135 Meaningful Wiccan Names for Your Baby

Updated February 7, 2022
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Wiccan and pagan baby names are often chosen for what they represent to the parents, and to reflect their hopes for their baby. Choosing a Wiccan name is more than just haphazardly making up an unusual moniker for your baby boy or girl. The naming process is more about finding inspiration from nature, gods, animals, and certain ancient cultures.

Choosing Pagan & Wiccan Baby Names

In selecting Wiccan baby names, people often look towards nature, magic, elements, gods, and gemstones for inspiration. It is also common to see Wiccan names with Celtic, Gaelic, or Scottish roots. The following is a list of popular baby names inspired by these characteristics.

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Nature-Inspired Wiccan Names for Baby Girls

For those inspired by Wiccan ways and pagan practices, nature is a key element in their belief system. You cannot have a list of Wiccan baby names without mentioning several that have roots in the natural world. These nature-inspired baby girl names are wonderfully Wiccan and beautiful.

  • Amaya - Arabic name meaning "night rain"
  • Arnrun - Norweigian name meaning "eagle secret"
  • Aspen - In pagan culture, the Aspen tree is noted as "the tree of heroes"
  • Aura - Latin name meaning "breath" or "wind"
  • Brynn - Welsh name meaning "hill"
  • Circe - Greek name meaning "bird"
  • Erenay - Turkish name meaning "saintly" and "like the moon"
  • Gwydion - Means "born of the trees"
  • Isaura - Greek name meaning "gentle breeze"
  • Jade - Reference to a stone containing restoration of the soul properties
  • Luna - Latin name meaning "moon"
  • Maia - Greek goddess of the earth
  • Poplar - Name of a tree, can be shortened to Poppy
  • Thalia - Greek name meaning "to blossom"
  • Rain - A cleansing spiritual name for a Wiccan baby.
  • Raven - Name of a bird. Means "wise" or "dark-haired"
  • Roisin - Irish name meaning "little rose"
  • Rosemary - An herb revered for protective properties
  • Sage- Name of a powerful healing herb
  • Willow - Name of a tree believed to contain mystical powers
  • Wind - Alludes to the mystery and power of the forceful gusts of air

Nature-Inspired Wiccan Names for Baby Boys

These nature-inspired, Wiccan baby boy names are earthy, lovely, and perfect choices for any parent who follows this culture, belief system, and lifestyle.

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  • Athame - Wiccan word for "wind"
  • Birch - Tall, hardy tree
  • Chatan - Native American name meaning "hawk"
  • Gawain - Welsh name meaning "May hawk"
  • Gwydion - Welsh name meaning "born of trees"
  • Herne - English name meaning "God of the hunt"
  • Leaf - Boy name referred to as part of a tree
  • Leigh - English name meaning "wood dweller"
  • Sahale - Native American name meaning "falcon"
  • Silvanus - Per Roman mythology, Silvanus was the "God of the forest"
  • Varden - Celtic name meaning "of the green hill"

Female Wiccan and Pagan Names Highlighting Traits and Characteristics

Consider choosing a Wiccan baby name that signifies qualities and characteristics you hope your daughter will someday exude.

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  • Aine - Irish name meaning "radiance"
  • Alun - Welsh name meaning "harmony"
  • Branwen - Welsh name meaning "beautiful"
  • Ceridwen - Means "beautiful as a poem"
  • Cerys - Welsh name meaning "love"
  • Fae - Means "fairy" or "fate"
  • Fianate - Gaelic name meaning "wild creature"
  • Glennis - Welsh or Irish name meaning "glen" or "pure"
  • Glinda- Welsh name meaning "fair" and "good"
  • Kaida - Means "little dragon"
  • Neve - Irish name meaning "bright" and "radiant"
  • Ophelia - Greek name meaning "to help"
  • Rowena - English name meaning "slender" and "fair"

Male Wiccan and Pagan Names Highlighting Traits and Characteristics

These Wiccan-inspired male names might provide your son with name definitions that he can embody. Who doesn't want a boy whose name stands for honorable and noble traits?

