Get Stunning Spring Family Photos With These 12 Tips

Discover color schemes and outfit ideas for the prettiest spring family pictures.

Published February 17, 2023

Find Spring Family Photo Inspiration

With the blossoming trees, blooming flowers, and other beautiful backgrounds, spring is the perfect time to take your family pictures. Color is a big part of what makes these pictures so pretty, and what you wear can really enhance the look of your spring family photos. Get inspired with some luscious and totally spring-centric color schemes and ideas.

Try Daisy-Inspired Spring Colors

Daisies are one of the ultimate spring flowers, and whether or not you have them in your photos, they make a perfect starting point for your color scheme in spring family pictures. Yellow and white look fresh and spring-like, especially when your background is a field or trees with new leaves. Pair a solid yellow with a pattern, such a simple floral print or stripes. Bring in neutrals and white to keep it fresh.

Quick Tip

When you're adding bright spring colors, choose a background without a lot of pattern and color in it. That way, the photos won't look too busy.

Play With Neutral and Natural Tones

Spring is a soft season, and you can play this up in your photos. Choose a background with plenty of white or neutral flowers or blossoms and wear outfits that have these same shades. The tone-on-tone look in this spring family picture idea will feel soft and restful, especially if you're wearing flowing or fuzzy fabrics. Think long chiffon maxi skirt, neutral knit sweaters, and linen.

Embrace Spring With Fresh Pink and Blush Outfits

If you're doing your outdoor spring family photos on a grassy lawn or in a park, you can't beat soft pinks for a fresh look. This is perfect if you have a blanket to sit on and cuddle. What's great about this idea is that if you're shooting on an overcast day (as many spring days are), the pink in these spring family photo outfits will add warmth and make the photos feel springlike in pretty much any weather.

Go Bright With a Reddish-Orange Spring Color Scheme

A bright pop of color can be absolutely gorgeous in spring family photos, especially if you have a background like an orchard or a tree with white blossoms. Reddish orange looks amazing because it complements the green of the trees and really lets you stand out. That's important because the whole point of family photos is to show the people in your family and the connections they have with one another.

Quick Tip

If you choose a bright color, only choose one. Too many shades, especially with green the background, can be distracting. One bright color draws the eye and makes the image shine.

Get Inspired by Family Photo Outfits Straight From the Garden

Does your family rock a backyard garden? Spring is the perfect time to capture it in action, along with your whole family. You can use the garden for spring picture color inspiration too. Pick up shades of bright green and pair it with simple neutrals. You can also bring in other colors you see around you, such as the flowers on your back patio or the shade of the siding on your house.

Incorporate Low-Contrast Pastel Florals

A winning spring family picture idea is low-contrast floral prints paired with neutrals and a simple background. Spring flowers look lovely on sundresses, skirts, or tops, and they work really well with a grassy or flowered background. The key here is to keep the floral print light. Skip anything with too much contrast or darkness, since that can look busy in the end photo and take the attention away from the people.

Try Colorful Raincoats and Boots for Your Spring Family Photos

If your kids love playing in the rain or you're a family who enjoys getting outside in any weather, make the most of that with your family photos. Spring is the season of puddles, and a really creative photo idea is to take pictures of the family playing together in nature. Everyone can wear brightly colored raincoats and rain boots, and you can ask the photographer to get lots of action shots of stomping and jumping.

Go With Blue Jeans and Bare Feet for a Relaxed Look

Spring grass is so soft and pretty that it practically begs you to go barefoot. Capture that lovely spring feeling with barefoot spring family photos that show you and your little ones relaxing in your backyard or at a park. Blue jeans and neutrals are ideal here because they're casual without dominating the photo.

Make the Most of Your Spring Family Pictures

Spring is a great time to get your family photos taken, but there are a few things to remember as you plan your session. These ideas can help make your pictures a success.

  • Plan for the weather. When you book your photo session, talk to the photographer about a back-up day or location in case it rains or is super cold. Pick outfits that are warm enough, since chilly people aren't at ease in pictures.
  • Pick a background that says spring. To give your photos a really great spring-like feel, pick a background that captures the season. Think orchards in bloom, lilacs, new grass, and soft green trees.
  • Choose a spring activity. If you have young kids, getting them to stay focused on photos and really smile can be a bit of a challenge. If you add in an outdoor family activity like blowing bubbles or stomping in puddles, you'll get lots of fun and genuine pictures of everyone as a family.

Capture the Passing Seasons With Your Family

Whether you choose to hang your photo on your wall or share it online with the perfect spring caption, taking family pictures is an important way to capture the passing of the seasons in your family. Your kids will love looking at these images years from now, and you'll be happy you have a record of this time when they're growing as quickly and as beautifully as those spring flowers.

Get Stunning Spring Family Photos With These 12 Tips