List of Fun Yes or No Questions for Kids

Published April 7, 2020
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Yes or no questions for kids are a fun way to pass the time, get to know each other better, or teach kids about yes or no questions. You can use creative yes or no questions as a question of the day for journaling or at the dinner table. Use a list of random yes or no questions to get started, then have fun making up your own questions.

Have You Ever? Questions

Different types of yes or no questions start with question words that can result in only "yes" or "no" as an answer. "Have you ever?" questions are a fun way to get to know the kids in your life.

Questions for Younger Kids

Questions for kids under age 8 should be a little easier to answer.

  • Have you ever heard a dog snore?
  • Have you ever wished you were an animal?
  • Have you ever seen squirrels fight over a nut?
  • Have you ever watched a bee sleep in a flower?
  • Have you ever eaten food you found on the floor?
  • Have you ever eaten a booger?
  • Have you ever gone to the bathroom in nature?
  • Have you ever bitten into a hot pepper?
  • Have you ever eaten cereal with your fingers?
  • Have you ever had a popsicle for breakfast?

Questions for Older Kids

Questions for kids ages 8 and older can be a little more complex or difficult to answer.

  • Have you ever cheated while you were playing a game?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Have you ever told someone a fake name for yourself?
  • Have you ever pretended to be sick?
  • Have you ever stayed up past midnight?
  • Have you ever heard a song that made you laugh out loud?
  • Have you ever watched a movie that was too scary, but you acted like it wasn't scary at all?
  • Have you ever slept under your bed?
  • Have you ever peed in a pool?
  • Have you ever run into a glass door you thought was closed?

Would You Ever? Questions

"Would you ever?" questions can be silly and telling. Get creative and ask kids if they'd ever do different wacky things.

Questions for Younger Kids

Keep little kids questions light and fun.

  • Would you ever drink milk straight from a cow?
  • Would you ever go a week without showering/bathing?
  • Would you ever take a hamster for a walk on a leash?
  • Would you ever eat a grub?
  • Would you ever put juice in your cereal instead of milk?
  • Would you ever wear your brother/sisters clothes?
  • Would you ever wash your clothes in a creek?
  • Would you ever have a lion for a pet?
  • Would you ever dress up as a hot dog?
  • Would you ever live in a treehouse in the jungle?
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Questions for Older Kids

Random yes or no questions for older kids should still be creative, but can feel a little more dangerous.

  • Would you ever spend the night outside by yourself?
  • Would you ever spend a whole day singing everything you wanted to say?
  • Would you ever let your dad pick out your clothes for a week?
  • Would you ever want to be a video game character?
  • Would you ever let your dog take you for a walk on a leash?
  • Would you ever get your name tattooed on your face?
  • Would you ever want to vacation in an ice hotel?
  • Would you ever scuba dive in shark-infested water?
  • Would you ever shave your head?
  • Would you ever sit on an ant hill?

Can You? Questions

Good yes or no questions for kids are a mix of fun and quizzical. "Can you?" questions show you what kids think about their own capabilities.

Questions for Younger Kids

Try to think of things that are theoretically difficult to do and turn them into questions.

  • Can you see your own butt?
  • Can you tie your shoes with one hand?
  • Can you flip your tongue upside-down?
  • Can you sneeze without closing your eyes?
  • Can you see me if you squint your eyes?
  • Can you say your full name backwards?
  • Can you eat breakfast without using your hands?
  • Can you tell when it's going to rain without hearing the forecast?
  • Can you hold your breath for one minute?
  • Can you remember the day you were born?

Questions for Older Kids

Yes or no "Can you?" questions for older kids are a great intro to little challenges as kids try to figure out if they can do what you've asked.

  • Can you say the whole alphabet backwards?
  • Can you remember a dream you had when you were little?
  • Can you get dressed without using your hands?
  • Can you read a book in one day?
  • Can you skip backwards?
  • Can you sing your favorite song without hearing the music?
  • Can you make it through a whole movie at the theater without going to the bathroom?
  • Can you build a fire by yourself?
  • Can you use your feet to write your name?
  • Can you drink a glass of pickle juice?
  • Can you tell me how well you know me?
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Getting to Know You Yes or No Questions

You can use yes or no questions to get to know friends, family members, or strangers. Use them as ice breaker questions or to spark fun dinner table conversations and challenges.

Questions for Younger Kids

Look for obscure questions about details you wouldn't normally think to ask your child about.

