Spring Facts for Kids

Published March 27, 2019
Little girl enjoying spring

Jump into spring with some fun spring facts. Not only is the weather getting warmer and you're ready to go outside, but there are lots of different changes that happen in spring. Dive in with facts about the season, holidays, animals, and even weather.

Why Is It Spring?

Spring has finally arrived. The months of snow are beginning to melt away. But do you know what spring really is?

  • Spring happens at different times around the earth.
  • The Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., starts spring between March 19 and March 21.
  • The Southern Hemisphere, including Australia, has spring around September 22 and September 23.
  • Spring ends around June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Around December 22 is the end of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Vernal equinox is the first day of spring. It's the closest it gets to having 12 hours of day and night.
  • During the vernal equinox, the sun is right above the equator, and if you are standing on it, the sun goes right over your head.
  • Days begin to get longer in spring because the Earth tilts toward the sun.
  • Spring is one of four months in a year. It's after winter and before summer.

The Plants Are Coming Back

Spring is a frenzied time for plants. The availability of sun and water has bulbs bursting to life again. Now it's time to learn about spring plants.

  • Those flowers your parents hate, dandelions, are one of the first plants to pop out. Get ready for wish making.
  • Cherry blossoms mean spring in Japan.
  • Some flowers come back in the spring without having to be replanted. These are called perennials.
  • Annual flowers need to be planted every spring.
  • Tulips are one of the first spring flowers and mean happiness.
  • Hyacinths come in different colors that have slightly different smells.
  • Chinese native, the peony, is known as the king of flowers. The flowers can get so heavy they fall down.
  • People might give you a daffodil. These happy flowers mean new beginnings just like spring.
  • Just like Primrose Everdeen, primrose is a spring flower that grows in the woods.
  • A fun little blue flower, the bluebell is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, so you can't sell it.
  • Lilacs are the epitome of a spring with their short-lived refreshing purple flower and light smell.
  • Trees and bushes start to get their leaves back in the spring if they lost them.
  • Grass will start to green in areas that were covered with snow.

Animals Are Ready

Spring is an amazing time for animals all over the world. Not only are they waking up from their long winter sleep, but they might be born as well. Learn some fun facts about these spring babies.

Spring meadow with butterflies

From Snow to Rain to Sun

Rain, snow and storms, oh my! The weather in spring can vary with the changing of the season. These weather inspired facts might have you waiting for summer.

  • Tornado alley, an active area for tornados in the central and southern plains, gets active during late spring.
  • The season for hurricanes happens in June.
  • Weather starts getting warmer.
  • Temperatures increase by about 5 degrees or more per month starting in March.
  • Streams and rivers begin to swell from melting snow especially near mountains.
  • Flooding is common from melting snow.
  • Thunderstorms are common because of the changing of the weather patterns.
  • Subarctic climates might not feel spring until May, while warm areas might get hotter faster.
  • A national parks study shows that spring is beginning earlier because of climate change.
  • Snow and frost still happen in spring but it usually isn't as bad.

The Holidays Are Springing Up

There are a lot of different holidays during the spring season. It might be celebrating your Mom, Dad, or your Gramps who served in the Army.

  • The first day of spring starts the Persian New Year: Nowruz.
  • Spring break comes for schools during late March and early April.
  • Pulling pranks is the name of the game on April Fools' Day, which happens on April 1.
  • Taking care of the planet and planting trees happens on Arbor Day. This holiday is celebrated the last Friday in April.
  • The earth and all its creatures are thought about on Earth Day on April 22. Schools may give away trees to plant.
  • Celebrate your mom and all she does for you on Mother's Day in May in the U.S. and March in other parts of the world.
  • You like Star Wars? May the "fourth" be with you on May 4, AKA Star Wars day.
  • Remember all those that served our country on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the last Monday in May.
  • Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates a Mexican victory in 1862, happens on May 5.
  • Celebrate your Dad in early June through the spring holiday Father's Day. Father's Day started in 1910.
  • Chinese New Year is a seven-day festival that happens in spring in China.

Easter Facts

Easter is a major holiday that happens in spring in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Not only do you get time off school, but many kids await the arrival of the Easter bunny.

  • Easter is a religious holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ by Christians.
  • Good Friday is the Friday before Easter.
  • The Christian Easter holiday is at the end of Lent, which is where people give up something for six weeks.
  • Bright colors are used at Easter to symbolize rebirth.
  • The Easter bunny gives eggs to show that everything starts new in spring.
  • The Easter bunny came from Germany in the 1700s.
  • In addition to the Easter bunny bringing a basket, people give cards to each other on Easter.
  • Easter moves around every year because it falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.
Boy playing with bunny and Easter eggs

Fun Facts About Spring

Spring is full of fun facts. Learn some unique things that you might not know.

  • Spring is when plants and animals come back to life, which is why it is known for rebirth or rejuvenation.
  • Spring fever isn't just a word, it's also a researched medical disorder.
  • The word spring originated in the early 14th century.
  • Spring cleaning is where you get rid of the old to make room for the new.
  • April showers bring May flowers originated from a poem in 1557 by Thomas Tusser.
  • Aries, Taurus and Gemini are the spring zodiac signs.
  • Around spring is when the months of darkness and light begins in the North Pole and South Pole.
  • Daylight savings' "spring forward" happens in March just before spring.
  • Spring birthday stones are aquamarine, diamond, emerald and pearl.
  • On the vernal equinox, the sun aligns with the symbols on the Great Sphinx in Egypt.
  • Spring chickens is a term used to mean young people.
  • March is named after a Roman god, Mars. He was the god of war.
  • Meteorologists say spring runs from March 1 to May 31.
  • Spring is a popular topic for poets because of all the fun themes of growth and birth.

Dive Into Spring

New flowers to smell, trees are getting green and baby animals are everywhere. Spring is a magical time that means more sun and summer fun is coming. Now that you know the facts, you're prepared for springtime.

Spring Facts for Kids