100+ Meaningful Rainbow Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Updated February 22, 2022
Baby hand with colors of the rainbow

A rainbow baby is a child born after the loss of a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. The rainbow signifies the beauty and hope that follows the storm. Typically when naming your baby, you want there to be a special meaning behind the name, and this is especially true for a rainbow baby.

Rainbow Baby Names Based on Joy and Happiness

There are few better words to describe the safe arrival of a rainbow baby other than happiness and joy. Consider giving your baby a rainbow name that means precisely that.

Happy Rainbow Baby Names for Girls

Sheer happiness is experienced when you bring a new life into the world after a devastating loss. Give your rainbow baby a moniker that expresses your joy.

  • Aida - happy
  • Alisa - great happiness
  • Annabella - joy
  • Beatrice, Bea, Beatrix, Trixie - she who brings joy and happiness
  • Bliss - extreme joy and happiness
  • Felicity - happy
  • Joy, Jovie, Joyce - joyful
  • Luana - happy
  • Maeve - great joy

Joyful Rainbow Baby Boy Names

He is the reason you wake up with love in your heart and a smile on your face. The birth of your son has made you the happiest person on the planet, so let his name reflect your glee.

Newborn Baby Boy Wearing a Rainbow Hat
  • Asher - happy or fortunate
  • Felix - happy
  • Gil - happiness
  • Isaac - laughter, and joy
  • Tate - happy
  • Winston - joy

Rainbow Baby Names Full of Hope

When expecting a baby after a loss, parents hearts are full of hope. These names for infants are inspired by faith and hope for a healthy baby and a wonderful future as a family.

Rainbow Baby Girl Names

Each infant gives the world a little more hope, light, and faith, but a rainbow baby seems to carry a little more of that magic. These names exude hope, faith, and light regarding the arrival of the baby you've waited so long to hold in your arms.

  • Aurora - light/dawn
  • Danika - light
  • Ellie - shining light
  • Faith - faith
  • Hope - hope
  • Imani - faith
  • Laelynn - flower of hope
  • Minette - faithful defender
  • Nadia - hopeful
  • Suki/Saki - blossom and hope
  • Violet - faith

Rainbow Baby Boy Names

Think about giving your rainbow baby a name that makes you proud of your strength, because you never gave up hope that you would someday welcome this child into your family.

Rear view father carrying son on shoulders while looking at rainbow
  • Amil - hope
  • Dillon - ray of hope
  • Kit - hope
  • Lucas/Luke/Lucian - light
  • Truman - faithful one
  • Von - hope

Blessed Baby Names

Babies are incredible little wonders and you know firsthand what a blessing they are. Give your rainbow baby a name that is all about the blessings they bring, the faith they inspire, and the miracle that they are.

Blessed Rainbow Baby Girl Names

These rainbow baby names highlight how you truly feel about your little miracle. How fortunate and blessed are the parents who get to hold their very own gift from God after so many tears and prayers?

  • Annelise - full of grace
  • Genevieve - blessing
  • Grace/Graziella - blessing
  • Micaela - gift from God
  • Mikelle, Mirielle - miracle
  • Mira/Miracle - miracle
  • Nessa - miracle

Rainbow Baby Boy Names for Your Miracle

His safe arrival truly feels like a miracle, and you feel beyond blessed to call yourself his parent. These lovely names are representative of how lucky you feel to finally hold your healthy boy.

  • Aaron - miracle
  • Bennett/Benedict/Ben - blessed
  • Ethan - gift
  • Jesse - gift
  • Karsten - blessed
  • Matthew - gift from God
  • Micah - gift from God
  • Milagro - miracle
  • Nathanial - gift from God
  • Theodore - gift
  • Zane - gift

Meaningful Names for Rainbow Babies

Give your infant a name that illustrates how beloved they are. These names are beautiful choices for a rainbow baby who is precious, loved, and cherished.

Beautiful Rainbow Baby Names for Your Precious Girl

She is the most beautiful bundle you ever laid your eyes on and the most precious thing that ever graced the earth. These names describe how absolutely priceless this little lady is to you.

