Simple Homeschool Transcript Templates

Updated May 8, 2020
Homeschool transcripts

Homeschool transcripts are one of many ways homeschoolers record grades. This important part of homeschool record-keeping generally falls on parents. Making a homeschool transcript for any age is easy when you use a printable homeschool transcript template.

Printable Homeschool Transcript Templates

A simple homeschool transcript template helps you see what information you need to keep track of and how to organize it. Click on the image of the transcript you want to use, then download, edit, and print when it's complete. Check out the handy troubleshooting guide if you need help getting the PDF templates.

Printable Elementary Homeschool Transcript

Elementary homeschool transcripts aren't usually necessary, but they can help you keep your child's education on track. In some instances, you may be asked to provide a transcript to your local public school district as a way of showing your proposed curriculum. This template includes room to list subjects or courses and final grades for three different grade levels. Print one copy for grades K-2 and one copy for grades 3-5.

Printable Elementary Homeschool Transcript

Printable Middle School Homeschool Transcript

If you use an online homeschooling program, they may offer transcript services, otherwise you'll need to create one yourself. This middle school homeschool template includes room to add in courses and grades for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Printable Middle School Homeschool Transcript

Printable High School Homeschool Transcript

Part of learning to prep for college when homeschooling is understanding what college admissions offices will require of you. In most cases you'll need to provide your homeschool diploma and an official copy of your transcripts. This template is set up so you can organize it by grade level, by year, or by subject. There's also room to add in extra-curricular activities and a summary of GPAs and credit hours each year and for high school as a whole.

Printable High School Homeschool Transcript

Purpose of Homeschool Transcripts

Homeschool transcripts serve as a way to show what courses your child has taken and completed during their home education. Most often homeschool transcripts are only a necessity for high school students. Even for students who don't plan to attend college, employers or trade schools may also ask for high school transcripts.

How to Create a Homeschool Transcript

There is no standard or required format for homeschool transcripts, but most colleges and employers will expect to see specific information.

Step One: Choose a Format

While each of the printable templates are geared toward a specific age group, you can use any of them for any age group. Choose the template that best fits your homeschool environment. You can print the template and fill in information by hand as you go. At the end of the year, you'll want to put the written information into an online format so it looks more professional. You can also save the template and update it directly on your computer.

Step Two: Add Standard Information

The standard information found on a transcript includes personal information about the student, information about their homeschool, course names, and student grades. At the minimum, the Home School Legal Defense Association says your transcript should include:

  • The words "official transcript"
  • Your child's full legal name
  • Your child's gender
  • Your child's birthdate
  • Your child's grade level and years for that grade
  • The name of your homeschool
  • Your full name
  • The address and phone number of your homeschool (or you, the parent)
  • Course titles
  • Course dates
  • Final course grades
  • Course and final GPAs
  • Certification statement (by you)
  • Parent signature

Step Three: Update Information Regularly

Starting a homeschool transcript is simple, but remembering to keep up with it can be a challenge. Any time your child starts a new course or finishes a course, go to your transcript and update the information. If you update the information as things change, it will be easier than trying to create the transcript at the end of high school.

Step Four: Seal the Transcript

You don't need to have a witness or get your homeschool transcripts notarized. To make it look official, use a good quality paper and print out copies. You can put one copy in an envelope, seal it, then sign your name across the seal to keep the transcript official.

Track Homeschool Courses With Transcripts

Homeschool transcripts are useful record-keeping tools. Anyone can easily create a homeschool transcript by using a great homeschool transcript template as a guide.

Simple Homeschool Transcript Templates