Inspirational Poems for Children

Published March 28, 2019
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Inspiration can come in all forms. Maybe you want to let your child know that you're fighting with them to win that game or your students know there isn't a dream they can't achieve. Whatever type of inspiration you're looking for, use these poems to motivate the children around you.

Inspiring the Future

Are your students just staring at you with blank looks? Are you just trying to show your child that they can fulfill their dream? Inspirational poems can tell children to push harder. They can get that A on that math test. They can follow that dream. Use these sonnets, free-verse poems and haiku formats to inspire children that nothing is impossible if they just put in the effort.

Dream Achievement Haiku

Achieve all your dreams
By hard work and believing
That you can do it.

Education Can Take You Places

Education will guide you.
To the places you want to go.
School is not about who you knew.
It's not about the "hey bro."
You need to study hard.
To work your brain to the max.
But don't forget to play in the yard.
To give yourself time to relax.
Now you're ready to hit the books.
With a smile on your face.
Don't mind other's looks.
You have a goal in place.
Your education will take you places.
Are you ready to fly?


Your heart is beating loud.
Your stance is in place.
Eyes are looking forward.
You're ready for the race.
Every cell is waiting.
The shot rings out.
You leap.
This is what it's all about.
No thoughts but winning.
You push your body hard.
All your training was worth it.
You've won the first award.


Dandelion wishes
Reaching for the stars
Eagerness to learn
Many hours of studying

Catching Your Dream

You need to see it to achieve it.
Doesn't mean you'll hold it in your hand.
I'll admit, most times your dream won't fit.
But don't misunderstand.
Your dream is just too vast.
For something so small.
That's because it has to last.
Until it's time to make the call.
So, keep on dreaming.
The bigger the better.
Because every dream has meaning.
And you wouldn't want to upset her.

One Small Goal

You set that goal.
And you smashed it!
Great job!
Now, it is time to set another.
If you think you can't.
You can.
If you think you won't.
You will.
Because every small goal.
Leads to one big dream.

Team Work

Push. Push. Push.
You push your body harder.
Drive. Drive. Drive.
You drive forward.
Work. Work. Work.
You work together.
Win. Win. Win.
A team achieving their goal.

Focus on the Dream

One time I walked by a stream.
It danced with my dream.
My dream had a beautiful gleam.
I followed my gleaming dream like a beam.
At times I fell.
It's hard to tell.
How many times I fell.
But I tried not to dwell.
Instead, I focused on creating a scheme.
To catch my gleaming dream.
And that has been my life's theme.
Focus on the dream.

Creating Inspiration

You've got the tools, but how do you use them? Using inspiring poetry for your scholar or athlete can be fun. Not only can you add the poems to an activity but there are all kinds of ways that you can use inspirational poetry for kids. For example:

  • Add the poem to a card.
  • Make a card around the poem to give to a child.
  • Have the poem printed on a gift, like a plaque.
  • Write the poem on the blackboard at home or at school for daily inspiration.
  • Have the kids create an art project around the poem.
  • Make a small book out of the inspirational poems that kids can carry.
  • Make the poem into a song or chant.
  • Use the poem in an inspirational craft that children can give to friends.
  • Make the poem into a poster that kids can hang in room.

Giving Children Inspiration

Kids have a lot on their plates. Not only are they growing up, but they are encountering new and exciting challenges every day. From getting good grades to winning that game, they need a little push. Use these poems to provide kids of all ages with a little extra motivation.

Inspirational Poems for Children