200+ Funny This or That Questions for Teens

Updated June 9, 2022
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Whether you're planning icebreaker activities for teens or you're a teen yourself who just wants to pass the time with friends and family, these questions will definitely provide some entertainment. From food to superpowers to jobs to celebrities, have fun with this list of 200 funny this-or-that questions for teens (and anyone else who wants to participate).

Random This-or-That Questions

If you're looking for a fun (and easy) group activity, try some of these random questions to ask teenagers that'll be sure to get everyone laughing.

  1. Hot pool or a cold jacuzzi?
  2. Sound like a bird or have a parrot repeat everything you say?
  3. Have a sibling read your diary or your parents embarrass you in front of your crush?
  4. Run or crawl everywhere for the rest of your life?
  5. Have to call everyone instead of text or give up social media?
  6. Laugh like a hyena or a snort like a pig?
  7. Turtle or hare?
  8. Fortnite or Minecraft?
  9. Dance solo in public or sing solo in public?
  10. Only watch rom-coms or horror films from now on?
  11. Reread your favorite book over and over or never read another book?
  12. Watch the same TV show for the rest of your life or never find out the ending of your favorite show?
  13. Big rig truck or tiny car?
  14. Never need sleep, or always need 10 hours of sleep?
  15. Netflix or Disney+?
  16. Astronaut or alien?
  17. Give up music or TV?
  18. Only have nightmares when you sleep or confess all of your deepest secrets?
  19. Chicken first or egg first?
  20. Soda or pop?
  21. Give up ice cream or pizza for the rest of your life?
  22. The Moonwalk or the Robot (dance moves)
  23. Instagram or TikTok?
  24. Travel back in time or into the future?
  25. Never drive a car or always be the driver in your group?

Funny Food This-or-That Questions

See which of these funny foods everyone would choose to eat. Maybe one of your friends has actually even tried some of these crazy combinations.

  1. Hot dog shaped hamburger or hamburger shaped hot dog?
  2. Mayonnaise milkshake or salmon smoothie?
  3. Cereal with orange juice or soda (instead of milk)?
  4. Carrot cookie or cauliflower cake?
  5. Room temperature melted ice cream or a burger with a hair in it?
  6. Anchovy pizza or hot dog pasta?
  7. Chips dipped in mustard or carrots and celery dipped in mayo?
  8. Breakfast for every meal or never eat breakfast again?
  9. Sushi burrito or pickled tacos?
  10. Sweet soup or salty candy?
  11. Veggie S'more or chocolate-covered broccoli?
  12. Tomato-flavored lemonade or fruity pasta?
  13. Peanut butter or jelly?
  14. Mac n' Cheetos or spaghetti tacos?
  15. A glass of pickle juice or a glass of pure lime juice?
  16. Expired milk or moldy bread?
  17. Frog legs or cow tongue?
  18. A worm or a beetle?
  19. Spinach-flavored ice cream or a clam chowder popsicle?
  20. Mustard on cereal or ketchup on cake?
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Amusing This-or-That Questions About Superpowers

Everyone wishes they could do something they can't. Ask your friends and family these funny this or that questions about superpowers.

  1. Hold your breath for as long as you want or laser vision?
  2. Telekinesis or immortality?
  3. Fly or swim for as long as you want?
  4. X-ray vision or super speed?
  5. Telepathy or teleportation?
  6. Run without getting tired or never get hungry?
  7. Invisibility or time travel?
  8. Regeneration or force fields?
  9. Super strength or body manipulation?
  10. Not get old or enhanced senses?

Funny School This-or-That Questions

You spend a lot of time at school, so some embarrassing things are bound to happen. Ask your friends this-or-that questions to see what school scenarios they would find more embarrassing.

