a blue baby hat or a pink bow or headband. Design a face on the baby pumpkin. Use a tutorial like this one for inspiration. Hot glue the decorations and the correctly colored paci to the pumpkin face. Place the pumpkin on a table and put the mystery box over it. When it is time for the big reveal, remove the box and show the world what you are carrying!

Cut Into a Pumpkin Treat

Cutting into a cake filled with blue or pink goodness is a common way to announce a boy or girl is soon to be. Put a twist on this classic reveal idea and make the gender reveal cake the shape of a pumpkin. Incorporate other fall elements like pumpkin spice recipes or Halloween cocktails, autumn decorations, and comfort foods into the party so that everything comes together in a theme. When it is time to reveal the baby's gender, simply cut the cake and pull a piece free.

Pink or Blue Pumpkins for a Perfect Reveal

Set up a display of everything fall-inspired. Think plaid, bales of hay, leaves, and of course pumpkins. Paint the pumpkins in your display pink or blue, depending on the gender of your baby-to-be. You can have the display open to your guests, so when they arrive, they know right away what they are celebrating, or you can cover the display up or hang sheets to protect it from prying eyes. After everyone arrives and settles in, let the sheets drop and the partying begin.

Super Sweet Pumpkin Smash

Pumpkin smashes make for a fun and messy way to introduce a new son or daughter to friends and family. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with pink or blue liquid. Secure the top of the pumpkin back on and set it aside. In an outdoor setting, place a large tarp on the ground with a brick in the center. When it comes time to let the surprise pumpkin fly, throw it down on the brick and see what comes spraying out of it.

Have a Fall Photo Shoot

Pregnant woman in pumpkin field

This one works for an expectant couple who already knows what they are having but wants to surprise the world with the news. Set up a photo shoot in a pumpkin patch. Hire a friend or photographer to snap pics of you, your partner, and your bump in a field of pumpkins. This makes for a cute maternity memory in itself, but what really sets it off is the final picture which will include a pink or blue pumpkin in your lap!

Painting a Pumpkin Belly

Once your belly is big enough to resemble a little pumpkin, get out the body paint. Paint a pumpkin on your bump, but make sure to add a few key details to your artwork. Add a giant pink bow or a blue cap to your bump to let the universe know that you are indeed about to become proud parents of a baby boy or lovely lady.

Reveal Considerations

You can do a gender reveal however you are comfortable. Some people want to know the gender of their baby, but they want to surprise their loved ones with the news. If this is your case, you will be responsible for crafting the reveal and putting it together for family and friends.

Other expectant parents want to be surprised along with everyone else. In this case, you will have to get the ultrasound results from your doctor and pass them along to a trusted friend or family member. Discuss your plans for the reveal of your dreams and make sure the person orchestrating it feels comfortable doing what you ask.

The style of the gender reveal party or gathering is also up to the expectant couple. You can gather loved ones at a hall, in a home to in a park to do the reveal, or you can do it at home quietly and create a Zoom, or virtual gender reveal so that everyone dear to you can tune in and watch the big reveal.

Sweet Sayings to Pair With Your Reveal

Pair your reveal with a sweet saying that reflects the time of year. Play on autumn themes or Halloween vibes. Try a few of these sayings out for your reveal.

  • Boo-y or Ghoul in place of Boy or Girl
  • He or She, Can You Guess What Our Little Pumpkin Will Be?
  • Boy or Girl "Witch" Is It Going To Be?
  • We're Expecting a Little (Gender) Pumpkin!
  • He or She, What Will This Pumpkin Be?

Deciding on Your Reveal

Once you narrow down your gender reveal to a fall pumpkin theme, the next step is choosing something that reflects you and your partner's personalities. Do something that will make you smile for years to come, and make sure that you pick something easy to capture on camera or film. You will want to remember this big moment for all the days of your life!

Pumpkin Gender Reveal Ideas You'll Fall in Love With