Poems About Earth Day to Help Raise Awareness

Updated March 29, 2022
Planet earth in children's hands

Poems about Earth Day can inspire people to consider the health of the planet. Used in a presentation or as part of speech, the right poem has the ability to touch an audience's heart and bring about positive changes in the way people treat the world around them.

Thoughtful Earth Day Poetry

The following poems are designed to help people think of what might happen to the planet if pollution and mismanagement of the earth's resources are left unchecked.

Mother Earth's Gifts

By Kelly Roper

Mother Earth gives her gifts for all to share,
She gives them freely, yet she's still aware
That things are changing, perhaps for the worse.
How much more can she give if our future is cursed?

It's way past time to put Mother Earth first,
To clean up the water before we all thirst,
To clean up the air before our lungs sicken,
To renew the soil and feel it quicken.

How long until the point of no return?
How much longer until we all finally learn,
That to this task we all must rise.
And stop abusing Mother Earth before she dies.


By Kelly Roper

thankful girl with arms to sky

These are the things I'm thankful for...

The sweet smell of flowers in springtime,
Beautiful clear blue skies above me,
The feeling of damp grass beneath my bare feet,
The sound of a free-running stream,
The warmth of the sun on my cheeks,
The site of a field filled with corn,
The sound of birds singing in the trees,
The taste of fresh-picked raspberries,
Crisp, clear autumn mornings,
The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet,
The site of pumpkins growing in a field,
The first chill of winter in the air,
The site of snowflakes frolicking on the breeze,
Watching children skate on a frozen pond,
And seeing the first robins of spring.

I hope that future generations will still have these things to be thankful for.

Paradise or...?

By Kelly Roper

Paradise or paradise lost?
Your effort is what it will cost
To keep our precious earth clean
By living a lifestyle that's green.

We cannot go on as we are
Leaving scar after scar
Upon this beautiful planet
Which so many take for granted.

The time to take action is now,
To restore what's been damaged somehow.
We stand on the brink of "too late,"
But there's still time to change our fate.

Earth Day Poems Which Encourage Positive Action

Taking a positive approach and suggesting steps people can take to begin lessening their impact on the environment can also inspire everyone to make meaningful changes in the way they live. As one poem says, "It's your earth," so find ways to save it. Check out these poems about saving the earth and the environment to see if one ignites your passion for a clean, green earth.

Everyday Is Earth Day

By Kelly Roper

Every day is earth day,
Or at least it should be.
We should take steps every day
to save our planet, don't you agree?

Try walking when it's practical,
And skip driving a car.
It will help cut down emissions
And raise air quality by far.

Reuse, renew, recycle,
Think of how much you throw away.
Our earth can only hold so much trash,
One day there'll be the devil to pay.

And when it comes to littering,
It's not enough to clean up after yourself.
Leave places better than you find them,
And pick up litter left by someone else.

Don't spray your garden with pesticides,
Protect the birds and the bees.
Choose natural ways of deterring pests,
That won't carry poisons in the breeze.

These are easy things we all can do,
To protect the earth for future generations.
If we continue to ignore all the warning signs,
We'll face sad and irreversible ramifications.

Teach Your Children

By Kelly Roper

father teaching daughters about gardening

Teach your children to appreciate the planet.
Bring home a seedling and help them plant it.

Teach your children to conserve the trees.
Going paperless these days is a breeze.

Teach your children to respect the earth.
Recycle throw-aways into something of worth.

Teach your children to care for God's creatures.
Set up a birdbath, a feeder, and other features.

Teach your children we're in this together.
We must try to help our planet last forever.

It's Your Earth

By Kelly Roper

It's your earth.
Will you neglect it,
Or nurture it?
Will you tend it,
Or squander it away?
The choice is yours,
But if you're going
To make a stand,
You'd better start today.

In Celebration of Earth Day

By Kelly Roper

In celebration of Earth Day,
Why not plant a tree?
It will produce fresh air,
And be a joy for all to see.

In celebration of Earth Day,
Go and visit a local park.
Get back in touch with nature,
Its sites and sounds in light and dark.

