8 Free Online Horse Games for Kids

Updated May 3, 2022
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Many kids are enamored with horses. If your child dreams of owning a horse, virtual horse games for kids may be a viable alternative. Some of the interactive free horse games for kids offer realistic experiences that allow children to enjoy these majestic creatures and learn all about them.

Free Online Horse Games

Finding some of the best virtual horse games isn't as hard as you might think. Several online games allow you to care for and even ride your stallions. Games might require you to sign up for a free account and enter your birthday. However, many let you play just by clicking on the game.

Little Games

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Little Games offers 22 different horse-inspired games for kids to play. These include farm games, a riding simulator, pony races, a care simulator, and horse puzzles. Kids can find some of their favorite horse and pony-inspired characters to play with. Most of the games can be played by just clicking on them. Log-in is not required. You can even find puzzles and coloring books for those preschoolers in your life.


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When you are looking for fun horse games online for kids, try out Allpony. This website offers free online educational games for your little equestrian. You can find several games like choose your pony, horse terms, create a horse card, tack and bit games, and barn and travel games. Your kiddos will learn tons about horse care, riding, identification, and more. To play, all you need to do is click on the game and go. All the rules and information you need to play are found at the top. This site is excellent for kids of all ages who are interested in learning more about horses.


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KidzSearch has dozens of different pony and horse games for kids to enjoy. You can find everything from a colorful unicorn to real simulated horses. The Horse Run 3D features a stallion similar to Spirit that your kiddos can practice racing. There are no downloads or log-ins required to play. However, you do have to contend with a few annoying ads. Additionally, it might also take a minute or two for kids to get used to using the keyboard to move the horse around.


Screenshot of howrse.com

In this free online horse game, you'll choose your horse from over 40 different breeds along with the color. After setting up your account and naming your horse, you can start caring for your horse, breeding, and even entering competitions. Kids will also have the opportunity to manage an equestrian center. Kids that love horses will love to play and care for their virtual four-legged friends.


HorseIsle has multiple players who look for roaming wild horses. Once the player finds a horse, they can train, groom, and care for the animal. This game is suitable for young children, and a parent's guide is on the site.

Free Horse Apps for Kids

In addition to free online horse games, there are different virtual horse experiences you can download to your tablet or smartphone. These apps might require registration, but they can be fun to play while waiting for the bus or just waiting for your friends.

Horse Haven World Adventures

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Available on Android devices, Horse Haven World Adventures allows you to create virtual horses to play with and care for. While having a real horse isn't feasible for lots of kids, this virtual experience will feel like the real deal. In addition to feeding and brushing this majestic beast, young horse lovers can breed horses, create unique beasts, and share their best looks with friends. Designed for kids, this fun, exciting game will make any little horse lover happy.

My Horse

Designed for kids of all ages but best for kids over the age of four, My Horse is available through the Google Play Store and iTunes. This app lets littles care for their horse and even compete in different competitions with their horse friend. Learn to ride, jump and even play together while you bond and groom your animal. There is also a social gaming aspect that will have kids meeting with likeminded horse lovers.

Star Stable Horses

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Star Stable Horses enables kids of all ages to raise a virtual foal. They learn to care for them and watch as their horse grows and changes. Kids can also breed horses and have multiple horses in their stable to tend to. You can find this app on Google Play Store and iTunes.

Fun and Educational Horse Games for Kids

Owning a horse isn't a possibility for most families due to the cost and maintenance of these creatures. However, you can give your child an authentic experience in horse care, riding, competing, and more through virtual online and console games that feature horses. Your kids will learn responsibility and patience, and they will also have fun with "horseplay" too.

8 Free Online Horse Games for Kids