Free Homeschool Worksheets and Printables for All Ages

Updated March 13, 2020
Dad and kids homeschooling

Free homeschooling worksheets can enhance your homeschool curriculum for all ages from primary to secondary grades. Printable homeschool activities and worksheets cover a wide range of topics including math, reading and writing, social studies, and science. Click on the image or link for the worksheet you want to download and print using the troubleshooting guide if you need help.

Free Worksheets for U.S. Government Lessons

Students from elementary school to high school can use free homeschool worksheets to learn about the U.S. government. From States to Wars, these printable lists serve as learning tools and quick reference pages.

Printable Resources for U.S. Leaders

Learn all about the leaders of this country using a list of all the U.S. Presidents in chronological order that shows when each held office. Then, move onto learning about the country's Vice Presidents using a list of Vice Presidents in chronological order of their terms.

U.S. State Printable Resources

Citizens of the United States should have a basic understanding of the country's geography and history. Start by learning the 50 states and their capitals, then see how to properly abbreviate each state. From there you can discover the history of the states including which were part of the Union side in the U.S. Civil War.

Printable Worksheets for Grammar Lessons

Use free grammar worksheets to introduce new grammar topics or assess prior learning.

Letter Recognition and Sound Printables

Kids in preschool can use letter recognition and sound printables with the help of a parent, older sibling, or teacher.

Middle School Parts of Speech Worksheets

As students progress to grades 6, 7, and 8, their knowledge of the English language should progress too.

Printable Antonym Resources

An antonym word list can serve as a great desk reference page to help kids enhance their own writing.

Free Worksheets for Learning Foreign Languages

If your child is interested in learning French or Spanish, free printable foreign language worksheets can help. Even if you're not fluent in another language, your kids can use worksheets to teach themselves the basics.

French Learning Printables

Learn basic French words and verbs with the help of simple worksheets and printable word lists.

Free Worksheets for Math Lessons

From elementary math worksheets, like those made for first grade math, to advanced math concepts, free math worksheets help teach a variety of number concepts.

Number Learning Printables

Younger kids in pre-K and Kindergarten who are beginning to learn number sounds and order can easily use these basic number worksheets and activities.

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

From basic addition and subtraction fact families to double-digit addition and subtraction, kids in Kindergarten and first grade can use worksheets to advance their number knowledge.

Time Learning Worksheets

Kids can start learning how to tell time with adventurous worksheets that explore both digital and analog clock displays.

Printable Multiplication Games

Using fun tools like multiplication flash cards or a printable multiplication game helps keeps upper elementary kids engaged as they learn to multiply.

Printable Multiplication Tables for One Through Six

Keep copies of printable multiplication tables in a binder as a useful resource in teaching multiplication.

Printable Multiplication Tables for Seven Through Twelve

Once kids know their basic multiplication tables for lower numbers, they can start to explore multiplication tables for larger numbers up to 12.

Fraction and Graphing Worksheets

Advanced math topic for upper elementary kids become less intimidating and more fun when you use things like fraction games and creative coordinate graphing worksheets.

Printable Rulers

If you don't have a wooden or plastic ruler at home, printable rulers can help kids learn about measurements.

Pre-Algebra Math Worksheets

Students in middle school and high school can use pre-Algebra worksheets when they move on to topics like negative numbers and exponents.

Printable Worksheets for Reading Lessons

Worksheets that show word families and rhyming words help kids take their reading skills to the next level after letter learning.

Vowel Sound Worksheets

Vowel sounds can be tricky because most vowels make more than one sound. Use vowel sound worksheets to help your child understand the most common sounds each vowel makes.

Beginning Reader Printables

Kids in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade who are just starting to read can use beginner printables to master things like sight words.

Advanced Reading Worksheets

As elementary students begin to read more varied texts, main idea worksheets can help them understand the parts of a story, passage, or book.

Free Worksheets for Science Lessons

Free science worksheets explore everything from biology to astronomy so students can learn about the world around them.

Space Science

Explore the life cycle of a star with a matching worksheet to get a better idea just how those balls of light in the sky form.

Star Life Cycle Worksheet
Star Life Cycle Worksheet

Cell Worksheets

From elementary plant and animal cell lessons to middle school cellular respiration lessons, cell worksheets and printables help kids understand the basic building blocks of life.

Animal Science Printables

From endangered species to food chain lessons for high school, kids always love learning about animals.

Printable Worksheets for Social Studies Lessons

Social Studies lessons should include everything from citizenship and geography to U.S. history and world cultures.

U.S. Battle and War Printable Resources

Use worksheets to learn about some of the most important wars and battles in U.S. history. You can identify all the battles from the Revolutionary War or even learn about the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II.

Geography and World Culture Printables

Egyptian hieroglyphics activities and geography trivia make Social Studies lessons more fun and interactive.

Free Worksheets for Spelling and Writing

As kids learn to write and spell, free tools like handwriting practice worksheets give them plenty of opportunities to practice.

Prefix and Suffix Printables

Once students master spelling and vocabulary, they can begin to learn about the parts of a word, like prefixes and suffixes.

Miscellaneous Worksheets for Homeschool

Kids learn many important skills in school that include topics like art or specific skills like following directions.

Workout Your Brain With Worksheets

Homeschool worksheets made it easy for you and your kids to cover nearly any subject at a moment's notice. Give your brain a quick workout when you complete one or more educational worksheets or printable activities at home.

Free Homeschool Worksheets and Printables for All Ages