  1. Spill your lunch in the cafeteria or trip in the hallway?
  2. Get locked out of your locker or forget your gym clothes?
  3. Fail a math test or forget to turn in a paper?
  4. Fall down in gym class or trip in the hallway between classes?
  5. Wear a scuba suit to school or an old Halloween costume?
  6. Run into your crush in the hallway or spill the contents of your backpack in front of everyone?
  7. Have your phone taken away or get detention?
  8. Confidently answer a teacher's question incorrectly, or not know what the teacher asked when they called on you?
  9. Get to school late or fall asleep in class?
  10. Forget to change out of your slippers before school or spill a drink all over yourself?

Humorous Music This-or-That Questions

Ask this-or-that questions to get everyone thinking about funny music scenarios involving favorite bands, songs, and some embarrassing situations.

  1. Only listen to country music or rap music?
  2. Listen to One Direction for the rest of your life or Jonas Brothers?
  3. Be an awkward dancer or not be able to carry a tune?
  4. Play all instruments so-so or one instrument amazingly?
  5. Be in marching band or show choir?
  6. Get embarrassed in front of your favorite musician or never get to meet them?
  7. Sing in SpongeBob's voice or Homer Simpson's voice?
  8. Have to listen to music on CDs or never go to a live concert again?
  9. Have someone post a video of you singing or dancing on Instagram?
  10. Only be able to hear music with headphones or without headphones?
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Comical Weather This-or-That Questions

Check out these funny and interesting questions about weather to shake things up a bit.

  1. Elephant-sized snowflakes or elephant-sized raindrops?
  2. Snow-filled desert or hot mountains?
  3. Rain spaghetti and meatballs or cats and dogs?
  4. Ski in a bathing suit or swim in a snow jacket?
  5. Snow on the 4th of July or 90 degrees on Christmas?
  6. Rain boots or an umbrella when it's pouring outside?
  7. Summer forever or winter forever?
  8. Find gold at the end of a rainbow or catch a leprechaun?
  9. Swim in a snowstorm or never swim again?
  10. Get a bad sunburn or get frostbite?

Funny This-or-That Questions About Everyone's Favorite Activities

Share these funny questions with your friends and family to get everyone in a good mood.

  1. Unicycle or teen-sized Big Wheel?
  2. Surf with a snowboard or snowboard with a surfboard?
  3. Play a guitar that sounds like a flute or a flute that sounds like a guitar?
  4. Juggle with footballs or ping-pong balls?
  5. Ski with one ski or snowboard with two snowboards?
  6. Fish without a fishing pole or hike without shoes?
  7. Bowl with a golf ball or ice skate with roller skates?
  8. Play a board game blindfolded or play a video game with no sound?
  9. Sing bad karaoke in front of your crush or have a dance battle with your enemy?
  10. Fall off a pogo stick or a trampoline?

Funny Phone This-or-That Questions

It's no secret that everyone spends a lot of time on their phones, especially to use social media, so some crazy things can happen. Ask these funny questions to get your friends laughing.

  1. Send a Snapchat to the wrong person or accidentally post an embarrassing photo on Instagram?
  2. Text the wrong person something embarrassing or be trapped in a talkative group chat?
  3. Send your crush an embarrassing text or pocket dial them?
  4. Lose your crush's phone number or forget your own phone number when they ask for it?
  5. Drop your phone in the toilet or clog a new friend's toilet?
  6. Take a silly selfie in front of a bunch of people or spell something wrong in an important tweet?
  7. Have your phone ring during an important ceremony or have your parents read your text messages?
  8. Severely crack your friend's phone screen or use a flip phone for the rest of your life?
  9. Have the Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer theme song as your ringtone?
  10. Tweet something embarrassing or accidentally like your crush's picture from a long time ago?
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Funny This-or-That Questions About Houses

Not everyone can have their dream house, but some of these weird scenarios are hard to imagine. See what your family and friends would choose if presented with these odd circumstances.

  1. Haunted house of your dreams or a non-haunted house you hate?
  2. Tiny house with a loved one or a mansion by yourself?
  3. Live with all of your friends or all animals?
  4. No TVs or no couches?
  5. Sleep in the bathroom or the backyard?
  6. Brown shag carpet or cement floors?
  7. Pictures of cows in every room or a giant poster of yourself?
  8. A snake infestation or a spider infestation?
  9. Share a bedroom with your sibling or have your own clown-themed bedroom?
  10. A home theater or a room full of pillows?

