20+ Modern and Classic Haircut Styles for Kids

Updated June 14, 2022

Modern Haircut Styles for Kids


When it comes to kids' hairstyles, you want something that's low-maintenance enough that you're not visiting the salon every two weeks, but also cool enough that your kids feel like they're letting their personality and preferences shine through their appearance. No matter what your child's hair length or type are, there's definitely a kids' haircut out there that will suit them. From classic cuts to trend-setting styles, here are some of the best haircuts that every kind of kid will love.

Keep the Natural Curls Carefully Sculpted


Boys with naturally curly hair may not want a super short cropped haircut or to grow it out and wear it long, but keeping their curls sculpted low around the head is a great way to manage the volume until they're old enough to maintain their hair themselves. Of course, one of the worst things you can do is go to a stylist who doesn't have experience cutting curly or natural hair, as the wrong techniques can destroy the curl pattern and leave your child with a funky style for weeks. So, make sure you're checking in with the stylist before committing to any cut for curly hair.

Close Cropped Sides and Brushed Back Top Cut, Perfect for Fine Hair


If your child has fine, straight hair, a classic haircut with the sides and back closely cropped and leaving the top with some extra length is perfect. Depending on how closely cropped you want their hair, you can have the stylist use larger guards on the clippers (such as a 6 or 7) to leave more hair to work with. Then, they can add some body by trimming up the length on top, and running some gel or wax through it. Overall, this style is super easy to replicate at home.

All-Over Short Buzz for Boys


Verging on a Caesar haircut, with the defined high fringe, one of the most classic hairstyles for young men is keeping it cut short all the way around. Buzzing the hair with a 3 or 4 guard won't make them feel like they're heading to military school, but it will give you longer time between trips to the salon.

Bring Back the Long Locks


Some boys want a longer style and some parents don't want the upkeep of constantly having to get their son's hair cut, so keeping a tousled, unkempt look with a simple trim is a great way to go. A cut like this works well with naturally wavy or curly hair, as it has its own body and won't hang lifeless around your kid's eyes. That being said, depending on your child's hair type and thickness, it may require some hair product (such as flexible pomade) to help keep it tamed.

Completely Shaved Style for a Fresh Feel


What could be easier for a little kid than a shaved style? It requires no styling, so it's good for even the youngest children, and can be easily replicated at home. Perfect for those kiddies who struggle to sit in a stylist's chair, it's one of the best options for hot summers or for regions with extreme year-round temperatures. While it will look fine for some time without growing out, to keep it ultra-short will require more touch ups that you can do at home with a pair of clippers and a razor.

Classic Crew Cut to Beat the Heat


The classic crew cut is another great style for kids who don't like having hair in their face, or who might have sensory sensitivities that necessitate their hair being shorter. Not as short as a shaved style, but consistently short all over and just slightly longer on top, this style requires hair clippers rather than comb and scissors. It's a great option for boys who want a neat hair look, but it will require frequent trims to keep it looking its best.

A Rebellious Mohawk to Make a Statement


A mohawk is an incredible hairstyle for any kid with a punchy personality or who wants to experiment with fashion. Even when it's not gelled into spikes, the mohawk is a bold statement for a bold child. Unlike how it used to be, it doesn't require that you have a ton of length to start off with, so it's a haircut that kids don't have to work up to anymore. Even better is the fact that you don't have to keep the sides completely shaved, and could instead have a cool skin fade from the edges to neckline for an even more rock 'n roll vibe.

Short Hair Don't Care With This Pixie Haircut


A classic pixie cut is a cute style for a young girl; and this cut requires very little upkeep in terms of washing and styling. It works best for fine or thin hair; very thick or curly hair may not retain the shape as well. While pixie cuts are traditionally very short, a girl could opt to have it slightly longer in the front for more style options, or add some baby fringe like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby for a cool vintage vibe.

Classic Bowl Haircut for Kids That Can't Sit Still


The classic bowl haircut is well-known for the way it resembles the circumference of a bowl around the kid's head. Typically, the bowl cut has hair that's longer on the top and gently slopes down the sides, ending in a uniform circle around the head, and resting behind the ears. It's been a children's haircut staple for many years and works well on most face shapes and hair types (though it may not work for very curly hair). While not always the most fashionable, it's perfect for kids who struggle with their hair and want it out of the way, or for ones who have a hard time sitting still for a complex chop.

Short Scissor Cut With Fringe for a No Fuss Style


Sweet and simple, this basic cut doesn't require a lot of fuss. It's a consistent length in being fairly short all over, and retains a nonchalance with its breezy effect created with a little trimming. While it looks great as is, children can customize it well by adding styling product for spikes on the head, slicking it back, or creating a duck tail or bouffant.

