What to Know When Gemini Season Begins

Published March 3, 2020
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What you need to know when Gemini season begins is the date. You can use the energies of the Gemini season to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way.

What You Need to Know When Gemini Season Begins

The Gemini season begins on May 21 and lasts through June 20. This season personifies Gemini's dual nature and boundless curiosity. You may find yourself investigating new interests that you'd ordinarily not care about exploring.

Fun and Freedom

The Gemini season is filled with the Twins' desire to have fun. In fact, fun and freedom may just become your monthly motto. There is no tying down Gemini or enduring anything that isn't fun.

Significance of the Twins Sign During Gemini Season

If you're wondering whether the Twins symbol for Gemini is going to come into play during the Gemini season, the answer is yes! Of course, it does. You should prepare for twice the amount of everything you receive during the Gemini season.

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Double the Fun!

The Gemini season is generous and will give you twice the amount of fun and enjoyment. This is a season energized by the freedom loving Gemini Twins and the key component to the Gemini season is lots of fun!

How the Twins Multiply the Effect

The Gemini Twins are notorious for multiplying everything by two. This sign is the epitome of duality. You may find yourself torn between the positive and negative of a situation, making it difficult to reach a decision.

Unpredictable and Irresistible

The unpredictable and often frenetic energy of this sign might make it twice as hard to resist letting loose and trying things you never thought you'd dare attempt. You'll find your social calendar twice as busy as normal, but you'll have double the fun.

Give Yourself Permission

If you aren't accustomed to letting go and purely enjoying being in the moment, then give yourself permission to enjoy being part of the Gemini season! This means accepting invitations you'd ordinarily turn down or exploring new ideas, talents or careers you never thought possible.

Communication Abounds

Gemini is the sign of communicators. Signs that aren't normally talkative will find themselves opening up and having conversations that surprise them. There is always the danger that you may divulge secrets that are best kept to yourself.

Be Careful Who You Trust

With the Gemini influence, you want to be careful what you tell others. You could easily discover that a former confidant is no longer trustworthy during the Gemini season, so protect yourself by resisting the temptation to divulge things about yourself, your job or other people. Don't be the one to betray a confidence!

Gemini's Need for Freedom

Another famous Gemini trait that you may suddenly begin to experience is the need for freedom. This comes at inopportune times. You may find yourself trying to curtail various impulses that are contrary to your nature.

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Gemini's Natural Impulses

You may develop an inexplicable need to share your thoughts and emotions with others. You might decide it's time to go out to a club or take a spontaneous unplanned vacation. You can either battle Gemini's influence or go with the flow the way this air sign does and enjoy the ride!

Chaotic Energy

Some zodiac signs unaccustomed to high levels of energy will find Gemini season disruptive and possibly disturbing. There may be an inner war between your innate nature and being under the influence of the Gemini energy. Some signs, such as earth element signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will view this burst of energy as chaotic and out of control.

How Gemini Season Affects Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign is affected differently during the Gemini season. You may want to consider other factors, such as your natal chart placement of the moon and the planets. How do these respond to Gemini's influence? However, the main factor you will discover is the element ruling your zodiac sign. This will give you much information on how the Gemini season influences you.

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra

Air element signs, like Gemini, include Aquarius and Libra. These three signs are the biggest benefactors of the Gemini season. Each sign is open to the amazing energy the Twins generate. You can utilize this boost to join a new social group, talk your way into a promotion or make that once-in-a-lifetime sale!

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

Each of the earth element zodiac signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus can try to use Gemini energy to experience freedom never known. This could appear in your life as a need to break free of constraining duties or responsibilities and enjoy being unrestricted for a while. You may decide to take that long anticipated trip or join an archeological dig at an ancient site.

Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer

The water element signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer usually feel as though their emotions are churned. The air sign Gemini often creates a waterspout effect for these signs. However, you can take advantage of Gemini's positive energy. You may be inspired to try something new, become more social and enjoy long deep conversations with those closest to you.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The fire element signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will love the Gemini season. The Gemini season gives you the boost you've been needing and you know how to take advantage of it. The air sign fuels the fire signs and this combustion can rocket you into a new career, launch your own business or send you packing for a fun vacation. Fire signs relish the excitement Gemini season brings to them.

What to Know When Gemini Season Begins to Affect Your World

You can reap the many benefits of Gemini's abundance of energy, curiosity, intellectual stimulation, and gift of gab. The Cancer season follows the Gemini season and is a stark contrast to the often chaotic and whirlwind of excitement delivered by the Gemini air element.

What to Know When Gemini Season Begins