  • Do you like to eat burnt toast?
  • Do you know your mom's middle name?
  • Do you like to chew on ice cubes?
  • Do you look like someone you know?
  • Do you feel special?
  • Do you have a super power?
  • Do you know where your name came from?
  • Do you like to wear socks?
  • Do you talk in your sleep?
  • Do you hear the ocean when you listen to a sea shell?

Questions for Older Kids

Funny questions go over well with older kids because they don't feel emotional or educational.

  • Do you wish you could be a baby again?
  • Do you look like a specific animal?
  • Do you have a nickname you hate?
  • Do you know all the words in one movie?
  • Do you ever dream in black and white?
  • Do you wear your socks on the right feet?
  • Do you think shirts should be called arm pants?
  • Do you like having eyebrows?
  • Do you live in your dream house?
  • Do you smell what the rock is cooking?

Questions for Kids Who Love Nature

Kids who love the great outdoors, including animal facts, will have fun answering these yes or no nature questions.

  • Are there more trees than people in the world?
  • Would a forest animal like to camp out in your home?
  • Would you like to climb a mountain by yourself?
  • Would you ride in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean?
  • Have you ever found a buried treasure?
  • Do birds people watch like people bird watch?
  • Is bigfoot real?
  • Could you build a shelter out of sticks?
  • Are bears more afraid of you than you are of them?
  • Can trees talk to each other.
  • Do fish speak in bubbles?
  • Is ocean water full of animal poop?
  • Have you ever been white water rafting?
  • Are there animals that have never been seen by humans?
  • Have you ever seen an endangered species in real life?

Questions for Kids Who Love Space

Solve some of the mysteries of space with yes or no questions where kids get to decide what's real and what's out of this world.

  • Have you ever seen a UFO?
  • Do you think aliens are trying to take over Earth?
  • Should Pluto still be a planet?
  • If you discovered a new planet, would you name it after yourself?
  • Have you ever seen the sun and the moon at the same time?
  • Would you live on the moon for a year if you could?
  • Did you ever make a wish on a shooting star?
  • Would you be the first to volunteer to explore a black hole?
  • Would you like to go to outer space for a vacation?
  • Do you think you could pass astronaut training?
  • Would you rather eat astronaut ice cream than real ice cream?
  • Do you think clouds look the same from above as they do from below?
  • If you could build a house of clouds, would you?
  • Do you think all moms are from Mars?
  • Do you believe there's a man on the moon?
Would You Name a Planet After Yourself?

Questions for Kids Who Love Arts & Crafts

Creative kids will think about their art and supplies in all new ways with these crafty yes or no questions.

  • Would you be able to sit still long enough for someone to paint a portrait of you?
  • If you were allowed, would you paint yourself a different color?
  • Could you make your own clothes out of duct tape?
  • Are markers better than crayons?
  • Would your crayons ever quit working for you if they were alive?
  • Could you use a paintbrush to wash yourself in the shower?
  • Have you ever tasted glue?
  • Would you like someone to build a statue of you?
  • Would you like to be made out of clay?
  • Should art class be longer than any other class at school?
  • If you ran out of art supplies, could you still make art?
  • Would you like to airbrush your whole body in animal print?
  • Would you like if your hair was made out of tape?
  • Could you make silverware out of office supplies?
  • Does a crayon get hurt if you melt it?

Questions for Kids Who Love Screen Time

Kids who love movies, TV, and video games will think about all their screens in detail with these screen-related yes or no questions.

  • Would you let someone make a movie of your life?
  • Do you think school should be taught through virtual reality?
  • Should movie theater seats have built in toilets?
  • Is movie theater popcorn the best kind of popcorn?
  • Do you wish you could control a video game with your mind instead of a controller?
  • Would it be cool if you saw everything in pixels?
  • Should silent movies make a comeback?
  • Is there a such thing as too many players in a video game?
  • If your mom was in a movie, would she be the hero?
  • Do cartoon characters ever go to the bathroom?
  • If you could make your entire living room wall a TV screen, would you?
  • Do you wish Willy Wonka's invention of Wonka Vision was real?
  • Do you think TVs will ever give off smells that match the show you're watching?
  • Can you use YouTube videos to learn everything you need to know?
  • Do commercials make you want to buy the things you see on them?

Yes or No? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Good yes or no questions for kids are fun to answer and tell you a little something about who they are. Create your own set of questions to use once you've asked all these yes or no questions. You can also try out other types of questions like "Would you rather?" questions.

List of Fun Yes or No Questions for Kids