Fun Youth Group Skits and Tips

Updated March 24, 2020
Pastor holding Bible with youth group

Christian skits for youth groups can take a dull lesson and turn it into something memorable that will get teens talking. If you're wondering where to find skits for youth groups, you can check out original skits, browse online, or shop in Christian bookstores. Not only are youth skits funny and interesting, but they get the youth group members out of their seats and involved in the class.

Original Christian Skits for Youth Groups

Free church skits for youth can include skits with morals, comedy skits for youth, and even silent youth group skits. Click on the image of the skit your group can't wait to try, then download and print it. You can check out the troubleshooting guide if you have any problems getting the skits.

Get a Job! Skit

This skit has nothing to do with jobs and everything to do with Job from the Bible. Get a Job! is a short, funny skit for youth groups that mixes modern artificial intelligence tools like Alexa or Siri with the story of Job from the Bible. There are four main speaking parts, but you could use other group members as extras to split lines as the TV commercial actor or hover in the background of each scene to make it look like they're all at school. You can also extend the skit into a longer play by adding other student characters who also use a Job to suffer for them or someone to play the Job statue.

Get a Job skit

The Trial of Eve Skit

Everyone knows Eve was the first to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden, but would you sentence her to death for it? With four speaking parts and one non-speaking role, this fun youth group skit is interactive and uses the audience as the jury. If you need roles for more kids, someone could play the snake and someone could play the court stenographer.

The trial of Eve skit

When to Use Youth Group Skits for Teens

There are many occasions when you might want to use a skit with your youth group. They can be acted from scenes out of the Bible, created on the fly or made to suit a specific topic or two. Some good times to use skits in your youth group include:

  • When finishing one Bible study and starting another topic as a transition
  • When the class seems to be bored and half the kids are sleeping
  • To break up a long lesson, so the students don't get bored and fall asleep
  • To add some humor to a serious topic
  • To stress a point you really want the students to remember
  • When visitors, such as parents, come into the youth room and you want to make it memorable
  • When a lot of new members come into the group to get them involved

Where to Find Skits for Teens

Luckily for youth leaders, there are many places to find skits that are suitable for teens. Free online skits for youth groups are plentiful. Start by introducing very short skits to get teens used to this type of Christian youth group activity.

  • You can purchase skits that are available in the form of a paperback books at your local Christian bookstore or through sites like or
  • Most curriculum suppliers will also provide seasonal skits that match various holidays, such as Christmas or Easter.
  • Youth eSource offers dozens of skits sorted by topic so you can find one for any occasion. It may take you hours to read through them all, but you'll get a lot of useful ideas for skits to use with future youth group lessons.
  • Skits from The Source are geared especially for youth ministers to use with youth groups. They call their skits "stupid skits" and you'll find different ones that will have your kids laughing.

Write Your Own Youth Group Skits

Once you've had a chance to study some available free skits or skits in books, you may want to try your hand at writing a few skits that pertain to whatever topic you are currently teaching in your youth group. Use free youth group lessons to help you generate skit ideas. If you have some students who are dramatic, they may be able to take a simple concept and improvise. For example, you might tell them that two friends are arguing and just see where they take it.

How to Use Skits With Youth Groups

Teen volunteers may be scarce at first, so be prepared to set an example by acting out the skits with yourself and another adult volunteer. Once the teens see that you aren't scared to make yourself look a little silly to get a laugh or your point across, you'll likely have one or two brave souls who will volunteer to do the next skit. You may even have a budding actress or actor in your group. Remember that skits are great devices to make a specific point memorable or break up the monotony of a long lesson. For more fun, consider giving your youth group a name to make it stand out.

Fun Youth Group Skits and Tips