Hilarious Sports This-or-That Questions

These sports-related questions are guaranteed to crack a few smiles for any athletes in your group.

  1. Play basketball with a baseball or baseball with a basketball?
  2. Use a baseball bat or a tennis racket instead of a golf club?
  3. Crawl around the bases on a baseball field or strike out every time you bat?
  4. Play hockey with a soccer ball or get hit with the puck?
  5. Wear a leotard to play football or a football uniform to do gymnastics?
  6. Have an embarrassing walk-up song or wear an embarrassing helmet?
  7. Golf in the ocean or on the sand?
  8. Fall off the cheerleading pyramid or mess up while doing a flip?
  9. Wrestle your dad or your mom?
  10. Play soccer without shin guards or without cleats?

Hilarious Holiday This-or-That Questions

Holidays are some of the best times of the year, but that doesn't mean things can't go wrong. Making your friends and family members choose from these silly scenarios will definitely cause some belly laughs.

  1. Get underwear from your grandma at Christmas or zit cream from your aunt?
  2. Drop the Thanksgiving turkey or knock over the Christmas tree?
  3. Fall asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve or get caught with someone under the mistletoe?
  4. Catch your hair on fire on your birthday cake candles or accidentally drop someone else's cake?
  5. Accidentally wear a costume to a non-costume party or forget to wear a costume to a costume party?
  6. Forget to buy your mom a Christmas present or spell your sibling's name wrong on their birthday card?
  7. Open someone else's Christmas present on accident or run out of wrapping paper at the last minute?
  8. Slice your finger while cutting the turkey or lose a nail while making the mashed potatoes?
  9. Show up in the same Halloween costume as someone else or mess up your Halloween face paint?
  10. Forget your friend's birthday or get them a gift they already have?

Funny Pet This-or-That Questions

Dogs and cats are common household pets, but what about other animals? Ask these questions to see what crazy pets your friends would choose to have.

  1. Shark or dolphin?
  2. Sheep or goat?
  3. Giraffe or elephant?
  4. Lion or bear?
  5. Komodo dragon or alligator?
  6. Hyena or tiger?
  7. Octopus or stingray?
  8. Hippopotamus or rhinoceros?
  9. Cow or pig?
  10. Ant farm or worm farm?

Laughable Shopping This-or-That Questions

Fashion mishaps can be funny. Ask your friends these shopping-related this-or-that questions to crack a few smiles.

  1. Buy the same shirt as your teacher or the same shoes as your grandma?
  2. Wear your new shirt inside out on accident or forget to take the tag off your new shirt before you wear it?
  3. Buy pants that are too big or too small?
  4. Forget to bring money to the mall or get lost in the food court?
  5. Spill Starbucks on your new sweater or rip your new pants?
  6. Lose your phone or wallet at the mall?
  7. Spend all of your money on food or clothes?
  8. Buy and wear a crazy hat or crazy shoes?
  9. Only be able to buy clothes at thrift stores or high-end stores?
  10. Buy a new laptop or a new gaming system?

Funny Television This-or-That Questions

It's fun to imagine what life would be like inside our favorite TV shows, so here are some extra fun questions to ask teens. Try these funny this-or-that questions to see how your friends really feel about everyone's favorite characters.

  1. Talk like SpongeBob or Patrick?
  2. Have Michael Scott as a dad or Dwight Schrute?
  3. Go to school with Jughead Jones or Archie Andrews?
  4. Spend a day with David Rose or Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek?
  5. Drama like you find in The Vampire Diaries or The Fosters?
  6. Live in Riverdale or Hawkins?
  7. Get a part-time job at the offices in Parks and Recreation or The Office?
  8. Be on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?
  9. Only watch Bob's Burgers or never watch TV again?
  10. Sit next to Jonathan Byers or Steve Harrington?
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Entertaining Career This-or-That Questions

Ask your friends these this-or-that questions about funny careers. Who knows - maybe one of these will be a friend's dream job!

