Printable Flags for Children

Updated November 10, 2018
School kids and teacher with flags

Printable flags for children offer parents and educators a simple yet effective way to teach kids about the history of their own national flag as well as flags belonging to other countries.

Printable Flags

Flags, with their colors and shapes, are great learning tools for many different types of activities. You can print out these flags and have children sort them based on their colors or shapes, or you can teach children about several different regions of the world using national flags and a globe or world map. To print a full-colored version of a country's flag, click on the flag image or the 'full-color flag' text. To print a black and white version for coloring, print on the 'uncolored flag' text.

If you need help downloading the printable flags, check out these helpful tips.

Additional Printable Flags for Children

Looking for a flag not included above? From America's state flags to national flags of countries not included here, the following resources provide many additional flag printables for children.

Blank Flag Template

Kids can create their own unique flag for their family, classroom, or an imaginary land using a free, printable blank flag template.

Blank Flag Template
Blank Coloring Flag

Individual State Flags

Mr.Nussbaum: For state flags, alongside information about the state and the story behind the flag's imagery, Enchanted Learning offers a wealth of information. Visitors can access, and print, all of the educational materials on the site for free.

Additional World Flags

Coloring Castle: This is another easy-to-use site with several blank flag PDF templates for you to print at no charge. Kids can then color the flag by either guessing its colors or copying the flag from the color key that is provided alongside the coloring flags.

Flags of the World

Once you introduce flags to your kids, you will pique their curiosity about cultures outside their own. Flags can help you teach children about the global community and bring unknown worlds into their homes and classrooms. Each flag presents teachable moments that can range from geographic placement of the country to the historical significance of the country for Americans, for another country or region, or for the world. Let your kids choose which countries they want to learn about, and the flag will become a gateway to a world of knowledge, culture, and experience.

Printable Flags for Children