20 Fun Christmas Pictures to Print and Color

Updated August 28, 2019
girls coloring at Christmas

Coloring Christmas themed pictures is a great way for young children to join in the excitement of this special holiday. Whether they are religious pictures depicting baby Jesus in a manger or fun images of Santa and his reindeer, your kids will enjoy coloring these printable Christmas pictures.

Download Free Christmas Images to Color

Download the free printable pages of Christmas pictures to color below by clicking on them. If you need help in downloading the printables, check out helpful tips for Adobe. These six, free, coloring pages offer festive printable Christmas pictures for lots of coloring time and fun.

printable christmas pictures to color presents ornaments
printable Christmas pictures to color wreath
printable Christmas picture to color reindeer
printable Christmas picture to color stocking
printable coloring page Christmas tree
printable Christmas coloring page ornament

Use the pictures in the following ways:

  • Color this picture of brightly wrapped Christmas packages among holly and Christmas ornaments. Each gift is adorned with a pretty bow.
  • This wreath is decorated with candy canes, pinecones, and Christmas ball ornaments. Hang it on the door.
  • A happy reindeer with a collar of bells dances in a field of snowflakes. This makes a great wall decoration for a kids' bedroom or playroom.
  • Gifts and candy fill a Christmas stocking decorated with holly and berries. Pair this with the reindeer for a special wall decoration.
  • A Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments, garland, and a star topper. Share your child's creations with relatives and be sure to let your kid drop the envelope in the mailbox!
  • A Christmas ball ornament with a pretty ribbon tied at the top reflects holiday lights. Color, print, and add a string to hang on the tree.

More Free Printable Christmas Pictures

Below you can find more free holiday coloring pages. To use these free printable coloring pages, click on the images to download. Christmas themed coloring pages can entertain your children for hours.

Nativity Scenes

The nativity scene picture with cutouts gives you a printable that can also be cut out for interactive play. There's also a complete scene ready to be colored and put onto the family art wall.

printable coloring page nativity scene
printable coloring page Nativity scene parts

Christmas Scenes Coloring Pages

The winter landscape can be colored and used as a placemat, or framed for Christmas decor. You may decide it deserves center spot in the refrigerator art collection. Give your future interior designer a Christmas-themed room to decorate with coloring crayons or colored pencils. This makes a good Christmas decorating contest!

printable coloring page Christmas scene placemats
printable coloring Christmas placemats

Christmas Ornaments to Color

Christmas ornament shapes include trees, a reindeer, candy cane, angel, and a bow for coloring fun! Another sheet of Christmas ornament shapes, includes a star, bell, snowflake, bird, snowman, and a gingerbread man for spicy creative coloring.

Christmas coloring page ornaments
Christmas coloring page shapes tree reindeer

Star Garland

Color this sheet of star shapes and then grab a small hole punch and colorful yarn to create a fun and unique tree or window garland. They can also be hung individually as ornaments on the tree or in windows.

printable Christmas star shapes to color

Christmas Trees

A fully decorated Christmas tree is just waiting to be colored. The plain Christmas tree is ready for your child's imagination.

Christmas Tree Template with Ornaments Printable PDF
Christmas coloring page undecorated tree

Christmas Motifs

Let your kids color this Santa greeting card to send to a special person for a personalized touch. This Merry Christmas wreath greeting card features a big bow and several candy canes waiting to be colored. Another Merry Christmas greeting card features gifts under the tree that kids can color any way they want. Color and then cutout these shapes for making tree garland chains, ornaments or print for sticker fun.

Printable Coloring Christmas Card Santa
printable coloring Christmas card wreath
printable coloring Christmas card tree
printable coloring page Christmas shapes santa

Merry Christmas Sign

Sometimes the simple phrase, "Merry Christmas" is all that's needed.

Christmas placemats to color

Ways to Use Printable Christmas Pictures

There are other ways you can use these printable Christmas pictures. A few creative ideas for displaying your child's artistic works can bring greater cherished memories and momentos of your time together.

Frame Colored Christmas Pictures

You can display the printable Christmas pictures once your children are finished coloring them. Purchase inexpensive dollar frames and allow your children to paint or decorate the frames to become family treasures. Place the colored pictures in the frames and set near the Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantel. You can retire and replace the pictures each year.

Make a Christmas Ornament Necklace

Your kids can choose their favorite colored ornaments to make a Christmas ornament necklace. They can make necklaces to give as gifts to other kids and/or adults. You'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Hole puncher
  • Printed ornaments
  • Colored pencils or crayons

Instructions include:

  1. Cut out the ornaments.
  2. Use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the ornament.
  3. Allow your kids to color and decorate the ornaments.
  4. Measure the string or yarn to ensure it can easily slip over your child's head.
  5. String the ornaments with colorful yarn or string.
  6. Tie the two ends of yarn and place over head to wear as a necklace.
  7. Use easy to break yarn or string to avoid choking hazard and be sure to supervise younger children wearing the necklace.

Create a Christmas Picture Album

Another way to preserve your child's Christmas coloring project is to create a Christmas album. Divide these paper treasures by the year and create a family tradition both you and your children will always cherish. You may prefer to create an Christmas scrapbook album for each child to present to them when they are grown.

Foam Board Decorative Stand Ups

You can use foam board for your kids to make clever decorations for your home. These can be used as a stand up decorations place as a centerpiece, mantel or windowsill Christmas decoration. You'll need:

  • Scissor to cut out the ornaments
  • Foam board
  • X-Acto knife or box cutter
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Thin flat dowels or cake pop sticks
  • Florist foam block
  • Decorative bowl or tray
  • Pine cones and Christmas ornament balls

Instructions include:

  1. Cut out the ornament shapes.
  2. Trace the shapes of various ornaments onto the foam board.
  3. Cut the foam board with the X-Acto knife, box cutter or scissors.,
  4. Print two ornaments for each foam board.
  5. Color the ornaments.
  6. Glue the colored ornaments onto each side of a single foam shape.
  7. Allow to dry.
  8. Insert a thin flat dowel or cake pop stick into the bottom of the foam board, careful not to use too large a dowel or pop stick.
  9. Achor the ornament foam board by inserting the dowel or pop stick end into a florist foam block.
  10. Place the block in a decorative Christmas bowl or tray.
  11. Fill the bowl or tray with pinecones and ornament balls until the florist block can't be seen.
  12. Set completed bowl or tray on a shelf, mantel, sofa table, coffee table, dining table, or windowsill.

Christmas Images to Color Just for Kids

Save money with printable Christmas pictures you can give your kids to color and get them in the holiday spirit. Coloring pages allow children to express their creativity and is also a great way to keep your kids occupied as the Christmas excitement builds.

20 Fun Christmas Pictures to Print and Color