In celebration of Earth Day
Try to be more aware,
Of how your actions affect this world
And devote yourself to its care.

Mother Earth's Precious Gift

By Jennifer Betts

Dearest Mother Earth is a solemn protector.
She watches over her child with a heavy hand.
You do not want to try to deflect her.
Instead, you should nurture her gift.

To show you care, treat her gift with love.
Plant a tree, start recycling, or pick up trash.
You should even give your friends a shove.
To give her thanks for the beauty she created.

She shows you love and happiness with her beauty and grace.
Giving you spring flowers and glorious sunsets.
But it's up to you to make this world a better place.
Recycle, reuse, and reduce to show her your love.

Short Poems About Earth Day

Poems about Earth Day don't need to take up a whole page. They can be short too. Short poems about Earth Day are great for adding to social media and spreading the message.

Save the Earth

By Jennifer Betts

Pick up your trash and put it away.
Don't just save it for Earth Day.
It's essential to keep the world clean.
So another generation can be seen.

Plant a Tree

By Jennifer Betts

man planting a tree in forest

Spend time in nature and plant a tree.
Make the earth a better place to be.
Generations of kids need the world around.
Not for it to be pollution bound.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Jennifer Betts

Reduce, reuse, and recycle every day,
Especially when it comes to Earth Day.

Nurture Earth

By Jennifer Betts

Nurture earth and keep her clean.
Don't neglect her and let her fall,
Because she needs to stand tall for all.

Do Your Part

By Jennifer Betts

The earth is important and needs your help.
It's covered in pollution and garbage.
Do your part and recycle and reuse.
Plant a tree and be sure not to abuse the earth.

Haiku for a Troubled Earth

By Kelly Roper

The earth is alive,
But she's struggling to breathe,
Please help her survive.

Earth Day Poems for Kids to Enlighten

Get kids in on the Earth Day fun with poems created just for them. These simple poems share an important message and show children how they can help to keep the world clean and beautiful.

Reduce Emissions

By Jennifer Betts

woman riding bicycle in neighborhood

To get somewhere, you don't always have to drive a car.
It doesn't really matter how far you are.
Grab a bike and reduce emissions for you and me.
A cleaner world is what we all want to see.

You Can Make a Change

By Jennifer Betts
Don't think just because you are little
You can't make a change.
Rather than take a car
Ride your bike.
Rather than throwing garbage away
Encourage your parents to recycle.
Everyone can make a difference.
Even a kid like you.

A Clean World

By Jennifer Betts

Keep the world clean.
Or Mother Nature gets kind of mean.
It's something we don't want seen.
Keep the world clean.

Share Earth Day

By Jennifer Betts

Share Earth Day with a smile.
Shout it out loud.
Celebrate in style
To save the world one kid at a time.

Plant a Tree

By Jennifer Betts

Trees are essential, I heard them say.
They give all the squirrels and birds a place to stay.
When they are cut down and gone,
The animals and earth are withdrawn.
So, plant a tree to keep them safe and sound.
Then a new home can be found.
It keeps Mother Nature smiling with glee.
And provides a happy future for you and me.

The Best Gift

By Jennifer Betts

I've created the best gift.
Don't you know?
The earth around you.
Doesn't it glow?
Handle my gift with care.
It's precious to me.
It will be there for the future to share.
If we handle it carefully.

Earth Day

By Jennifer Betts

Earth Day is important.
Always do your part.
Recycle, reduce, and reuse.
Think green.
Help the earth in simple ways.

Damage is done by deforestation.
All you need is to start now.
Your future depends on it.

Environmental Awareness Through Poetry

Earth Day is just one day a year, but the environment faces challenges every day. While rallies and other events offer a larger platform for raising awareness, there are many things everyone can do to help the environment all year long. No step is too small to help to protect the earth, so take these poems to heart and spread the word. Whether you choose a short poem or one that is longer, you just might find that your actions inspire others to save the earth and its environment. Even a short slogan can make a difference.

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Poems About Earth Day to Help Raise Awareness