Simple Printable Mazes for Children

Updated April 23, 2019
Child by chalkboard with maze

Whether you're searching for material for your classroom or simply want to find some fun activities for your kids to do at home, printable simple mazes for kids can provide hours of entertainment. Simple mazes for young children are a great way to help them improve their overall motor skills and spatial perception.

Simple Mazes to Print

Print a maze at home using one of several options designed for both early and late elementary students. The bright, colorful options are sure to entertain kids and introduce them to solving mazes without too much trouble. Click on the photo image to open up the pdf for printing. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Duck Maze
Print this Duck Maze

Mazes for Early Elementary

Are you looking for some simple mazes for your early elementary children? These mazes can be a fun addition to a lesson on animals or if you are going to have a circus coming to town. They are simple enough that even preschools and kindergarteners can give them a try.

Late Elementary Children Mazes

If you need more of a challenge for your kiddos, then you might want to give these mazes a try. Designed for later elementary, these mazes add a bit more challenge. Not only that, but they are great when you are teaching about autumn or winter seasons. These can be perfect for a snowy day or when you are going into a new season and need some filler. To add an extra dimension to these mazes, they also provide short facts about the season. For example, kids can learn about the tallest snowman or how many flowers bees pollinate in a day.

Benefits of Solving Mazes

Problem-solving skills don't just happen. As your child grows, they need to be challenged in all aspects of their environment, including school and home. Printable puzzles and mazes for kids can teach your child to think their way through a problem. They also improve a child's ability to understand spatial perception and fine motor skills. With these fun mazes, learning happens without even realizing it. That benefits everyone.

Using Printable Mazes

Printable mazes are not only great tools for teachers to use but you can use them at home too. Just a few ways that you can incorporate printable mazes include:

  • Add them as an extra classroom activity once a lesson is complete.
  • Leave them for a babysitter instead of watching television.
  • Use them as a reward for in between lessons.
  • Leave them for a substitute teacher to fill down time.
  • Use them as a travel activity when a tablet dies.

Fun and Learning All in One

Printable mazes are not just excellent educational worksheets but are also activities that are loads of fun. Whether the kids are bored, home bound during a rainy day, or stuck on a long car ride and in need of a travel activity, mazes are a sure way to keep them busy, entertained, and happy.

Simple Printable Mazes for Children