School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas

Updated April 12, 2018
cheerleaders at football game

Showing school spirit is important since it can help with students' morale and get them excited and involved in a worthy project. Any school group, from cheerleaders to sports teams and clubs to parent groups, can plan a school spirit fundraiser to help raise money and school pride.

Sell a Product

This can be anything from tee shirts and hats to sweatshirts. Be sure the item has your school logo or mascot on it to boost everyone's school spirit.

Commercial Apparel and Novelty Items

Through online retailers, you can purchase almost any item imaginable customized with your school's name and mascot. Unique items are more marketable because they're not something everyone already owns.

  • Antenna balls
  • Clappers
  • Frisbees
  • Pom poms
  • Yard signs
  • Mouse pads

Perishable Goods

Another item that is popular to sell is flowers. Hold an in-school sale during Valentine's Day. You can even get flowers such as carnations in your school's colors to sell. Food sales, like Hoagies, are another great way to raise money. Groups can take orders ahead of time and have a day designated that the hoagies will be made and delivered.

Handmade Items

Home economics, business, shop, and art classes can work on making handmade items for sale like:

  • A quilt featuring the different school logos throughout history
  • Knitted hats and scarves in school colors
  • Stationary featuring the school mascot and mission statement
  • Metal garden flag holders with school flags

Car Wash

Who doesn't have a vehicle that needs washing? A car wash is a great way to raise money for your school group while having a fun day outdoors with your friends. You can hold car washes at any large parking lot. Be sure to get permission from the lot owner. To get started, all you will need is a bucket of soap, a hose, and a bunch of dirty cars! Advertise the car wash and have students stand out front holding signs to attract potential customers.

Kids Verses Adults Competition

Take the concept of a battle of the classes and extend it to include students, teachers, parents, and other community members. Sell tickets or charge an entry fee and have each segment of the population form teams to compete in games like:

  • Kids versus teachers volleyball game
  • Adults versus kids basketball tournament
  • School scavenger hunt
  • Kids versus teachers triathlon
  • Trivia contest


You can hold a raffle and sell 50/50 raffle tickets. Your only cost will be the printing of the tickets. The grand prize is half of the total amount of money raised from the raffle. The other half is your profit. Parents, students, and faculty can sell tickets.

You can also raffle off goods and services that help students, parents, or teachers show their pride.

  • Custom car, classroom, or business window painting by an advanced art class for Homecoming week
  • Visit from the cheerleading squad and school mascot for an event or party
  • Small concert from a special section of the band or choir for a private event


Secure donations from local businesses and provide attendees with a chance to bid on them. You can host a silent auction, a live auction, or an event that includes both silent and live bidding opportunities. Typically, high-dollar value items will bring in the largest sums when offered via a live auction, while smaller ticket donations are well suited for inclusion in a silent auction.

Student Author Book Fair

Kids from any grade can write and illustrate their own books using either blank hardcover books or a more formal process like self-publishing through CreateSpace. Have students make books inspired by an event, teacher, or other aspect of their school. Then you can host a book fair where these original works can be sold. Charge extra for signed copies and photos with the authors. For kids who prefer drawing and painting over writing, have them create original art on bookmarks and other reading-related materials to sell.

Special Events

A onetime event is another great fundraiser. To infuse the event with school spirit, hang up decorations in school colors and have all volunteers wear spirit gear featuring the school's name or mascot. Some fun ideas for events include:

  • Night at the races
  • Spaghetti dinner
  • Rummage sale
  • Paint night
  • Cupcake decorating class

Have Fun While Raising Money

Since you will be representing your school, make sure to keep a positive, enthusiastic attitude throughout the fundraiser. If possible, wear your uniform or an item of clothing with your school's name or logo on it to encourage school spirit.

School Spirit Fundraiser Ideas