10 Best Places to Live in Georgia for Families

Published January 25, 2021
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The best places to live in Georgia for families are determined by several factors. These include things such as, cost of living, housing market, schools, crime rates, and socioeconomics.

Choosing the Best Places to Live in Georgia for Families

Lists for top 10 places to live in Georgia for families are not always equal. You will want to make your own list of what is most important to you and your family when deciding on the ideal place to set roots. All of the 10 best places to live in Georgia have low crime rates, good schools, ample housing, and excellent socioeconomics.

1. Alpharetta

If you're wondering, where is the best place to raise a family in Georgia, then look no further than Alpharetta. You'll be close enough to commute to Atlanta since Alpharetta is around 26-34 miles north of Atlanta, depending on your choice of route.

Perks for Families Living in Alpharetta

If you're looking for a suburb, Alpharetta isn't technically one with just over 60,000 residents. However, you may find some of the perks make it an ideal place to raise your family. This moderately affluent area attracts families with its median $440,000 home values. If a gated community is your lifestyle there are several, such as the Country Club of the South or if you enjoy lakeside living, then Windward's private 200-acre lake surrounded by 3,000 acres might be more your style of community with houses ranging from $400K to $4+million.

All Roads Lead to Avalon

Well, not all roads lead to Avalon, just Avalon Blvd. If you're wondering what the big deal is about Avalon, all you have to do is take a look at the amenities you get from Alpharetta's 86-acre hub. You'll find all kinds of retail shops and dining venues. There's a 12-screen movie theater , conference center, and hotel. If you like the idea of having your own Rockefeller Center ice skating rink, then the Avalon on Ice that starts in November and ends mid-January is another magical perk of living in Alpharetta.

2. Johns Creek

If you're looking for a little larger area than Alpharetta, then Johns Creek is it with a population a little over 80,000. North of Atlanta around 27-30 miles, depending on your route, Johns Creek is slightly 11 miles southeast of Alpharetta. Johns Creek has a higher cost of living than Alpharetta with the median house value of around $458,000.

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Perks for Families Living in Johns Creek

The Johns Creek neighborhoods include what are considered high-end luxury homes, such as St Ives Country Club with multi-million dollar residences. You'll find more gated communities in a more affluent community like Johns Creek. You'll discover living in Johns Creek is inviting with its many restaurants and several bars. While there is a movie theater, other amenities can be found in the surrounding areas.

The Place for Nature Lovers

For a family lifestyle, especially one that enjoys being out in nature, you'll find hiking/walking trails thanks to over 400 acres of parkland. This expansive nature reserve includes parts of the Chattahoochee River, and occasional outdoor concerts are held that your family is sure to enjoy.

3. Decatur

Decatur is currently a trendy suburb of Atlanta, having undergone revitalization over the past two decades. It is the county seat for DeKalb County and home to more than 2,800 arts-related businesses. Only about 5 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Decatur is serviced by the MARTA blue line. Decatur has a little over 23,000 residents with a healthy mix of families and young unmarried professionals. The median house value is around $238,000 and most residents own their homes.

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Family Perks of Living in Decatur

Your family can enjoy a lifestyle mix of suburban and urban elements. There are many dining and entertainment choices with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. One of the big drawing cards for Decatur is its many festivals, such as the Decatur Arts Festival and the Blues & Bluegrass Festival. There are many cultural opportunities with the DeKalb History Museum, Agnes Scott College and its Dalton Gallery (contemporary art), 8-acre public Woodlands Gardens, and the 28-acre Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve that features a forest, wetland and pond habitat.

4. Marietta

If you want to raise your family with the perks of Atlanta, but within an easy commute from the big city, then Marietta might be the place for you. Marietta lies about 20 miles Northwest of Atlanta and has a population of around 60,000. One of Marietta's biggest draws for an Atlanta suburb is its median house value of around $329,000.

Marietta Square decorated for July 4th

Perks for Families Living in Marietta

Marietta has lots to offer an active family with theaters, like Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre that showcases film classics, the New Theatre in the Square, that features of comedy and drama, and the Out of Box Theatre, which presents various performances. Your family can enjoy viewing the treasures and participating in the events held at the Marietta Museum of History or visit The Gone with the Wind Museum. There are over 18 parks in the city, and you can walk any of the trails that wind through the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. You can also go on one of the many tours. From ghost tours to brewery tours, there's always something to do.

