Free Spanish Worksheets for Kindergarten

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The younger a child is, the easier it is to learn a new language. At this age, learning Spanish is less about grammar and more about learning Spanish vocabulary that they can incorporate into their daily conversations. Free Spanish worksheets make learning some of those key vocabulary words easier.

Free Worksheets to Print

If you need help downloading the printable worksheets, check out these helpful tips.


Encourage your child to incorporate Spanish words for colors into his daily descriptions of objects. This worksheet uses outlines of simple shapes and asks children to read the Spanish color to determine what color each shape should be. A key is provided to help children connect the Spanish words to the colors.

spanish worksheet for colors


Most kids can relate to common food items, making key food terms a good place to start when learning Spanish. On this worksheet, children match the Spanish words for popular food items with their English equivalents.

dinner worksheet


Numbers are some of the easiest vocabulary words to begin with because the sequential order helps children remember them. Children count the objects on this worksheet and write in the Spanish form of the number.

numbers in spanish


Whether they are English or Spanish, all animals speak the same language. However, their names are different in each language. This matching worksheet has children connect each animal, labeled with its Spanish name, to the sound it makes.


Body Parts

Children learn the parts of the face by cutting out the parts of the face and gluing them on the head, then labeling each one with the appropriate Spanish term. Once children have created the face on this worksheet, have them practice saying the parts of their faces in Spanish.

Parts of the Face

Other Resources for Free Worksheets

There are many resources online where you can download free Spanish worksheets for your young students.

  • First School offers some wonderful Spanish Alphabet worksheets to help even the youngest child start learning the basics of the Spanish language.
  • The Teacher's Café has links to many different worksheets online specifically for grade level, such as Kindergarten. In addition to worksheets, you'll also find games to keep learning exciting and fun.
  • In addition to dozens of other categories at ABC Teach, the site offers many different worksheets for teaching Spanish to kindergarten aged children. You'll even find worksheets and coloring pages for Spanish holidays and events.
  • Home Education Resources offers multiple printable worksheets related to Spanish grammar and key vocabulary.
  • 123 TeachMe allows you to customize worksheet designs to create your own worksheets for your kindergartner.

Making New Words Stick

No matter what worksheets you choose to use and words you teach, make sure that your child uses the new vocabulary on a daily basis. Label items in the home with their Spanish equivalents. Hang completed worksheets on the fridge as reminders. If Spanish vocabulary is used regularly, it is more likely to stick.

Free Spanish Worksheets for Kindergarten