  • Aimee/Amy - beloved
  • Carina - dear one
  • Maisie - pearl
  • Nina - priceless
  • Pearl - precious (or any precious gemstone)
  • Priya - beloved

Rainbow Names for Your Beloved Boy

Nothing compares to your son, and he is so loved and cherished by all who have patiently awaited his arrival. Give him a name that represents his special place in your heart.

  • Anthony - priceless
  • Darrell - beloved
  • David/Davis - beloved
  • Jasper - precious
  • Tristan/Tris - beloved

Rainbow Baby Names That Mean Life and Strength

The road to parenthood wasn't easy, and it took strength to get to the finish line. Nevertheless, here you are, ready to name this new life and begin the greatest adventure in the world. These baby names are perfect options for your little fighter.

A newborn baby girl lying on a rainbow painted

Strong Names for Girls

She is tiny in size but mighty in heart. Grace your girl with a name that will remind her she is strong and full of life, born to do incredible things.

  • Avita - life
  • Bree/Briana - strength
  • Bridget - strength
  • Evie - life
  • Kayleigh - keeper of keys, pure
  • Matilda - power
  • Raine - strength
  • Trudy - universal strength
  • Vida - life

Boy Names Based on Strength and Leadership

Not everyone has an easy journey to parenthood, and no one knows this better than parents of rainbow babies. Giving your son a name that stands for power, leadership, and strength makes for a meaningful name selection following a loss.

  • Bernard - strong as a bear
  • Duke - leader
  • Emory - leader
  • Everett - strength
  • Guy - warrior
  • Joshua - leader
  • Liam - strong-willed warrior
  • Oscar - divine strength
  • Remo - strength
  • Wyatt - little warrior

Beautiful Baby Names Meaning Thankful or Wished For

There is nothing else on earth you are more thankful for than this child. Honor them with a moniker that will never leave them wondering just how you feel about their birth. Names signifying gratitude and wishes are good names for rainbow babies because they perfectly capture your emotions.

Baby Girl Names That Give Thanks

There isn't a day that will ever go by when you are not grateful for your baby. Let her name serve as a reminder of these feelings of thankfulness.

  • Gianna - thankful
  • Jayden - thankful for
  • Mia or Mila - wished for

Boy Names Full of Gratitude

He is a dream come true, and you are ever grateful that your prayers were heard and answered. Give your rainbow baby boy a name that lets him know he is the one thing your heart pleaded for.

  • Gianni - thankful
  • Saul - wished for and desired
  • Samuel - God has heard
  • Simon - God has heard

Unique Name Ideas for Rainbow Babies

The following unique names are suggestions that include colors of a rainbow, flowers that grow from the rain, characters associated with the movie that "starred" a rainbow, The Wizard of Oz, and other thoughtful ideas. They make rare first names for infants or cool and unusual rainbow baby middle names!

Little baby sleeping under rainbow blanket

Unique Rainbow Baby Girl Names

These colorful and vibrant names signify that while a loss was endured, nothing shines brighter than the miracle that followed.

  • Violet - purple
  • Indigo - blue
  • Olive - green
  • Hazel - green
  • Lily - flower
  • Jasmine - flower
  • Rose - flower
  • Iris - flower and means rainbow (Greek)
  • Poppy - flower, and related to The Wizard of Oz
  • Dorothy - means gift from God and related to The Wizard of Oz
  • Glinda - means good, as in the good witch from The Wizard of Oz

Rainbow Baby Boy Names Worth Noting

These powerful rainbow baby boy names are all related to the experience of expecting a child after an infant or pregnancy loss.

  • Gabriel - hero of God
  • Beau - beautiful and for rain'bow'
  • Maximillian - greatest
  • Noah - long-lived
  • Raphael - God has healed

Choosing a Baby Name: The Big Decision

As parents, the reason behind the name you choose for your rainbow baby is personal. You may decide to share this information with family and friends or keep it private. Either way you handle it is completely acceptable. If you are having trouble deciding on a name, you can be reassured that when the right name does come along, your gut will tell you it's the one. You will instinctually sense which name feels right. It is only then you will know which name will be the most fitting for your rainbow baby.

100+ Meaningful Rainbow Baby Names for Boys and Girls