Trick Questions for Kids

Updated May 20, 2019
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Testing your deductive skills is fun and instructive, especially when you match wits with a trick question. Solving a tricky question like a riddle for kids delivers a small burst of satisfaction, while getting it wrong almost always leads to laughter.

Funny Trick Questions for Kids

Try not to laugh as you discover the answers to these funny trick questions.

Funny Trick Questions

  1. Your Pikachu evolved from a Pichu. It always obeys and especially loves using Static. What is his trainer's name?
  2. If Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl had a baby girl, what would her name be?
  3. What is one thing Fix It Felix can't fix?
  4. Josh and Sarah both used bread and butter to make their breakfast. Josh had buttered bread, but Sarah didn't. What did Sarah eat?
  5. You just graduated, but the school is sending you to first grade. How is this possible?

Answers for Funny Trick Questions

  1. Whatever your name is, it's your Pikachu!
  2. They do have a daughter, her name is Violet Parr!
  3. He can't make Wreck-It Ralph stop wrecking things!
  4. Sarah put her bread in the toaster, so she had buttered toast!
  5. You graduated from kindergarten!

Math Trick Questions for Kids

Whether you're good with numbers or not, these tricky math questions don't actually require strong math skills.

Trick Questions About Math

  1. If you have to go number one and number two at the same time, is it considered a number three?
  2. Aiden and Olivia live in different time zones. They each leave their house at 8:00 for school and arrive home at 3:00. How is this possible?
  3. If 7 ate 9, what number comes after 7?
  4. What has two hands, but can't grab anything?
  5. Jenny's house has equal sides, but none of them are parallel. What shape is her house?

Answers for Math Trick Questions

  1. Yes, because one plus two equal three.
  2. They never leave their own time zone.
  3. Eight. The 7 ate the 9, so the eight is still there.
  4. A clock has an hour hand and a minute hand.
  5. It's an equilateral triangle.

Animal Trick Questions for Kids

How well do you know wild animals and pets? Find out with these fun trick questions about animals.

Trick Questions About Animals

  1. If American black bears are black and European brown bears are brown, what color are Tibetan blue bears?
  2. What goes into a school, but never enters a classroom on its own?
  3. What travels in a caravan, but has no wheels?
  4. What kind of bay can't you swim in?
  5. There are three kids in a family, but not are allowed in the house. Why aren't they allowed in?

Answers for Animal Trick Questions

  1. Tibetan blue bears are very rare, but they actually have mostly black fur.
  2. Fish. A large group of fish is called a school.
  3. Camels. A group of camels is referred to as a caravan.
  4. A hound dog bay. Baying is the deep sound between a bark and a howl these dogs make.
  5. Because they are baby goats. Baby goats are called kids.

A Workout for Your Brain

If you're looking for a fun word game to take on long car trips, enhance school lesson plans, or play during family dinners this Workout for Your Brain printable is perfect. Featuring fifteen trick questions and explanatory answers, you can challenge anyone, anywhere, anytime to a critical thinking activity. Click on the image of the questions to download and print using these handy tips if you need help.

Trick Questions and Answers for Kids
Trick Questions and Answers for Kids

Brain Workout Question and Answer Examples

The questions featured in this printable game pertain to all kinds of topics from calendars to nature. Kids ages seven or older will best be able to figure out the answers on their own. Examples of what you'll find on the printable Workout for Your Brain document include:

  1. Question: If September 2020 begins on a Tuesday, on what day of the week does December 2020 start?
    Answer: Tuesday. September and December always start on the same day of the week.
  2. Question: When attacked in the wild which of these birds can fly the fastest: an ostrich, a kiwi, a penguin or an emu?
    Answer: None. Ostriches, kiwis, penguins, and emus are all flightless birds.
  3. Question: Name one thing you can never do when you sneeze.
    Answer: Keep your eyes open. You always reflexively shut your eyes when you sneeze.

Puzzle Mania

Puzzles are like yoga for your brain. They improve flexibility and even the speed with which you can pick up new ideas. Use trick questions, rebus puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and other brain teasers and challenges to encourage razor-sharp, unconventional and imaginative thinking in kids.

Trick Questions for Kids