  • Albus - Latin name meaning "light" and "bright"
  • Castor - Mythological name that means "pious one"
  • Dragomir - Slavic name meaning "something precious and peaceful"
  • Eliphas - African name meaning "intelligent" and "knowing"
  • Evander - Name means "known for its goodness"
  • Fial - Gaelic name meaning "honorable"
  • Huritt - Native American name meaning "handsome"
  • Lumin - Latin name meaning "the light"
  • Merlin - After the legendary sorcerer
  • Takoda - Native American name meaning "friend to all"
  • Talon - Means "large claw on winged animal"

Names Honoring Pagan Culture

These names have rooted definitions in pagan culture, history, and tradition. They are lovely choices for parents who practice paganism and want to honor their child with a special name.

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  • Beltane - (Female) Pagan celebration of crops and fertility
  • Grian - (Female) Name of the Gaelic sun goddess
  • Hecate - (Female) Greek goddess of witchcraft
  • Litha - (Female) Name signifying the summer solstice
  • Mage - (Female) Means "practitioner of magic"
  • Melusine - (Female) From French mythology, means "female water spirit" and "mermaid-like creature." A perfect mystical name for a Wiccan water baby!
  • Ondine - (Female) German name meaning "spirit of the waters"
  • Ostara - (Female) German name meaning "goddess of spring"
  • Pagani - (Female) Derived from Latin name Pagani. Means "someone who lives in the country"
  • Yule - (Female) Pagan name for the winter solstice
  • Ailill - (Male) Gaelic name meaning "elf"
  • Alchem - (Male) Short for alchemy
  • Cabal - (Male) Means a group of people united in their secret beliefs. Perfect for a mystical babe!
  • Cernunnos - (Male) Name means Celtic God of life
  • Emrick - (Male) Welsh name meaning "immortal"
  • Imbolc - (Male) Name of one of the most well-known Pagan holidays, means "in the belly of the mother"
  • Mabon - (Male) Signifies the autumnal equinox
  • Pan - (Male) Mischievous Greek God with the legs of a goat and the body of a man
  • Rowan - (Male) Perfect Wiccan name, as Wiccans recognize the lunar month of Rowan, (one of the 13 months of the Celtic Tree Calendar). Can also be a female name.
  • Sindri - (Male) Norse origin meaning "mythical dwarf"
  • Weaver - (Male) Name refers to the weaving of magic

Powerful Wiccan Baby Names for Girls

These Wiccan baby names for girls are strong, powerful, and packed with meaning and significance. They make excellent choices for anyone who wants to honor their Wiccan and pagan roots and beliefs by giving their child a name that alludes to strength.

  • Adelinda - Germanic name meaning "noble serpent"
  • Arwen - Name means "noble maiden"
  • Brigitte - French name meaning "strength"
  • Hilda - German name "battle woman"
  • Juno - Latin name meaning "Queen of the heavens"
  • Maeve - Irish name meaning "warrior Queen"
  • Medea - Greek witch who fought with magic
  • Morrigan - Irish name referring to one of three Irish sister-goddesses. Means "battle"

Strong Wiccan Baby Names for Boys

These baby boy names are equal parts mystical and strong. They make wonderful choices for parents hoping to raise Wiccan sons with powerful names and even more powerful spirits.

  • Angus - Gaelic or Scottish name meaning "one strength"
  • Azziz - Arabic name means "mighty" and "strong"
  • Brion - Gaelic name meaning "noble"
  • Cadmum - English name meaning "warrior"
  • Jasper - Stone of courage
  • Lysander - Greek name meaning "liberator"
  • Naythan - Means "strong" and "magical"
  • Seamus - Irish name meaning "supplanter"
  • Terrwyn - Welsh name meaning "brave"
  • Uzzi - Hebrew name meaning "my power"
  • Wolf - Represents the powerful, wild animal, a name standing for strength and freedom

Magical Names for Your Whimsical Creature

These witchy baby names are full of mystery and magic.

