8 Fun & Practical Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

Make a difference this Earth Day and help your kids learn about the environment along the way!

Published March 27, 2023
Kid planting a tree for help to prevent global warming or climate change and save the earth.

Earth Day is the perfect time to show little ones there are simple things they can do to help our planet. In fact, it may serve as a good reminder for the whole family. Working together to make small changes in your home and daily lives by recycling and conserving water can help the planet in a big way. Here's how this global movement got started and some easy ways that you and your kids can get involved!

What Is Earth Day? Basics for Kids

Earth Day is an annual event that celebrates our planet and the environmental efforts that are being made to protect it. Earth Day began as an effort to raise more national awareness about environmental issues and spur the government to take more action on protecting the planet.

Why is it important for kids to learn about and celebrate Earth day? Change only occurs with action, so it's everyone's job to start making moves in the right direction. By celebrating Earth Day and teaching kids about environmental issues, kids can learn about the importance of caring for the planet and develop lifelong habits that mean a better world for everyone.

Earth Day Facts for Kids

  • Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970.
  • Senator Gaylord Nelson was a Wisconsin representative that first organized a national demonstration to raise awareness about our environment; he's the reason Earth Day exists now.
  • This event spurred the creation of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Earth Day became a global movement in 1990.
  • This yearly event is called "International Mother Earth Day" in other parts of the world.
  • Over 190 countries now take part in this environmental initiative.
  • More than 95 percent of American schools observe Earth Day every year.
  • Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to power your television for 20 minutes.

Fun & Beneficial Ways to Celebrate Earth Day for Kids

While everyone thinks about planting a tree on Earth Day, that can be a big undertaking. The good news is that there are small ways to make a big difference! Here are some easy activities to help celebrate Earth Day for kids and make a real change for the future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

You can find almost 20 billion pounds of plastic in our oceans. One of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day is to diminish the amount of plastic that you're using and to recycle what's used. Here are a few ways parents and their kids can get started:

Create Seed Balls

As the name implies, seed balls, also referred to as 'Earth balls,' are balls of seeds that help to germinate plants. These are simple to make and can be a great activity to do on Earth Day for kids.

Seed balls

You'll need two cups of potting soil, five cups of pottery clay, one cup of water, and seeds. When choosing your plant types, think about the vegetation that you see on the side of the highway. Wildflowers that are native to your region are the most likely to thrive.

How to Make Earth Balls:

  1. Grab a large plastic bin to mix your ingredients and combine the soil, clay, and water. Make sure that the mixture has a smooth and moist consistency and then add in your seeds.
  2. Pinch off small sections, approximately the size of a donut hole, and roll them into a ball.
  3. Set them out on a flat surface to dry for one to two days.

Once they've dried, wander around your yard or your local park and toss these Earth balls in places that look like they could use some color! There's no need to bury or water them. Just toss and go.

Play Energy Conservation BINGO

How do you teach your kids about conserving energy? You make a game out of it! Energy conservation BINGO is easy to throw together with our free printable blank BINGO templates. Simply fill in the spaces with the energy-friendly concepts that you want to start implementing in your home and life. These can include:

  • Turning off lights and electronics when not in use
  • Taking short showers instead of baths
  • Keeping windows and blinds closed during the hottest times of the day
  • Adding native plants to home gardens (these normally require less water)
  • Riding bikes or walking to school instead of driving
  • Spending time outside instead of on devices
  • Turning off the water when brushing teeth

This is a great way to begin environmentally friendly habits in your kid's daily lives! Give your kids prizes for every BINGO they manage to get, with a bigger prize if they complete every task on the board.

Set Up a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a tank that collects rainwater from your roof so that you can harvest it later. This can be a great tool for conserving your water usage and recycling this limited resource. This act also prevents soil erosion and reduces flooding. Here's an easy tutorial to show you the process! Did we mention this barrel can also save you money in the long run?

Rain barrel

Donate to a Good Cause With Your Kids

Another big part of promoting our planet's well-being is limiting waste. An easy way to do this is to recycle your gently used products. Thus, a great way to celebrate Earth Day for kids is to go through their closets and toy bins to find items that no longer fit or that they no longer use. Then, find a reputable organization in your area to donate these items. Women's shelters and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America are two fantastic places to consider.

Visit a Beekeeper in Your Region

Bees are the Earth's most important pollinators. They help our plants grow and they keep our planet healthy. Why not learn more about these earthly ambassadors by visiting the people who help promote their existence? This can not only be an extremely fun and unique activity, but it can also bee a wonderful learning experience! There are a surprising number of beekeepers across the nation, making it un-bee-lievably easy to find a farm in your region.

Volunteer at a Community Garden

Community gardens are wonderful spaces that provide food to those in need and promote giving back to nature. This makes them another spectacular spot to stop at this Earth Day. Kids can plant new crops, water the gardens, pick weeds, and even pick up trash that has found its way in these spaces. These activities can give your kids a new appreciation for the impact the Earth has on our daily lives.

Buy Something Green

No, we don't mean literally green, although it can be if you want! Green products are items that are made using with sustainable practices and recycled materials. Brands to consider include:

These companies not only make amazing products, but they also prioritize the planet while doing it.

Teach Kids About Earth Day & Spark Change for the Future

We only get one planet and most of our natural resources are limited. This makes caring for the space we live in so incredibly important. By participating in beneficial Earth Day activities for kids, you not only teach them something, but you help to spark change for the future. This is more than getting them off their tablets and phones for an afternoon. Celebrating Earth Day is recognizing the need for a better tomorrow and taking strides in the right direction.

8 Fun & Practical Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Kids