Chin-Length Bob With Bangs Is As Sweet As Can Be


While the Karen movement might have a monopoly on the bob haircut, the style is a go-to for many parents to give their kids. It has a classic, effortless feeling and keeps their hair out of the way as it grows. Fringe is also a classic, and with this being a wash and go style, it's a must have for active children. Kids can also add some creativity to it with barrettes, a headband, clip-in glitter streaks, and so much more.

Medium-Length Cut With Subtle Layers to Embrace the Mane


For kids who are old enough to begin taking care of their own hair, a medium-length chop that skims the shoulders is a great option. Yet, if their hair has any sort of body or curl pattern, subtle layering is a must. This will help remove some of the weight from the ends so that it doesn't hang too heavily around their face and neck, but keeps it at a manageable length.

Long, Face-Framing Layers for the Kids Next Door


A staple for long hair is keeping the ends trimmed but adding a couple of face-framing layers to bring focus to your kid's face. The angling of the layers that start at chin level and gradually increase in length until they meet the longest pieces is a timeless look that adds a fun texture to people's hair (especially for people with straight and/or fine hair), and this style grows out seamlessly.

Classic Bob Without Bangs for Your Mature Mini-Me


A bob without bangs is another cut that stands the test of time, and it can be styled so that the ends turn just slightly under towards the face, or left as is. It can be parted on the side or in the middle, depending on a kid's preference. Unlike some haircuts, the shoulder-length to chin-length bob can work for nearly every hair type and texture (as long as it's cut by the right stylist), and this style is pretty low maintenance.

Long Layered Cut for a Soft Look


Soft, subtle layers can help keep thick hair from becoming unruly and add a touch of control to a wonderfully wild and wavy natural style. The soft layers throughout this cut give the hair body and dimension without being too obvious. The layers are what really make the look, but getting the hair thinned if the layers feel too heavy is also an option. Similarly, this kind of haircut is one of the best ones to grow out, as it retains its shape for a long time.

Natural Curls for a Beautiful Halo of Hair


A medium length girls' haircut that stops just above the shoulders is a pretty way to show off some beautiful natural curls, but it can also be suitable for most other hair types as well. It's long enough that girls can dress it up with hair accessories, but not so long that it's overwhelming to care for or style. Similarly, embracing the texture without chopping any length gives your kids the chance to take on longer hairstyles when they grow old enough to manage their own hair care, without having to start fresh growing it out.

Short Cut With Flipped Ends for a Vintage Look


A girls' haircut that has a fun, slightly retro feel, is one that's bluntly cut just above the chin in a single layer. It looks particularly precious if your kid's hair has a natural wave pattern, as this cut can create a cute flip at the ends. However, even the straight-haired kids can achieve this delightful effect by using a straightener or curling wand to slightly curl the ends in a pinch.

Single Layer Cut with Side Swept Bangs Taking Center Stage


Side swept bangs have become a mainstay among Millennials and their kids, and they work really well for people with thicker hair and/or large foreheads. Because the look is casual and carefree, the bangs don't need constant trims to look great. They also work well with different lengths and hair types; but, perhaps the best part is that they're made to be grown out with ease. If you've ever grown out a set of full fringe, you know that it's a nightmare you never want to put your elementary schooler through, and side bangs are a good compromise.

Edgy Stacked Bob With No Bangs


The popularity of the stacked bob, that's shorter in back and longer in front, has made it a social media icon. With fringe or without, this style can be made a little more edgy and funky than the regular bob with layering or a severe asymmetrical cut from the back to the front. Kids with an attitude have just the right energy for this kind of haircut.

Long and Blunt Cut for Maximum Growth


A simple look for girls who have long straight to wavy hair is just keeping the ends one length. This blunt line is particularly suited for people with straight hair, as their hair naturally wants to fall in a consistently straight line. The best part of this hairstyle is that it's easy to care for, and has lots of styling options as well (such as braids, ponytails, pigtails, and more). If your little girl wants more flexibility with her look, then this is a great choice.

Scissor Cut Short Hair for an Androgynous Look


For kids who aren't enjoying having long hair, but want to keep some length, a simple scissor cut around the head, with a little bit of texturing around the face, is an awesome option. Longer than a pixie, but not long enough to be a bob, this in-between cut is perfect for kids who want to serve up a more androgynous style.

Low Fade with a Combed Over Top for a Refined Finish


A great way to ease kids into hair fading (which has their hair increasingly shorter from the top to the base of their head) is by doing a low fade where the hair gets shorter only towards the bottom of their head. Leaving a substantially longer amount of hair on top provides a nice contrast; also, carving in a sharp part can ensure that their top hair falls the direction that you want it to, while also giving the overall look some more structure.

Perfect Haircut Ideas for Kids


There are loads of cute, classic haircuts and hairstyle choices for kids of any age to choose from. From short and sweet to long and lovely, you're only limited by your stylist's experience and your kid's imagination.

20+ Modern and Classic Haircut Styles for Kids