Red haired mother with little daughter sitting in garden of plants and flowers
  • Adelrun - (Female) German name meaning "noble secret"
  • Ami - (Female) Japanese name meaning "magical being"
  • Arcana - (Female) Comes from the English word "Arcane" meaning "mysterious"
  • Ginerva - (Female) Italian name meaning "white shadow" What a pretty and mysterious name!
  • Gizem - (Female) Turkish name meaning "mystery"
  • Isobel - (Female) Means "God's promise," but was also the name of one of history's most popular and noted witches.
  • Lilith - (Female) Jewish name meaning "female spirit of the night"
  • Selene - (Female) Means moon goddess
  • Tiana - (Female) Romanian name meaning "mystery"
  • Ambrose - (Male) Latin name meaning "immortal one"
  • Boaz- (Male) Hebrew name meaning "magic"
  • Chak - (Male) Cambodian name meaning "mystical circle"
  • Cyfrin - (Male) Welsh name meaning "mystic"
  • Gandalf - (Male) fictional wizard portrayed in J. R. R. Tolkien's literary works
  • Kester - (Male) Greek name meaning "different" or "magical"
  • Lugwig - (Male) German name meaning "magical"
  • Mago - (Male) Spanish name meaning "wizard"
  • Nazo - (Male) Japanese origins, means "secret"
  • Oberon - (Male) - Name of the King of fairies in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Sítheach - (Male) Irish name meaning "peaceful" "mysterious" and "fairy-like"

Favorite Wiccan Baby Names

These Wiccan-inspired names are some of the prettiest ones a parent can pick for their mystical babe.

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  • Amber - (Female) - Name of a gemstone
  • Amethyst (Female) - Purple stone representing the birth month of February
  • Aradia - (Female) - Made popular by "Gospel of Witches"
  • Aures - (Female) Welsh name meaning "gold"
  • Crisiant - (Female) Welsh name meaning "like a crystal"
  • Nimue - (Female) Name means "memory." Name of the witch who steals Lancelot in the Arthurian legend.
  • Opal - (Female) Name of a gemstone
  • Rhiannon - (Female) Name of the Celtic moon goddess, means Queen of the fairies, (Also the name of the witchiest musical anthem ever, thanks to rock group Fleetwood Mac).
  • Selenite - (Female) Name of a healing stone
  • Theia - (Female) Greek goddess of light. Mother of the sun, moon, and dawn.
  • Albus - (Male) Made popular by Harry Potter movies. Means "white"
  • Adonis - (Male) - Greek name meaning "one who is good looking"
  • Alatar - (Male) - Means "after comer," Name from Lord of the Rings
  • Astro - (Male) Greek name meaning "of the stars"
  • Echo - (Male) Nymph in Greek mythology. Can also be a female name.
  • Fox - (Male) Reference to the sly, sleek, and smart animal
  • Phoenix (Male) Mythical bird
  • Scryer - (Male) Seer of the future. Can also be a female name.
  • Stone - (Male) Strong, cool, earthy vibe that associates with Wiccan culture

Inspiration for Wiccan Male and Female Baby Names

Where can you find inspiration for choosing Wiccan names? There are several methods that parents use in selecting a Wiccan or pagan name for their baby. They often spend time in prayer and meditation, and they may even perform several spell-casting sessions before finally selecting a name that is worthy of their child.

Choose Names Based on Symbolism or Meaning

Wiccan names are often chosen based on their meaning or symbolism. That meaning may have a personal connection to the parents and/or the child, or it may simply appear as if the chosen name is the "right one."

What are some other ways to find inspiration in choosing a Wiccan name?

  • Pay attention to signs: What is the spiritual world telling you? What signs have occurred as you look for a name for your child?
  • Show gratitude: Give thanks as you pray for guidance in your journey to find your child's name.
  • State your intention: Make it known in a prayer, chant, spell, etc. that you want to select a Wiccan name for your baby.
  • Write, write, write: Journaling your thoughts, experiences, reflections, and prayers will allow you glimpses at the names that may be appropriate for your baby.
  • Open your mind: Preconceived notions can hamper the path to finding a name, so open your mind through meditation and/or prayer.
  • Consider your gifts and the potential gifts/talents of your child: What do you have to offer? What do you think will be special about your unborn child?

Beautiful, Symbolic Names for Babies

Those unfamiliar with Wiccans often frown on giving Wiccan baby names to infants. However, the names are filled with beauty and symbolism. Because they are so unique, they often invoke an aura of protection and special meaning to the children who bear them. Still considered odd by many, Wiccan names have gained in popularity in the last several years. Keep in mind, however, that the name you choose for your child shouldn't encourage ridicule. Don't saddle them with a moniker that creates a label that will be difficult for them to overcome. There are many beautiful names, such as the ones listed above, that can connect your child to the Wiccan world without isolating them from others.

135 Meaningful Wiccan Names for Your Baby