5. Athens

Not every family seeks an Atlanta suburb. If that describes your family, then you'll enjoy the rich lifestyle that the college town of Athens is known for. Located about 70 miles east of Atlanta, Athens is the sixth largest city in Georgia with a little over 219,000 residents (2017 census). The median home value is around $218,000, according to Zillow.

Perks for Families Living in Athens

The charming nuances of living in Athens are partly due to the University of Georgia, Piedmont College, and Athens Technical College. Your family will have many choices of activities, especially on weekends. This college town has an active nightlife and a wealth of restaurant, brewery, and dining choices. You can enjoy local shopping and of course, all the many programs and events a college campus has to offer a community.

6. Roswell

Not to be confused with the UFO capital of Roswell, New Mexico, Georgia's Roswell is home to the most well-known historic districts. About 28 miles north of Atlanta, Roswell's 100,000 residents, the city has a median house value $435,00.

Perks of Living in Roswell

Roswell is known for its family fun monthly festivals that are held from April to October, "Alive in Roswell." Families enjoy live music, food and local artists/vendors.

7. Woodstock

Woodstock is about 30 miles north of Atlanta with a population of just over 30,000. The median home value is around $299,00. This city boasts the Georgia Municipal Association's Live, Work, Play City Award and is a Georgia PlanFirst Community.

Father and son on a hike

Perks for Families Living in Woodstock

Your family can enjoy the many world-class parks and hiking/walking trails Woodstock has to offer. You have many local shops and restaurants to choose from. Woodstock's 60-acre Hobgood Park is the county's largest public park and features baseball, football, softball, and soccer fields. There are several tennis courts, batting cages, pavilions, picnic areas, running/walking track, playground, and more.

8. Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill is about 38 miles northeast of Atlanta. It has a population a little over 22,000. The median house value is around $290,000, and many of the homes showcase the Georgian period architectural style.

Perks for Families Living in Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill provides families with a laid back rural atmosphere while offering convenient amenities, such as restaurants, shops, and parks. The biggest drawing card for this community is what's located behind City Hall. The Bowl, a new amphitheater that seats 1,750 and an adjoining lawn area, features numerous performers and bands for concerts. Other amenities include the Dawn P. Gober Community Plaza that hosts many community events. During the winter, the city square is transformed into an ice rink. During the warmer months, the area is turned in the Splash Park, serving more than 4,000 people.

9. Peachtree City

About 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Peachtree City has a population of around 35,500. The median house value is around $364,000.

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Perks for Families Living in Peachtree City

There are quite a few amenities when it comes to being a resident of Peachtree City. The coolest thing is you can ride around the town in a golf cart. That's due to the three Peachtree City lakes. These lakes include Lake Peachtree (240 acres), Lake Kedron (240 acres), and Lake McIntosh (650 acres). You can go fishing, boating, and swimming, depending on the rules for individual lake use. There are also several ponds within the community. You can take advantage of the Canongate Golf Courses or visit the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing Museum. You can enjoy being outdoors in the Flat Creek and Line Creek nature areas. There are picnic areas around the remnants of the historic Tinsely Mill. When you want to enjoy a concert or other performance, you can take a seat in the Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, affectionately called, The Fred. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and even a library for your family to enjoy.

10. Milton

Named for the American Revolutionary War hero, John Milton, the town is about 30 miles north of Atlanta with a population of nearly 39,000. This affluent town has around a $600,000 median house value with most residents owning their homes.

Perks of Family Life in Milton

A fairly young community, Milton is one of the fastest growing towns in Georgia. You may find the former farmland community a nice suburban change from city life. You'll find the town features several shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. There are several parks for your family to enjoy.

Best Places to Live in Georgia for Families

You have many choices for the best places to live in Georgia for families. You can examine some of the amenities each one offers and investigate the housing market before deciding which place you wish to pursue and get to know better.

10 Best Places to Live in Georgia for Families