Pranks to Pull on Friends

Updated March 6, 2019
Car Wrapped In Plastic

Funny pranks to pull on friends can be found all over the Internet, in books, and on television shows. As long as pranks are pulled in good fun, they can help friends create silly memories that will last a lifetime. If you really want to pull one over on your friends, then a little creativity will be needed for crafting the perfect prank.

Some Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

You can pull pranks in honor of April Fool's Day, your friend's birthday, or just because. Some important things to consider when planning on pulling a prank are how big you want the prank to be, who the prank will be on, and time and money considerations.

Plastic Toilet

Purchase some plastic wrap or saran wrap at a grocery store. Put plastic wrap around the bowl of the toilet, underneath the lid, and wait for your unlucky victim to decide to make a pit stop in the bathroom. This prank is great for anyone who likes potty humor-literally!

Smells Like Chicken

Put a chicken (or vegetable or beef) bouillon cube in your friend's showerhead. When he comes out of the bathroom, comment on how "something smells like chicken". This prank works well for anyone who has a playful sense of humor.

Carrot Seeds

Get a package of carrot seeds and spell out a message on your friend's front lawn. When the seeds begin to grow, they will be able to see the message in their grass. Weed killer won't kill carrot seeds, so they won't be able to figure out how to rid themselves of your message.

Door Thief

When your friend is out, unhinge their door from the door frame, and hide it somewhere clever. Leave a sheet of clues and send them on a fun "treasure hunt". This prank is fun to play on a friend who likes a little mystery.

It's Alarming

Take your friend's phone and set four or five alarms for different hours during the day and night. They'll be confused and wonder what happened. This prank can only be pulled off if you know your friend's phone passcode, or if they leave it unlocked.

Jelly Doors

Slather petroleum jelly on all the doors in your friend's home, and when he or she tries to open one of the doors, their hand will keep slipping while they wonder why you are laughing so hard! Be sure your friend's parents are on board with this one and clean up afterward.

Car Wrap

Purchase several packs of saran wrap. When your friend is busy, sneak out and saran wrap their car. Give the car several full wraps so your buddy is unable to get to their door handle. Leave a funny note and make sure you're prepared if they retaliate.

Spicy Toothpaste

Toothbrush with spicy toothpaste

Buy a very spicy hot sauce and add a few drops to your friend's toothpaste. Without warning, they'll be met with a fiery mouth and no explanation as to why. This prank is great if you want to take your friend by surprise. Be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly afterward to avoid getting hot sauce in your eyes. This could also be a hilarious prank to do to your siblings.

Snake Bite

Buy a couple of fake snakes and hide them in your friend's room in a few drawers or under the bed. Keep the snakes partially hidden and watch your friend jump out of their skin when they notice a lurking reptile. This prank works well if your friend isn't particularly fond of reptiles.

Tips for Pulling Off Epic Pranks

You can have an incredible idea for a prank, but totally botch the execution. To ensure your prank is successful try:

  • Collaborating with others to help distract or preoccupy the intended prank victim.
  • Be patient and pick the right day and time to pull off your prank- it's not ideal to do it during a stressful time.
  • Pick a friend who can take a joke and won't have a bad reaction to your prank.
  • Notify your friend's parents if you need their help pulling off the prank and if they will potentially be impacted by it.
  • Don't act differently around your friend during the planning stages of your prank or they may suspect something is up.

Take Precautions

Though pranks are done all in fun, you need to take some precautions so you don't get yourself in trouble or hurt anyone's feelings. Keep in mind:

  • Never do anything illegal, it's just not worth it to get in trouble with the police.
  • Don't be cruel or hurt someone's feeling; that's not right, you are friends after all.
  • Don't vandalize school property, especially with senior pranks or April Fools pranks for teachers. It hurts the school, and will probably wind up getting you in a lot of trouble.
  • If your friend has any allergies, take those into consideration. You definitely don't want to cause an emergency situation.

Following Through

Whatever prank you decide to pull on your friend, be sure to do it all in good humor. With smart planning, proper collaboration, and a knack for secret keeping you're sure to pull off an awesome prank.

Pranks to Pull on Friends