  1. Lion tamer or trapeze artist?
  2. Stand-up comedian or circus clown?
  3. Farmer or zookeeper?
  4. True crime podcaster or sports commentator?
  5. Dog walker or cat sitter?
  6. Mime artist or ventriloquist?
  7. Race car driver or school bus driver?
  8. Poop picker-upper or dog food taster?
  9. Professional Netflix viewer or professional sleeper?
  10. Video game designer or video game live streamer?

Crazy Celebrity This-or-That Questions

Celebrity scenarios can be really fun questions for teens. Ask these crazy celebrity-related questions to find out more about your friends and their favorite celebrities.

  1. Be able to sing like Ariana Grande or rap like Nicki Minaj?
  2. Spend a day with Justin Bieber or Beyoncé?
  3. Get fashion advice from Kylie Jenner or Zendaya?
  4. Be in a movie with Michael B. Jordan or Jason Momoa?
  5. Have Emma Watson or Kevin Hart as a teacher?
  6. Live with Cardi B. for a week or never get to hear her music again?
  7. Arm wrestle Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or have a dance battle with Jennifer Lopez?
  8. Dress like Billie Eilish or Lady Gaga?
  9. Become friends with the cast of Stranger Things and never be able to watch Stranger Things again, or never meet them?
  10. Hang out with Mindy Kaling or Adam Sandler?

Funny Fashion This-or-That Questions

It's no secret that teen fashion can get a little crazy, but what if you had to choose between these hilarious options? See who would choose to wear what with these funny fashion this-or-that questions.

  1. Shorts in the snow or jeans at the beach?
  2. Let your mom pick out your outfit or pick out your own outfit with your eyes closed?
  3. Hat with animal ears or a faux-fur scarf?
  4. Light-up sneakers or Velcro shoes?
  5. Gloves on your feet or socks on your hands?
  6. Sweatpants to a school dance or your nicest outfit to the gym?
  7. The outfit you wore on your first day of 1st grade or your grandpa's sweater?
  8. Sneakers with heels or denim sandals?
  9. Your favorite outfit every day or never being able to repeat an outfit?
  10. Clothes that are all two sizes too big or too small?
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Funny Vacation This-or-That Questions

Traveling can be stressful, therefore leading to some funny situations. Ask your family and friends these vacation-related this-or-that questions to get everyone in a better mood.

  1. Spill food on a stranger next to you on a plane, or fall asleep on their shoulder?
  2. Wear binoculars or a Hawaiian shirt?
  3. Lose your bathing suit in the ocean or get stung by a jellyfish?
  4. Take a bad passport picture or forget to take your shoes off at airport security?
  5. Lose your train ticket or forget your backpack on the train?
  6. Rip your camping tent or get lost on a hike even though you have a map?
  7. Go to the wrong hotel or lose your room key?
  8. Travel to Antarctica or Oklahoma?
  9. Say the wrong thing when trying to speak in a different language or look like a tourist?
  10. Get sick on an airplane or get seasick on a cruise?

Fun Times to Use This-or-That Questions

Now that you have your long list of this-or-that questions to ask teens, it's time to put them to good use! Here are some ideas for when to bring out these thought-provoking questions:

  • Classroom icebreakers
  • At summer camp during downtime
  • On long road trips
  • Sitting around the dinner table with family
  • Hanging out with friends at a bonfire
  • Youth groups
  • Sleepovers with friends
  • Sports bonding activities
  • Journal exercises

Get Started

What are you waiting for? Share these funny questions with your family and friends so you can all learn a little bit more about each other! You might even find out you have a lot more in common than you originally thought. If you're looking for even more fun, give some Would Your Rather questions or teenage mad libs a try. You might even enjoy this list of good yes or no questions.

200+ Funny This or That Questions for Teens