Printable Placemats for Kids

Table settingp placemat
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Printable placemats help keep kids occupied at the dining table at home or in a restaurant. They also provide educational opportunities and an avenue for kids to express their creativity.

Free Printable Placemats

These placemats for kids may be downloaded and printed for free. After printing, consider laminating the placemat to help it last longer and stay clean. If you need help downloading or printing the placemats, this article offers helpful tips.

Table Setting Placemat

This placemat (above) helps kids learn the proper way to set a table. It features a place setting with each utensil and dish labeled.

Table Manners Placemat

It's never too early to teach kids table manners. This placemat highlights table manners such as saying please and thank you, not chewing with your mouth full, and washing hands before eating.

Table manners placemat
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Healthy Eating Placemat

It's important that kids learn healthy eating habits at a young age. Healthy foods and tips are displayed on this placemat.

Healthy eating placemat
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Fun With Food Placemat

Engaging activities such as a word search, tic-tac-toe, pictures to color, and a word match, are included on this placemat.

Fun with food placemat
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Other Printable Placemats

You'll find additional printable placemats for kids at these websites:

Keeps Kids Entertained

Printable placemats are a great way to keep kids entertained while they wait for a meal to be served. They also make great table covers for craft time. You probably don't want your kids distracted by an activity placemat at every meal, but there are times they come in handy.

Printable Placemats for Kids