Uncommon Names That Mean Silver

Published October 13, 2020
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Names the mean silver can fulfill your wish for an uncommon name for your baby. You can review several boy and girl names that mean silver to find the perfect one.

Boy Names That Mean Silver

Names that mean silver that are gender specific, such as those for boys, can give your little guy a unique name. Some names often present a challenge to live up to. Silver represents money and wealth. This makes a good moniker that might just attract silver and wealth for your boy throughout life.

  1. Argento: Silver (Italian)
  2. Argyros: Silver (Greek)
  3. Arian: Silver (Welsh)
  4. Chaandee: Silver (Hindi)
  5. Chandi: Silvery (Hindi)
  6. Fidda: Silver (Sindhi)
  7. Hopea: Silver (Finnish)
  8. Rajat: Silvers (Hindi)
  9. Simab: Mercury, quicksilver (Arabic)
  10. Spinzar: Silver, white gold (Arabic)
  11. Srpahla: Silver (Hindi)
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Girl Names That Mean Silver

There are many girl names that mean silver. Some are Hindu, Urdu, Welsh, and Native American. When you browse names that mean silver, you want to consider how the name will suit your little one.

  1. Arianell: Silver (Welsh)
  2. Arianwyn: Silver white (Welsh)
  3. Lujayn: Silver (Arabic)
  4. Rupa: Silver, beauty (Hindi)
  5. Rupal: Made of silver (Hindi)
  6. Seemaab: Silver (Urdu)
  7. Simin: Silver and white (Persian)
  8. Yin: Silver (Chinese)
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Girl Names That Mean Silver Objects or Animals

You may decide you want a name that adds has a deeper meaning than a color or metal. There are a handful of girl names that describe an object, element, or animal. Any of these names offer a unique and powerful name for any girl.

  1. Arianrhod: Silver wheel (Welsh)
  2. Joo-Eun: Resembles silver pearl (Korean)
  3. Jumana: Silver pearl of the ocean (Arabic)
  4. Kwan, Kwahn, Silver Fox (Native American)
  5. Picabo: Silver water (Native American)
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Gender-Neutral Names for Silver

You may decide to go with a gender-neutral name that means silver. These names can be used for first names are as a great middle name.

  1. Airgead: Silver (Irish)
  2. Airgid: Silver (Scottish Gaelic)
  3. Argentu: Silver (Corsican)
  4. Argint: Silver (Romanian)
  5. Bạc: Silver (Vietnamese)
  6. Fedha: Silver (Swahili)
  7. Gin: Silver (Japanese)
  8. Gümüş: Silver (Turkish)
  9. Kālā kālā: Silver (Hawaiian)
  10. Lacag: Silver (Somali)
  11. Möngö: Silver (Mongolian)
  12. Ngein: Silver (Thai)
  13. Perak: Silver (Malay)
  14. Pilak: Silver (Filipino)
  15. Plata: Silver (Spanish)
  16. Prata: Silver (Portuguese)
  17. Silber: Silver (German)
  18. Srebro: Silver (Bulgarian)
  19. Zilarra: Silver (Basque)
  20. Zilver: Silver (Dutch)
  21. Zîv: Silver (Kurdish)

Gender-Neutral Silver Surnames

The names that contain the word silver make good choices for a boy or girl. These names were mostly used as surnames to indicate the person's occupation. However, in modern times, the names are excellent gender-neutral names that offer really cool choices for a strong name for your baby.

  1. Silvaramain: Silverman (Hindi)
  2. Silverman: Silver worker (English)
  3. Silverton: Silver town (English)
  4. Sterling: Silver, a metal of high quality; pure. (English surname)
  5. Stirling: Silver, a metal of high quality; pure. (English surname)
  6. Sterlyn : Silver of high quality; pure. (English)
  7. Esterlina: Sterling (Catalan)
  8. Sutāringu: Sterling (Japanese)
  9. Sterlin: Sterling (Turkish)
  10. Sterlinh: Sterling (Ukraninian)
  11. Sunaar: Silversmith (Hindi)
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Deciding on Names That Mean Silver

If you decide to name your baby a unique name that means silver, you can choose from gender-specific ones. You can try a few names to see which one best expresses your baby's essence.

Uncommon Names That Mean Silver