16 Things to Do After Prom to Make the Night Last Forever

Let the good times keep rolling with an awesome after-prom party.

Updated March 25, 2023
Friends gathered in kitchen baking cookies

Prom is one of those magical nights that you never want to end. So, you might as well make it last a little longer with a prom after-party! Whether you're in charge of planning the event or you're looking for something to do with just your group of friends after the big dance, we've got you covered with these unique after-prom ideas and activities.

Fun After-Prom Ideas & Activities

Gather all your friends or join the whole school for unforgettable after-prom entertainment. The more people you have involved, the cheaper it will be because you can split the costs - or even get funding if it's a school-wide event. Whether you go for a laid-back at-home idea or a group activity somewhere fun, you can keep the prom vibes going.

Laser Tag

Purchase a kids' laser tag set and play a game in the backyard, or head to the local arcade. Get dressed up all in black with glow necklaces and set boundaries so you don't disturb all the neighbors. You can also set the game up like Capture the Flag, so there's an objective other than just eliminating the other team.


Enjoy the night sky and some cozy time together around a campfire in your backyard or at a local outdoor venue. Whether it's a large group bonfire on a friend's property or a sanctioned small fire on the beach, campfires are always a good time.

Campfire at the beach

Prom Movie Binge Session

If your parents allow it, stay up all night watching movies that feature proms and other formals. Cuddle up and reminisce about the special night you just had with your fave people. It'll feel like prom never ends when you watch movies like Blockers, Prom, Footloose, and She's All That - or if you like scary flicks, try the original Prom Night from 1980.

Gaming Tournament

Gather TVs from around your house and have other teens bring small TVs to add if needed as you create an ultimate gaming room. Set up a gaming system on each TV. If you use the same gaming system for each TV, everyone can play together. If you use a different one on each TV, choose one game for each and make it a tournament.

Friends having fun playing video games at night

School or Church Lock-In

Host a lock-in at the school or a local church where students can stay up all night playing games and watching movies in a safe, chaperoned environment. Have plenty of snacks and drinks to sustain them throughout the night.

Food Truck

Rent a food truck for a late-night snack once the dance closes down. Your class will appreciate the walking tacos or slice of pizza after a long night of dancing!

The Carnival Is in Town

You can actually rent carnival rides and attractions like bumper cars, huge inflatable slides, bungee activities, and defying rides. Look for a party supply, carnival, or amusement company near you to get started. You'll need to either set up on school grounds or a local park or field and the cost can be high - but worth it for all the memories.

You can also set up a mini-carnival with DIY carnival games and themed snacks for a less expensive prom after-party option.

DIY Drive-In Movie

Set up a giant screen and show the latest movies in the school parking lot or make a mini version in your backyard. Complete the whole experience with refreshments like a snow cone machine, a candy station and a popcorn machine. If you want to host one at school, get permission from administration and sell advanced tickets so the parking lot doesn't fill up.

Take Over the Kitchen

Have a baking or cooking party with your besties! Make something classic like homemade pizzas or try that TikTok recipe you've been curious about. Did somebody say air-fried Oreos?


it’s ~always~ fair season with air fryer fried oreos (recipe linked in our bio)

original sound - Food Network

After-Prom Cruise

If you live near water, an after-prom party cruise might be a unique option. You can rent the boat for an alcohol-free party that includes dancing and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning.

Backyard Glamping

Since you're all dressed up, glamping in the backyard is the ideal camp-out. Forget sleeping bags on the ground and cooking on a stick! Set up a big tent and use air mattresses or real mattresses from your house to create beautifully made beds for each person. Purchase fancy snacks such as sushi or bruschetta and top-of-the-line drinks like sparkling grape juice. Encourage everyone to wear their nicest pajamas.

Club at Home

Clear out the furniture, turn off the overhead lights, and turn on the disco lights. Create a playlist of your favorite dance songs and serve up mocktails to make your house feel like a club atmosphere. This might be ideal for a garage or basement so parents can get some sleep.

Ultimate Slumber Party

Many museums, zoos, and aquariums host sleepovers for special groups. Take your after-prom party to a magnificent location for a one-of-a-kind sleepover that might include fun games and will have separate sleeping quarters for guys and girls. Kind of like a lock-in, but a little fancier (though probably more expensive).

Things to do the Day After Prom

Prom is such a special occasion, but it only lasts for one night. Start a new tradition for the day after prom to keep the excitement going for one more day.

Make-under Spa Treatments

Get rid of all that prom makeup after a night of glam with a simple at-home spa party. Set up a foot soak station in the bathtub or small plastic bins with towels underneath to calm the feet after a long night of dancing. Get makeup remover and facial peels or masks to help get all makeup off. Finish it off with a heating pad lounging spot where teens can relax with some heat on their back.

Group of friends enjoying at-home spa treatment and facial masks

Recap Brunch

With so many people and so much to do, you probably missed some funny moments or wild drama at the prom. Meet up with friends at a local diner for brunch and recap the highlights of your prom night.

Picture Party

Set up a shared album on your phone for everyone to share their pictures from the night. This gives everyone a chance to see things they might have missed and see pics of themselves they didn't even know were out there. Post your favorites to social media with a cute prom caption!

These After Prom Ideas Might Be Better Than Prom

Whether your after-prom party is sponsored by an organization like SADD, MADD, or the PTA - or it's thrown by you and some friends, with a little creativity you can make sure everyone is talking about your after-prom activities. Stay up all night, have a great time, and stay safe with the perfect get-together.

16 Things to Do After Prom to Make the Night Last Forever